SFG 3 Resources – Initiation

Initiation Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

(Q)  Please describe Jesus’ initiations in Egypt, telling if the Gospel reference to "three days and nights in the grave or tomb," possibly in the shape of a cross, indicate a special initiation.
(A)  This is a portion of the initiation – it is a part of the passage through that to which each soul is to attain in its development, as has the world through each period of their incarnation in the earth.  As is supposed, the record of the earth through the passage through the tomb, or the pyramid, is that through which each entity, each soul, as an initiate must pass for the attaining to the releasing of same – as indicated by the empty tomb, which has NEVER been filled, see?  Only Jesus was able to break same, as it became that which indicated His fulfillment.  And there, as the initiate, He went out – for the passing through the initiation, by fulfilling – as indicated in the baptism in the Jordan; not standing in it and being poured or sprinkled either!  as He passed from that activity  into the wilderness to meet that which had been His undoing in the beginning.  (2067-7)

Before that the entity was in the Egyptian land.  Here much might be said as to those experiences of the entity in relationships to the activities in the Temple Beautiful.  For the entity was among those in the offices or stations from whom individuals took their initiations.  Or, as would be termed in the present, the entity was among those giving examinations to those who had studied or ministered there.  (3377-1)

(Q)  Am I right in believing the real crucifixion of Jesus consisted in the suffering He was called upon to endure in meeting the tests involved in the initiation tactics to which He was subjected before He began His ministry?
(A)  No. The real test was in the garden when in the realization that He had met every test and yet must know the pang of death.  (5277-1)

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