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Gods Of The Universe Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

For ye are gods in thine own making, if ye hold to Him.  (165-26)

Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land.  There we find the entity was very close to those in authority; being that one who was the keeper of the portals as well as the messages that were received from the visitation of those from the outer spheres, in the latter part of the entity's experience there.  (1681-1)

Man may become, with the people of the universe, ruler of any of the various spheres through which the soul passes in its experiences. (281-16)

In entering it [the soul] takes on those forms that may be known in the dimensions of that plane which it occupies, there being not only three dimensions – as of the earth – but there may be as seven, in Mercury – or four, in Venus – or five, as in Jupiter.  There may be only one as Mars. There may be many more as in those of Neptune, or they may become even as nil – until purified in Saturn's fires.  (311-2)

Man may become, with the people of the universe, ruler of any of the various spheres through which the soul passes in its experiences.  (281-16)

There [Atlantis], classes existed much in the same order as existed among others; yet the like of the warlike INFLUENCE did NOT exist in the peoples – AS a people – as it did in the OTHER portions of the universe.  (364-3)

What caused the first influences in the earth that brought selfishness? The desire to be as gods, in that rebellion became the order of the mental forces in the soul; and sin entered.  (5753-1)

There are centers through which those of one solar system may pass to another …  (5755-2)

For the entity has attained to that realm even of Arcturus, or that center from which there may be the entrance into other realms of consciousness.  (2823-1)

Apply ye that ye know, for in the application comes understanding. For, as the Master gave, "Ye ARE gods," if ye will use His force of desire and will in His kingdom, but NOT thine own.  (262-64)

For God giveth the increase, whether in the flesh or in the mental forces, AS thou hast purposed or desired from within. For thou ART gods in the making. What wilt thou be to thy fellow man if the desire is for exaltation of self? For thus sin entered in the flesh.  (262-67)

Now, as to one's incarnations in the earth – then we find they DO NOT come at REGULAR, GIVEN, periods – but more as cycles, dependent upon what the individual, the entity, HAS done, or HAS accomplished through ITS cycle of the earth's passage THROUGH THIS solar system, as the SOLAR system is also passing through its various spheres, that are being acted upon by the forces FROM without, or that as is ordinarily known – or has been DETERMINED and named, though not rightly, or wholly rightly in their aspects – as those forms in the various MONTHS, as given – yet we find a SIMILARITY of expression, rather than action. ACTION from the MOTIVE forces FROM the entity's EXPERIENCE OR development, or through either the EARTH'S experience or the SPHERES about same. Hence those that speak of the GODS of the universe are PROPER in their concept, WOULD they be CONSIDERED as an INDIVIDUAL division of the various SPHERES – but God, in His heavens, the Maker of ALL, is as the ONE GOD, the ONE source!  (311-2)

So has that force grown that we find manifested in the earth that we worship as constructive influence of God, as to the All-Wise purpose, or as to the Holy Spirit, or as to those influences that make alive in giving, in MAKING itself manifest. So are ye gods in the making, saith He that walked among men as the greater teacher of all experiences and ages.  (699-1)

Study to show thyself approved unto the Maker that speaks within thee, for He is not in another place afar off. It is not who will call Him down or bring Him up, but lo! He is within thine own heart! Ye are GODS in the making. "Mercy, Lord, mercy," that ye may all act as such!  (705-1)

Do not expect more from others, nor one standard for self and another for thy friends, thy relations, or those in activity about thee. They are ONE! For, "Know, O ye people, the Lord thy God is ONE!" Of Him ye came, to Him ye owe all that thou art, thou canst be or ever WILL be! For in Him ye live and move and have thy being. Ye ARE indeed gods in the making! Then quit yourselves as the sons of a merciful Father; and as ye would have mercy and find grace and have peace, so must ye show mercy, so must ye be peaceful, that ye may become aware of the indwelling of His presence in thine inner self.  (816-3)

For we all – and ye are as others – are gods in the making; not THE God, but gods in the making! For He would have thee be one with Him. (877-21)

Let this entity know that AGAIN there is found in Israel him whom the gods have given the approach to the throne, even of the knowledge of The Holy One, and in all those relations let the will become subjugated to the will of the Father… (900-13)

(Q) As given in readings of body, [900], gods have granted him, or brought him to that point where he may attain knowledge. What is meant by gods?
(A) In this manner and form are gods meant here: In the attaining of development, through the mental, the soul forces, in the earth's plane, there has been set bounds about every force as manifested in the material, the mental, the soul, the spiritual planes. These bounds are the gods, or guards, of such attainment, and conditions, and meant as such in this condition.  (900-17)

For as the motivative influence is of the Creative Forces, then its abilities are only limited by the self's OWN indulgences or self's OWN WILL for self's own purposes.  For He hath given, "Are ye not gods in thine own right?"  (1158-2)

 As life itself is one, so is the work one. The work in the present is a growing or a preparation for the next step.  For ye are indeed (this is not merely philosophizing) gods in the growth. And as ye apply today, tomorrow's step is given thee.  (1554-6)

We find in Jupiter the universal consciousness, the universal awareness; and that ability as combined in the experiences of the entity in suffering, in joy, in the awarenesses of the principles of peace. For, they that seek peace must FIRST be at peace within themselves. But to bring such awareness to the consciousness of a disturbed and troubled soul is indeed one well favored with the gods that would rule the lives of men.  (2402-2)

In the present, use those abilities in the opposite direction. For, the purposes and desires were for beauty of body, for beauty of face, for beauty of figure. But do not allow these to become stumblingstones. They are the gifts of thy better self, for thy purposes to use in fulfilling the purpose for which the entity entered this experience; not in that as may separate self from that which is the dearest heritage for each soul – to be a manifestation of GOD'S PURPOSE! For ye ARE as gods. Live like that, then, in thy daily experience. (2583-1)

(Q) What is meant by the Gods of the Universe referred to in the readings?
(A) Just as in this. All force has its incentive, the directing or creating of that force. That force to the human mind apparent, as different conditions, or relations, as referred to as the God, or the ruling force, of that individual force, as is giving the expression, and is referred to as the God, as of War, as of Peace, as of Water, as of the elements under the Sea. As of those above, as the God of High Heaven, the ruler over all, the one in all and the all in one.  (3744-5)

FOR one to carry forward. So with the education, one may become OVERBALANCED in ANY direction, but the one fitting self for that as is desired as a manner of expression of self, self's abilities, self's talents, self's gifts – as are of the gods – these are but the better means of expression.  (5481-1)

For God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth and, as has been made manifest in the flesh, with all power, all knowledge. As has been said, man must overcome through the knowledge and association of that knowledge with God's word made manifest in the flesh. The last to be overcome is death, and the knowledge of life is the knowledge of death. See? Any who may seek knowledge is seeking the greatest gifts of the gods of the universe, and in using such knowledge to worship God renders a service to fellow man.  (254-17)

Then, with the application of the physical forces as for the physical body, these will bring that desire of the heart – and conception may take place; for these in ITS creative forces – are the GIFTS from creation as constructive measures are builded, and ever has it been "Blessed is she whom the Lord smiles upon in a life of usefulness in propagation of species, that comes with an understanding." [Luke 1:28?] In this the spiritual life opens; in this manner do the material affairs become eased – even as He gave, “My yoke is easy for he who contemplates and understands”, for simply by taking thought (as some would, in meditation) one may not add one cubit to the stature, neither may one’s hair be turned white or black, but in the APPLICATION of the thought – that consciousness held OF that divine force as makes FOR continuity of constructive life – THIS brings the activity in THAT manner in which the individual becomes the channel through which the Lord’s forces – gods of the universe – the Master Himself – may MANIFEST that living water, that way, that life. For he being the vine and we as the branches, should we lord [laud?] self – when our strength of body, mind AND soul rests in Him? for He is the light of the body. If one has lost that light, or so shaded self's own influences as to make – either in the physical body or the mental body – that which is shaded from that light, one LOSES its abilities to function in the proper way and manner – whether a spiritual force, a mental force, or a physical; for all is in Him. In HIM we live and move and have our being.  (301-3)

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