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God's Love Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

For it is not by chance that any individual soul enters, but that God hath need of thee at this time. They, then, who begin to pity themselves or wonder what it is all about, lose the real purpose of love: that ye may make manifest the love He hath chosen to give thee.  (5149-1)

God the creative spirit, the element, the all powerful, the all present, the all omnipotent, manifests His love to the world through the material body of His creatures, made a little lower than the angels. (900-276)

(Q) Why is it that I have faced eminent death from 9 to 14 times?
(A) This might be answered in many different ways. We find it would be given like this: God hath need of thee among those that seek to aid their fellow man. Do not overtax thine own energies, but rather let His purposes be COMPLETE in thee, as to that service ye may render others who sincerely seek to contribute to the better welfare of their fellow man. In other words, God hath need of thee – in the EARTH plane – as yet.  (3056-1)

That thou art conscious of being thyself, [5030], now, should be evidence to thee that the First Cause, God, is mindful of thee and hath given thee an opportunity to be a manifestation of His love, His grace, His mercy.  If ye would find mercy with God, be merciful to others.  If ye would have love with God, love thy fellow man.  For as He is love, the earth thereof in light, He gave the new commandment, "Love one another."  (5030-1)

It is true that God is love. Is it true that He is to each as a father? Is it true that He is to each as law? Is it true that we each know that influence, that law, that love, as a personal thing in our own experience; and thus a personal God, – not a personality but as a God that is known of self, that may be demonstrated in the life of the individual?  As may be interpreted by the individual from that which is the ACCEPTED word of God, given through those that were raised or edified by their close walk with Him, as individuals qualified by Him to give their interpretation of Him in man's experience, – love is qualified as an attribute of that force, power or influence known as God.  Thus, as man makes application of love in his daily experience, he finds God a personal God, – whether indicated in relationship to that force He calls God, or worships as God, or whether in relationship with his fellow man.  (262-130)

What IS thy God?  Where is He, what is He?  Then ye may find yourselves lacking in much.  How personal is He?  Not as Moses painted a God of wrath; not as David painted a God that would fight thine enemies; but as the Christ – the Father of love, of mercy, of justice.  And man meets it in himself! How CAN it be then that ye do not understand God loves you, why do you suffer?  (262-100)

Know, while there are the periods of indwelling in the earth and a physical  consciousness, there IS the consciousness in other realms of experience and activity of the soul.  Hence that longing within self to know, "If God loves us, why do we suffer in the flesh?"  (805-4)

Many, even from the consciousness of meeting the entity, may be able to interpret some phases of their own physical as well as mental and spiritual love life.  For, remember, love – as a soul, as an entity, yea as a physical body – IS!  For, is not God love?  Hence – dependent upon their material, mental, spiritual or soul development – it finds many phases or states of consciousness, or being – that called love.  (2425-1)

This has been illustrated for thee not only in thy own experience in this earth at this period, but ye have seen many experiences that ye have at times questioned and asked thyself "If God loves me, why do I suffer so?" in those things that have been as separations, anxiety, even loneliness.  But know, know, that if God be with thee what does it matter if all others are against thee?  For peace and harmony will reign within thine own self.  (3581-1)

For remember, there are unchangeable laws.  For God is law.  Law is God.  Love is law.  Love is God.  (3976-29)

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