SFG 3 Background

Searching For God 3 Background

The creation of the “A Search For God” (ASFG) material by Edgar Cayce and the Norfolk Study Group #1 utilized a dynamic process that encouraged the members of the group to take responsibility for the outcome. The readings provided by Edgar Cayce provided an outline and suggestions for how to proceed, but the application of the information and the actual writing of the ASFG books were up to the individuals in the group. Edgar Cayce then provided follow-up readings for each lesson to critique the written text. In reality, the follow-up readings consisted mostly of encouragement and positive feedback on the efforts of the group with very little in the way of actual changes to the content or style of the writing.

“A Search For God III” did vary somewhat from the process followed for the first two books. It began the same, but due to the increasing demand on the time and energy of Edgar Cayce after the publication of the biography (There Is A River) and national magazine article (in Coronet), he could not continue with the process. Although the first lesson in ASFG Book III (Righteousness vs. Sin) followed the previous format, only the titles and general direction were provided for the next two lessons. With the death of Edgar Cayce in 1945, some members of the study group sought to continue the series by completing lessons 2 and 3 entirely on their own and then composing a fourth lesson on the use of will.

ASFG Book III (with only four lessons) was published by the A.R.E. and is available in the A.R.E. Library should you wish to study the original material. It must be noted that ASFG Book III is not available for purchase from the A.R.E. Therefore, A.R.E. management has requested that members not contact the A.R.E. about ASFG Book III.

In the Introduction to the ASFG Book III, Hugh Lynn Cayce and Judith Stevens encouraged individuals to create additional lessons for Book III. Thus the Searching For God 3 videos and exercises created by David McMillin can be viewed as an effort to follow the recommendation in the Introduction of ASFG Book III. Furthermore, the additional lessons do touch upon some important themes in the Cayce material that are relevant to a modern Search for God. Hopefully you will find the material worthwhile.

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