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Spiritualizing Carnal Desire

(Posted on September 5, 2015 by David McMillin)

[NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of "A Search For God" study group and working on the "Desire" lesson, a class member began the lesson discussion with three direct (and rather evocative) questions:

1. (Based on an excerpt from the ASFG book text): “Does that mean a monogamous marital relationship is the best means of satisfying those urges in a manner that enables positive soul growth for both partners?”

2. (With regard to using Jesus as a pattern for how to “spiritualize carnal desires” when a beautiful woman smiled at him): "I wonder what His thoughts were when that happened?”

3. “Why did God choose to bind his agreement with Abraham making him father of many nations by having him cut off the foreskin of his penis? Did they know that such a linkage would provide a constant reminder of the agreement to serve God and thereby assist in spiritualizing desire throughout all generations?”

These questions triggered a series of interactions beginning with my initial reply. – David McMillin]

Thanks for getting us started with this lesson. I look forward to hearing from the group on these evocative questions. Could be an interesting discussion, so here are a few thoughts for consideration:

1. MONOGOMY – Short answer (based on the ASFG text): Yes. Interestingly, I believe some animal species do have monogamous relationships. And some spiritual traditions even encourage celibacy as a lifestyle. Didn't work so well for the Shakers, as I recall, since when they all got old and died, there were not enough new converts to keep the movement viable. The Mormons seem to have taken the opposite tack (at least historically).

2. JESUS AND SEX – Great question. I think you can probably get that answer from within, since it is really more about your own consciousness than what might be called objective reality. Certainly some would say that Jesus was only a man (in the fullest sense of the term) and there have been some very popular books and movies in that direction (i.e., “The Da Vinci Code”). With regard to reincarnation, the Cayce readings do discuss numerous earthly sojourns for the soul entity that incarnated as Jesus that were probably not celibate (with the initial one as Amilius, who apparently faced a dilemma with regard to propagation and carnal desire and came up with a novel solution – which in itself created some other serious problems for the early Atlanteans).

3. CIRCUMCISION AND ABRAHAM'S CONVENANT: Perhaps this one falls in the CONCEPT OF GOD category – the ancient Hebrews had some rather peculiar ideas about God and doing God's will. For example, there is the story of God threatening to kill Moses, and being placated when Zipporah (wife of Moses) circumcised their son (Exodus 4:24-26). Sounds like the “God of wrath” painted by Moses that we considered in the last lesson. Maybe Abraham had some similar inclinations in his CONCEPT OF GOD.

In a general sense (with regard to all these questions about carnal desire), Exercise # 3 (Buddha on Desire) may actually be very appropriate since apparently Buddha had considerable personal experience with carnal desire, its effects, and how to spiritualize it in daily life. I think Buddhists (as a group and not just the monks) do actually have a fairly good track record in this regard during the last 2600 years. Personally, I think Jesus was probably influenced by Buddhist philosophy when he traveled to India as a young man, for there are many similarities in the teachings of these two individuals. For example:

“But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28)

To me, that's very Buddhist. Buddhism has a strong mental foundation (mind is the builder) and much effort is focused on training the mind through meditation (mindfulness). As noted in the exercise, I think Cayce's approach of working with Ideals is also very similar.

Certainly the affirmation for this lesson also provides a template for bringing physical and mental desires into attunement with God's will, which brings us back to seeking within and including God in the process.

Just some thoughts to stir the pot. Thanks again for sharing and spicing up this lesson with your intriguing questions (which also take some courage to ask).

[As a followup in this thread, I shared a “vision” I had of Jesus interacting with an attractive woman based on a story in the bible.]

… I want to thank you again for asking the question:  “… every time a beautiful woman smiled at him [Jesus]. I wonder what His thoughts were when that happened?”

After I had replied to your comments, that question crossed my mind in a spontaneous way – I was not focusing on it or even seeking an answer. But I just marveled at how appropriate it was for this lesson.

And then I had an immediate, vivid impression (vision) of what Jesus saw and thought in such situations. I was a bit surprised, for when I consciously seek information and answers to questions there is sometimes a lag or delay between the seeking and the reply … but this was instantaneous and so memorable (stamped into my consciousness). By the way, that is a hallmark of mystical experiences … they are usually spontaneous and unsought (in any direct manner) … as [another group member] noted in the Day and Night lesson: “These moments are rare and cannot be contrived.”

I won't share the details because I don't want to influence whatever you may experience if you follow the suggestion in my reply … for it is more about the process of connecting within YOUR own consciousness and finding YOUR answer to YOUR question. But if you find yourself blocked or stuck in seeking (which sometimes happens when we try very hard to get an answer), you might want to check out the biblical story of the woman at the well (John 4:1-42) … for certainly that was a situation primed for carnal desire, if there ever was one. And yet the woman proclaimed: “Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did …”

Thanks again for sharing your intriguing question and enriching my search for God. Blessings, Dave

[After allowing the group member to share his experience of seeking further information on his question, I volunteered more on my “vision.”]

The image that I glimpsed was that of the “Great Psychic” who sensed the entirety of each individual soul entity that he encountered … “a man, which told me all things that ever I did …”

As I perceived that loving, wise, all-knowing image I recalled that term “Great Psychic” from a reading given for Edgar Cayce himself – a reading that discussed his psychic process and related it to Jesus (and even described the role of the reproductive glands in psychic awareness – which is indicative of the leydig/pineal axis that you find so fascinating):

“Remember many of the words of the Great Psychic, the Savior of men, the Son of the Most High, in the demonstrations or manifestations, or the work itself: "There be done IN thy body according to the desire of thy heart." So spoke He oft as the ruler of, the teacher of, the brother of, the servant of, the Savior of, men. That with "Whatsoever ye sow, so SHALL ye reap!" "FORGIVE me, Father, as I forgive my brother." Who, having aught against his brother can approach the Throne of Grace with any expectancy of receiving grace? First lay aside aught thou hast against thy brother. Then he that seeks through channels that maintain, either profess to, appeal to a higher source, or the universal sources themselves, and then seeks that he may have advantage in body, mind or material things, over his BROTHER – what need such expect at the Throne of Grace? WHAT need such expect to be the fruit of that sown? What cares such an one, who tramples upon that he may gain his own ends?

“Such analysis, then, is well for such students. As illustrations from that as given, as is seen from such information: The glands of reproduction in a body gives up something that creation may be reached, or tuned into, when such an one – a psychic – attunes self to the infinite; and such used for abuses of the privileges as are material individuals' lives in such, what MUST be the lives of such individuals when attuned or awakened, or shown in a carnal or material world? THINK on these things, Man – THINK! that the essence of Life ITSELF is given in giving to another that as may bring the consciousness to another of an awakening in their own beings!” (294-140)

As I reflect on this excerpt and the image of Jesus that I glimpsed, I am reminded of what you have shared from your own experience as you have applied the information in past lessons (such as the Interpersonal Oneness exercise in the Oneness lesson … “vibrating tuning fork,” “psychic awakening,” etc). If you look back over those comments, you may recognize the pattern … the same as Jesus only in the formative stages … yet the same pattern. Not a big surprise since that is your Ideal. So don't be surprised if you catch glimpses of this as you interact with others … even a beautiful woman that smiles at you. As you expand your awareness you will increasingly sense the fullness of each soul entity that you encounter … regardless of superficial appearances that can be so distracting.

Yes, Patience ever … active Patience. May take a few (or many) more lifetimes, but we all will get there … that is our Destiny. Blessings, Dave

PS: While working on the REINCARNATIONAL HISTORY OF FRANCE project, I found a fascinating reading for a woman struggling with sexual issues. In a past life in France, she had been doubted by her companion who left on crusade, forcing her to wear a chastity belt to prevent her from having sexual relations. This brought disturbing conditions of many natures, and the determination that she would SOMETIME, SOMEWHERE be free and “GET EVEN.”

The background information for the reading indicates that in her modern life, she had been married for 18 years to an impotent man (her crusader companion in that French past life) – and although attempting sexual abstinence at times, she was contemplating an extra-marital affair:

“(Q) Through my meditation, has the kundalini fire risen to the head or top of spine at base of skull? If so, was it because of sex abstinence and discipline that this happened?
“(A) It has risen at TIMES, but has not remained; else there would NOT be those periods of confusion. For, when this has arisen – and is disseminated properly through the seven centers of the body, it has purified the body from all desire of sex relationships. For, THIS IS an outlet through which one may attain to celibacy – through this activity. That it has NOT REMAINED indicates changes.
“(Q) Since my husband has been impotent these many years, would sexual relationship with some trusted friend (a bachelor) help me so I can function positively and rhythmically in carrying on the normal business of home life and work? Please advise me in regard to such.
“(A) Such questions as these can only be answered in what is thy ideal. Do not have an ideal and not attempt to reach same. There is no condemnation in those who DO such for helpful forces, but if for personal, selfish gratification, it is sin.” (2329-1)

More grist for the mill. Blessings, Dave

[As the discussion continued, the group member reflected on a Cayce reading (that he could not quite fully remember) about the role of the pineal in influencing the desire patterns of the body. Here is my reply.]

Here is another thought about the kundalini energy that moves along the "pineal" (as the thread or cord along the spine) … and the excerpt above from reading 2329-1.  There is a free mp3 (audio) segment on my website, from a lecture I gave years ago at the A.R.E. that describes my first conscious kundalini experience and how it relates to sexual energy, celibacy, etc.

The audio link is at the bottom of the webpage and is titled:

MH Lecture 3 – Mystical Kundalini Experiences (MP3 audio sample)


Blessings, Dave

[As an extension of this discussion, I was asked to expand upon the comments I had made previously about “Amilius and his novel solution” and the “other serious problems for the early Atlanteans” with regard to sex and propagation. Here is my reply.]

Most of the information on Amilius is found in the 364 series on Atlantis. Here are some examples that relate to Desire, propagation (sexual and mental), etc.

“There are, as seen, the records made by the man in the mount, that this Amilius … first discerned that from himself, not of the beasts about him, could be drawn – WAS drawn – that which made for the propagation OF beings IN the flesh, that made for that companionship as seen by creation in the material worlds about same. The story, the tale (if chosen to be called such), is one and the same. The apple, as 'the apple of the eye', the desire of that companionship innate in that created, as innate in the Creator, that brought companionship into the creation itself.” (364-5)

“(Q) How is the legend of Lilith connected with the period of Amilius?
(A) In the beginning, as was outlined, there was presented that that became as the Sons of God, in that male and female were as one, with those abilities for those changes as were able or capable of being brought about. In the changes that came from those THINGS, as were of the projections of the abilities of those entities to project, this as a being came as the companion; and when there was that turning to the within, through the sources of creation, as to make for the helpmeet of that as created by the first cause, or of the Creative Forces that brought into being that as was made, THEN – from out of self – was brought that as was to be the helpmeet, NOT just companion of the body. Hence the legend of the associations of the body during that period before there was brought into being the last of the creations [five-fold projection] … that there might be no change in the relationship of the SONS of God WITH those relationships of the sons and daughters of men.” (364-7)

“… as the first begotten of the Father that came as Amilius in the Atlantean land and allowed himself to be led in ways of selfishness. Hence, as we see, all the various stages of developments that have come to man through the ages have been those periods when He walked and talked with man.” (364-8

In summary: Amilius observed the encased souls (not entirely physical, by the way) and was aware of the DESIRE for companionship and sexual relations – but how to do that without becoming entrapped by carnal (animal) desire? Amilius' novel solution was mental projection of other beings (rather than by sexual reproduction) … This is the story of Lilith discussed in reading 364-7. Thus Lilith (a mental projection that gradually materialized) became the female counterpart/companion of Amilius (without the need for sexual reproduction).

The “serious problems” for the early Atlanteans was that the mental projections created by Amilius became the THINGS that were used as slave labor (sexual slaves too!) by some of the Atlanteans (mostly the sons of Belial, but some of the followers of the Law of One too!) … so this was a major point of discord between these two groups of Atlanteans … what to do about the THINGS … much as the American civil war split our country over what to do about slavery.

The five-fold projection was the final solution to the problem of souls becoming encased in physical bodies with a preponderance of animal features that were a hindrance to soul development. Remember that this was not part of God's original plan (souls projecting into materiality on this planet). Hence Amilius returned as Adam and the Biblical account picks up from there. Fascinating story about various aspects of DESIRE.

Hope this sampling of the prehistory of Desire in Atlantis is helpful in your understanding of Desire in your search for God. Blessings, Dave

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