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Resurrection And Reincarnation

(Posted on September 5, 2015 by David McMillin)

[NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of “A Search For God” study group and working on the Destiny of the Body lesson, a class member who had practiced Hinduism and yoga for years wrestled with the meaning of resurrection and reincarnation with regard to the Destiny of the Body, and how the body is associated with the “Spiritual being.” Here is my reply. – David McMillin]

Here are some thoughts and resources for you to consider in response to some of your observations about this lesson:

1. RESURRECTION – That's correct. We don't need a “physical body” (as we normally conceive it – there are layers of meaning here!) when we have graduated from the earth experience. And even if we don't graduate (if we flunk out, so to speak) and have to be reincarnated to continue our education in this 3D classroom (which is typical), we can use a nonphysical body (or bodies) during planetary sojourns, etc. in other classrooms in this solar system.  This is part of what we have been discussing with the “celestial body” that we use while not incarnate in flesh bodies on earth. I cover some of this in a video titled “The Soul's Journey:”


Apparently, we have many bodies, even while incarnate in this earthly experience. The three most commonly cited in the Cayce readings are the spiritual body, mental body, and physical body. But many others are cited at times, depending upon the context (astral body, etheric body, cosmic body, etc).  In some spiritual traditions such subtle matter is called the “finer body.” Mark Thurston has written a nice summary (and exercise) on this in his book “Experiments in Practical Spirituality” (pp. 77-80):

The physical body can be thought of as a multifaceted creation, which includes not only a flesh manifestation but an unseen body of higher vibration (yet still "physical") which Edgar Cayce called the "finer physical body."  In this case "finer" does not mean "better" but rather "of a more rarefied or higher vibratory quality." (Thurston, p. 78)

With regard to Jesus' resurrection and “glorified” body:

“(Q) Why did Jesus say, "Touch me not," when He first appeared to Mary after the resurrection?
(A) For the vibrations to which the glorified body was raised would have been the same as a physical body touching a high power current. Why do you say not touch the wire? If ye are in accord, or not in touch with the earth, it doesn't harm; otherwise, it's too bad!”  (262-87)

So the resurrection process involved a raising of energy (vibration), much as we have discussed previously (even within the context of “spiritualizing the body” –  manifesting the “glory” of God).  This is a main point throughout this lesson, only when we manifest the “fruits of the spirit” we are doing it much more gradually (even over many lifetimes), but we are being transformed at a basic level in terms of our energy pattern.

2. REINCARNATION – Here is a reading excerpt from the study group readings for this lesson that provides some intriguing insights into RESURRECTION and ties it in nicely with REINCARNATIONAL cycles, much as you have speculated:

“(Q) At the change called death is the entity free of a physical or material body?
(A) Free of the material body but not free of matter; only changed in the form as to matter [i.e., “subtle matter”]; and is just as acute to the realms of consciousness as in the physical or material or carnal body, or more so.
(Q) What is meant by the resurrection of the body? What body?
(A) That [soul] Body thou hast taken in thine individuality to draw upon, from matter itself, to give it shadow or form, see?
     As may be seen by a study of the information which has been given through these sources as to the various appearances [reincarnation] of an individual soul-entity in the earth, sometimes the body is six foot two, again four foot five; sometimes fair of hair, sometimes of very dark complexion. What has the Book written on same? MAN looketh on the outward appearance; GOD looketh on the heart.
     This is the same, but why the change?
     In entering into materiality, that thou hast used of spirituality or Creative Force makes for the development that has been in the experience of thy entity or soul-body [VERY IMPORTANT!!], see?
     Then as it appeareth in the earth, what has been the builder ever? MIND! Mind of what? Of the entity! as associated with Creative Forces drawn by those environs into which it has come in its various experiences [incarnations]. The matter is drawn, as it were, of the soul and of the soul-entity. Hence with what Body shall ye be raised?
     The same [soul] Body ye had from the beginning! or the same [soul] Body that has been thine throughout the ages! else how could it be individual?
     The PHYSICAL, the dust, dissolves; yes. But when it is condensed again, what is it? The SAME Body! It doesn't beget a different [soul] Body!”  (262-86)

Note the reference to the “entity or soul-body” in that excerpt. The ASFG book text also refers to it as the “real body” (in contrast to the “superficial” body):

For while flesh and blood [the superficial body] that is of the earth may not gain or know glory, the body, the real body – not the superficial, but the real body – may become aware of itself in the Presence of the body of God, among its brethren, and a portion of the Whole.  (ASFG)

The “real body” contains the form or pattern of who we are as a (soul) entity.  That is what we carry over from one lifetime to another.  That is what is resurrected and what we take with us back to the Creator. It is that which reflects our individuality – which is the result of how we have used our will.  Hence:

The destiny of our body, then, lies with us, and what we do with it in one experience [incarnation] or many experiences [incarnations] is of our choosing.  (ASFG)

3. SCARS OF THE SOUL – With regard to the spiritual effects of our physical/carnal experience in this earthly classroom, the readings speak of “scars of the soul”:

Those things that easily beset bespeak not of those only that are weaknesses in the flesh; but the weaknesses in the FLESH are the scars of the soul!  (275-19)

… keeping self unspotted from those carnal forces that wreck the carnal mind – as to become mars or scars upon the soul itself; for the soul body must be that to which the entity may attain a consciousness that it may make itself one with the whole, that creative energy called nature, God, Allah, Abba, Baali …   (1924-1)

Thus “weaknesses of the flesh” and “carnal forces” may produce a negative residue that we carry forward into our extra-earthly soul experiences. Certainly this can be regarded as mental (“carnal mind”) phenomena as well as physical.

Much to consider here, for we have still only barely scratched the surface. And I am guessing your background in Hinduism and yoga may resonate with some of these concepts. The main thing is to keep it practical too (and not just conceptual); that is, in terms of how we live each moment of each day.  As the affirmation for this lesson reminds us: “that my body may be as a living example of Thy love to the brethren of our Lord.”  And as the book text asserts: “The destiny of the body depends upon us.”

Thanks again for sharing your reflections on this lesson. Blessings, Dave

[During this session, another individual shared some thoughts about the patterns of reincarnation within the broader cycles of our collective evolution on this planet. Of particular note was the spiritual path of those individuals who had completed their earthly incarnations and were ready to move on to other realms, raised in vibration with bodies suitable for the further education of the soul as it becomes a fit companion for the Creator.]

Those are some great observations and questions. “… gentleness of the things of the spirit: love, kindness, longsuffering, patience …”  Absolutely yes!  That's in every lesson … we just keep coming at it from different directions.  Thanks for the reminder.  That's what builds our Destiny.

With regard to the cycles and soul patterns that we manifest individually and collectively …the big picture is as you have noted … thousands of years of evolution (because there are so many of us that need to grow up as souls … at least by passing the third grade here on planet earth).  That is what root races are about, etc.  The big scope of evolution of souls in this sphere.

And then we each as individuals are engaged in soul evolution (if we wish to use that term to designate soul development).  As we work with ASFG (or any truly spiritual system) we are changing in a certain direction for the better, usually very gradually, but sometimes with big leaps ahead.  Or even major breakthroughs at times.

So that brings us to those individuals who really are on the fast track (because such Destiny is up to us).  We recognize them so clearly when they are a great teacher, prophet, or humanitarian. Of course they are vibrating at a higher rate and shining forth the Glory of God. Then there are those individuals who are not so obvious, and yet they are ready to pass the third grade and move on to other Opportunities in other systems of consciousness. They maintain their individuality (so the uniqueness and identity they have created in this and other lives is part of the pattern of the body that they are taking with them – the soul body by whatever term or designation we may assign to The Destiny of the Body).  

Yes, there were several individuals that received readings that indicated they were done with earthly incarnations. Not perfect by any means, yet ready for more advanced lessons as they make their way back to the Source. I sometimes wonder if I have met some of these “angels in waiting” and failed to notice who they are. I have sensed a raised spiritual vibration in some individuals along the way and I am guessing some are done here (or soon will be).  

While doing the REINCARNATIONAL HISTORY OF ROME project a few years ago, I was impressed with a life reading for a woman that stated if she continued her current trend, she would not need to reincarnate in the earth again. What was so remarkable is that in Rome she was a real mess as a companion to Emperor Nero.  In the name Emersen, she behaved very badly, especially to the Christians in the arena.  In her modern incarnation, she had such severe physical problems that she was not expected to survive childhood (very heavy karma).  By the time she was in her 50s she claimed that she was in better shape that most people are in their 20s.  Again, I wonder about the vibratory signature of her body that resulted from her healing (mind is the builder and apparently there was a powerful spiritual transformation in her life as well). So I guess that we don't all need thousands of years and many lifetimes to make the grade, so to speak. She certainly didn't claim to be perfect either and her reading actually pointed that out.  So encouraging, isn't it?  There is grace built into this process if we accept it.

If anyone should care to view it, the video that I made that includes her story is located at:


Hers is the second story (right after Nero).  …, thanks for sharing.  Blessings, Dave

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