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Oneness of Time and Space

(Posted on November 1, 2014 by David McMillin)

[NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of “A Search For God” study group and working on the Spirit lesson, a group member pondered the meaning of the “eternal now” and the “illusion” of earthly experience.  Here is my reply. – David McMillin]

I find in my own experience that APPLICATION is the best way to answer questions within self. And of course the answers change as we grow in consciousness, so it is an ongoing process in which we can find contentment without ever being satisfied (i.e, the “Keep Moving” exercise for this lesson). So as you “keep meditating” and put that attunement into practice you will find the answers that you need NOW – in the “eternal now.” IN THE APPLICATION COMES THE AWARENESS. The AWARENESS provides the answer to whatever you need to know in the present moment.

With regard to the Oneness of TIME and SPACE (the “Eternal Now”) that we may become aware of in PATIENCE, the readings explain it like this:

All time is one time – see? That is as a fact, see? All space is one space – see? Another fact.   (294-45)

Time is as one time, Space as one space, to the cosmic consciousness. Hard for the physical consciousness to separate from that with which it contacts itself from the very first, and is continually given that in such and such time, in such and such period – yet we see by growth, each and every development is brought about [in PATIENCE]. When did such a thing happen? To the cosmic mind this is ever present. To the sensuous minds this is as of a time or space. Study these in this light, and – as there is seen by thine own understanding – growth in thine own self is kept apace by the consciousness of the abilities to apply [in PATIENCE] that obtained in the consciousness of the pure mind or mental forces of self. (900-345)

Learn these well for the emanations of every endeavor must be tempered by these laws that permeate the whole of that knowable and applicable in man's experience.  First, the continuity of life. There is no time: it is one time; there is no space; it is one space; there is no force; other than all force in its various phases and applications of force are the emanations of men's endeavors in a material world to exemplify an ideal of its concept of the creative energy, or God, of which the individual is such a part that the thoughts even of the individual may become crimes or miracles, for thoughts are deeds and applied in the sense that these are in accord with those principles as given. That that one metes must be met again. That one applies will be applied again and again [in PATIENCE] until that one-ness, time, space, force, or the own individual is one with the whole, not the whole with such a portion of the whole as to be equal with the whole.  (4341-1)

Thus Oneness with the Whole (that is God) has been a theme through all these lessons, as you have wrestled with in your own consciousness. “Cosmic consciousness” is not impractical and not so far away as we attune and put that attunement into practice. That is the meaning of the “Eternal Now” that we explored in the some previous exercises (in the lessons on Patience and Destiny of the Soul). Here again we find it in the context of the Oneness of Spirit.  

Thanks for sharing your questions and insights on this lesson.  Blessings, Dave

P.S. – With regard to the “illusion” of space and time that you have pondered, the “Transforming Shadows” exercise from the lesson on Faith may be helpful.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” (Albert Einstein)

The readings insist that the illusion of space and time is a purposeful and meaningful creation for our benefit – so that we may have the Opportunity to know ourselves to be ourselves and yet one with God – separate yet one. So we need to use this Opportunity responsibly and not be apathetic or neglectful, just as you have noted.


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