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Knowledge Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

… there are no short cuts to knowledge, to wisdom, to understanding – these must be lived, must be experienced by each and every soul.  (830-2)

All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others, and the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world.  (254-17)

It is known and may be experienced by the entity that not mere knowledge makes for understanding, but the application of what may be given that it, the experience, becomes a portion of the entity, of the soul, IN application, makes for the growth. For the knowledge of the Creative Forces, the knowledge of God, is a growth. For ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding, in the application of that thou hast experienced and dost experience in thy relationships to thy fellow man. (884-1)

For the beginning of knowledge is to know self and self's relationship to God! Then the relationship to the fellow man; then material knowledge to any entity, any soul, may become valuable, worth while, aggressive, advancing – success! (1249-1)

Not that some great exploit, some great manner of change should come within thine body, thine mind, but line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. For it is, as He has given, not the knowledge alone but the practical application – in thine daily experience with thy fellow man – that counts.   (922-1)

. . all that ye may know of good must first be within self. All ye may know of God must be manifested through thyself. To hear of Him is not to know. To apply and live and be is to know!  (2936-2)

Know the first principles: There is good in all that is alive.  (2537-1)

For as has been given, to have knowledge and not apply it, it becomes sin. (254-93)

Knowledge, understanding, is using, then, that thou hast in hand. Not to thine own knowledge but that all hope, power, trust, faith, knowledge and understanding are in Him. Do that thou knowest to do TODAY, as He would have thee do it, IN THINE UNDERSTANDING! Then tomorrow will be shown thee for that day! For as He has given, TODAY ye may know the Lord! NOW, if ye will but open thine heart, thine mind, the understanding and knowledge will come! (262-89)

Knowledge is power, yet power may become as an influence that brings the evil ways. For the expression of self is that which hinders man in the knowledge of the more perfect way.
(Q) What should be the basic principles in our thought on this lesson?
(A) Knowledge as of God; knowledge as a workable experience in the affairs of individuals, of groups, of nations; that may ARISE from the motivative forces of the knowledge and power of God. Knowledge as a material experience, and how that knowledge as pertaining to the laws of a universal nature adds to the conditions in the experiences of man, even as to the conveniences of man; and how that the misappplication, the misinterpretation of such knowledge brings into the experiences of individuals, of groups, of nations, that which exalteth man's power and he forgets God. The correct evaluation then of knowledge in all its phases of man's experience and the application of that knowledge in his relationships and dealings with his fellow man. (262-95)

Know that true knowledge is God, and as ye judge thy fellow man, as ye judge thy brother, ye are ASSUMING the offices of the Lord Himself.
     For God IS Knowledge, and as He gave, "Judge them not," for they that be for us are above those with their own WORLDLY wisdom. They SHALL excel for the moment, but dost thou grudge their excellence even for naming the name? Dost thou make to thyself such a condemning that ye become rather worse than they? These, then, be the SPIRIT, be the manner, be the purposes within thy heart, thy mind, beloved. EMPTY thy minds, EMPTY thy hearts of all that thou hast held that is of a secular nature, if ye would know the TRUE Knowledge of thy God. (262-96)

There is today, every day, set before thee good and evil, life and death – choose thou. For only self can separate you from the love of the Father. For it should be manifested to thee that thou art conscious in a living world, aware of suffering, of sorrow, of joy, of pleasure. These, to be sure, are the price one pays for having will, knowledge. But let that knowledge be spent in a way and manner to help others. For as ye do to thy fellow man ye do to thy Maker.  (3581-1)

Some, then, dare say that ignorance is bliss; yet to stumble in the darkness is to become as the groper and the dependent one upon another influence. Yet the crying has ever been from the Father that each soul should stand upon its own feet and dare to call God its Father, its God, and claim the right to be one with Him, and not a groveler in the dust of the earth – or a groper. (500-1)

For the entity, as each soul, is a portion of the whole. Thus, though a soul may be as but a speck upon the earth's environs, and the earth in turn much less than a mote in the universe, if the spirit of man is so attuned to the Infinite, the music of harmony becomes as the divine love that makes for the awareness in the experience of the Creative Forces working with self for the knowledge of the associations with same.  (1469-1)

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