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(Posted on June 7, 2016 by David McMillin)

The following excerpts from the Cayce readings focus on the "concept of God" as the "ground of being" exemplified in the biblical phrase "I AM THAT I AM" (Exodus 3:14).  Thus the soul (the I AM within the Great I AM THAT I AM) has it source and destiny in relationship to the Divine Whole that is God.

     (Q) Would it meet Thy Will [Christ] and the Will of the Father, if, henceforth, the readings given by Edgar Cayce should be designated as pronouncements of Thee [Christ] and the Father, given as is justified by the merit of those asking?
     (A) This is the condition; this is the activity. Yet be ye all things to all men; thereby ye may save the more. For he that declares as a name, in a name, save in the universality of the Father, limits the ability of the seeker, of the channel through which that glory may come to any.
     Learn, rather, that given: "By what name shall I say that I am sent?" I AM THAT I AM." That rather than in any name of this, that or the other manner. The I AM that seeks may gain, then, that access to the I AM that brought, brings, holds, the worlds in their place. (254-85)

     Then, make for that which is sincere in purpose, pure in mind, reasonable even to self, walking in the way that brings a more close union with Him, that "Will ye be my people, I will be your God." He seeks to find that expression even in all who are called in the I AM THAT I AM, and is an ever active force that through all ages, all peoples, may be a memorial that one has fellowship with Him, that brought the Pleiades into being, that set the bands of Orion, or the waters in the deep that are cast upon the land, or brings breath into the life of all creatures, and supplies the union with those creative forces that makes for the SONGS of the spheres – the Lord is His name! (262-23 – ASFG Fellowship lesson)

     The choice must be made as to the purposefulness for which the activity is to be; and in keeping with what has been presented, that the bodies ARE the temples of the living God. So, the activity should be such that the self, the ego, the I AM would present same to the God, the Father, the Universal Influence, the Creative Energy, the I AM THAT I AM, in such measures and manners as to be a glorifying of that the body, the entity, the soul would present as its portion of the whole. (262-87 – ASFG Destiny lesson)

     As the entity in the present makes the application, or sets in motion the experiences of self in its contact with those influences that may be contacted in its association, relation, environ, in its walk through the experience, so will the growth be; so will there be unfolded to the entity those experiences throughout its own appearances, not as to the histology or the genealogical conditions but that which is much deeper – or that known as individuality. And so does growth come.
     Or, as we have given as to how a soul becomes conscious, aware, of its contact with the universal-cosmic-God-Creative forces in its experience; by feeding upon the food, the fruits, the results of spirit, of God, of Life, of Reality: Love, hope, kindness, gentleness, brotherly love, patience. THESE make for the awareness in the soul of its relationship to the Creative force that is manifest in self, in the ego, in the I AM of each soul, and of I AM THAT I AM.
     So may the entity, the soul of THIS entity, become aware – through meditating upon those understandings, those truths that are as examples, as witnesses in the earth and its environs – of THAT which magnifies the Spirit in the earth of the first manifestation that man calls God and His holy angels. (378-14)

     Each soul, of its spiritual self, knows that purpose for which it entered. If it has been so submerged, so overcome by the material things of an experience that this is lost sight of, then there comes either confusion or retardment in the experience of each soul, each entity. Yet if it ever keeps in touch with the sources of spiritual supply – which are the basis, the center, the nucleus about which all mental forces gravitate, activate or move and these are kept as in accord with the influences for keeping constructive forces – then the entity, no matter WHAT may be the environment, continues to meet itself, to meet those forces and influences that do and will make for constructive development in the experience; in WHATEVER environment or activity it may be, whether in the flesh or out of the flesh.
     But when it has lost sight of its SPIRITUAL force, its spiritual nucleus, and the body-mental begins to build toward the self, the ego – not the I AM of I AM THAT I AM, that is the center, the source of all forces or influences, but toward the self – it loses its hold.
     How then may the entity, [416], apply self in the present for the meeting and the making of that which will create, build, construct within the experience that which is CONSTRUCTIVE?
     GIVING OUT THAT YE HAVE, in the mental and spiritual import, for the helpfulness of that FORCE about the entity. Thus does the growth come.
     For in the growth of every force we find the multiple of itself by its activity upon itself constitutes growth; whether this is in the mental self, the spiritual self or the physical world. It is the multiple of itself upon itself; not FOR itself but OF itself. As it gives out then, it grows. So does the entity, using that in hand day by day. Not as a multiplicity of thought, not as that "I may take advantage" of this or that. Rather, "How may I be of service in making for CONSTRUCTIVE forces in the life, in the experience, in the activity, in the associations of those things about me?"
     Little by little, line upon line – this is the manner, this is the growth, this is the way in which the entity may fulfil, may meet, may overcome; and satisfy (not gratify, but satisfy) that longing for its relationship to the Creative Forces that manifest in the influences about the entity, as they do in its own self. (416-10)

     God IS, Spirit IS; the Soul IS an individualized portion that may materialize, that may become conscious as a companion for that which is, that I AM THAT I AM in ALL its spheres! And all spheres of activity in the earth, in the realms of WHATEVER environ, are for that preparation. That man may control in the earth a few of its influences is so infinitesimal to what eternity is, or to what space or time or any of the universal forces are, that the finite mind does not conceive. (826-8)

     For each soul seeks expression. And as it moves through the mental associations and attributes in the surrounding environs, it gives out that which becomes either for selfish reactions of the own ego – to express – or for the I AM to be at-one with the Great I AM THAT I AM.
     What then are the purposes for the activities of an entity in a material plane, surrounded with those environs that make for self-expressions or self-activities in the various ways and manners?
     What meaneth these? That self is growing to that which it, the entity, the soul, is to present, as it were, to the Great I AM in those experiences when it is absent from materiality.
     These become hard at times for the individual to visualize; that the mental and soul may manifest without a physical vehicle. Yet in the deeper meditations, in those experiences when those influences may arise when the spirit of the Creative Force, the universality of soul, of mind – not as material, not as judgments, not IN time and space but OF time and space – may become lost in the Whole, instead of the entity being lost in the maze of confusing influences – then the soul visions arise in the meditations.
     And the centers becoming attuned to the vibrations of the bodily force, these give a vision of that as may be to the entity an outlet for the self-expressions, in the beauties and the harmonies and the activities that become, in their last analysis; just being patient, longsuffering, gentle, kind. THESE are the fruits of the spirit of truth; just as hates, malice and the like become in their growths those destructive forces in creating, in making for those things that are as but tares, confusions, dissensions in the experiences of an entity.
     Those then are the purposes of the entrance of an entity into a material plane; to choose that which is its ideal. (987-4)

     … as has been given of old, "Who shall I say has sent me? I AM THAT I AM!" That I AM then within self, responding to the I AM THAT I AM, is indeed the psychic or soul or of the soul self.
     To arouse such then to an active service is to manifest the fruits of that spirit in conscious activity in a material world.
     What then are these fruits? For the spirit itself may not be seen; for God hath not at any time been seen by man, only the manifested fruits of the spirit. Hence no hate, no dishonor; but patience, longsuffering, brotherly love, kindness, gentleness; not exalting of self but rather abasement of self that there may be the closer union, the closer walk with that I AM THAT I AM. (1376-1)

     Each soul that enters, then, must have had an impetus from some beginning that is of the Creative Energy, or of a first cause.
     What, then, was – or is – the first cause; for if there be law pertaining to the first cause it must be an unchangeable law, and is – IS – as "I AM that I am!" For this is the basis from which one would reason:
     The first cause was, that the created would be the companion for the Creator; that it, the creature, would – through its manifestations in the activity of that given unto the creature – show itself to be not only worthy of, but companionable to, the Creator.
     Hence, every form of life that man sees in a material world is an essence or manifestation of the Creator; not the Creator, but a manifestation of a first cause – and in its own sphere, its own consciousness of its activity in that plane or sphere.
     Hence, as man in this material world passes through, there are the manifestations of the attributes that the consciousness attributes to, or finds coinciding with, that activity which is manifested; hence becomes then as the very principle of the law that would govern an entrance into a manifestation.
     Then a soul, the offspring of a Creator, entering into a consciousness that became a manifestation in any plane or sphere of activity, given that free-will for its use of those abilities, qualities, conditions in its experience, demonstrates, manifests, shows forth, that it reflects in its activity towards that first cause.
     Hence in the various spheres that man sees (that are demonstrated, manifested, in and before self) even in a material world, all forces, all activities, are a manifestation. Then, that which would be the companionable, the at-oneness with, the ability to be one with, becomes necessary for the demonstration or manifestation of those attributes in and through all force, all demonstration, in a sphere.
     Because an atom, a matter, a form, is changed does not mean that the essence, the source or the spirit of it has changed; only in its form of manifestation, and NOT in its relation with the first cause. That man reaches that consciousness in the material plane of being aware of what he does about or with the consciousness of the knowledge, the intelligence, the first cause, makes or produces that which is known as the entering into the first cause, principles, basis, or the essences, that there may be demonstrated in that manifested that which gains for the soul, for the entity, that which would make the soul an acceptable companion to the Creative Force, Creative Influence. See?
     As to how, where, when, and what produces the entrance into a material manifestation of an entity, a soul:
     In the beginning was that which set in motion that which is seen in manifested form with the laws governing same.    The inability of destroying matter, the ability of each force, each source of power or contact – as it meets in its various forms, produces that which is a manifestation in a particular sphere. This may be seen in those elements used in the various manifested ways of preparing for man, in many ways, those things that bespeak of the laws that govern man's relationship to the first cause, or God.
     Then, this is the principle:
     Like begets like. Those things that are positive and negative forces combine to form in a different source, or different manifestation, the combinations of which each element, each first principle manifested, has gained from its associations – in its activities – that which has been brought to bear by self or that about it, to produce that manifestation.
     Hence man, the crowning of all manifestations in a material world – a causation world, finds self as the cause and the product of that he (man), with those abilities given, has been able to produce, or demonstrate, or manifest from that he (the soul) has gained, does gain, in the transition, the change, the going toward that (and being of that) from which he came.
     Periods, times, places: That which is builded, each in its place, each in its time.
     This is shown to man in the elemental world about him. Man's consciousness of that about him is gained through that he, man, does about the knowledge of that he is, as in relation to that from which he came and towards which he is going.
     Hence, in man's analysis and understanding of himself, it is as well to know from whence he came as to know whither he is going. (5753-1)

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