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God's Manifestation Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

Hence ye would study to show thyself approved unto thy concept of thy God. What IS thy God? Let each answer that within self. What IS thy God? Where is He, what is He? Then ye may find yourselves lacking in much. How personal is He? Not as Moses painted a God of wrath; not as David painted a God that would fight thine enemies; but as the Christ – the Father of love, of mercy, of justice.  (262-100)

For each soul's expression in the earth is to be a channel through which Creative Forces or God may be made the greater manifest in the experience of those an individual contacts from day to day. So Life in all its experiences is a practical application of the concept of God or Creative Energy in the lives of individuals as they deal with their associations. (1206-3)

In the manner, the way ye attend, ye treat or ye hold – in thy mental self – thy brother's position, or thy neighbor's or thy friend's as thy own, that is the manner, the concept ye hold of thy Creator!  (1603-1)

God the creative spirit, the element, the all powerful, the all present, the all omnipotent, manifests His love to the world through the material body of His creatures, made a little lower than the angels. (900-276)

(Q)  If God is impersonal force or energy –
(A)  (Interrupting)  He IS impersonal; but as has just been given, so VERY personal!  It is not that ye deal only with IMPERSONAL – it is WITHIN AND WITHOUT!  It is IN and WITHOUT, and only as God QUICKENETH the spirit within, by the use, by the application of the God-force within to mete it out to others.   (1158-12)

(Q)  Is it correct when praying to think of God as impersonal force or energy, everywhere present; or as an intelligent listening mind, which is aware of every individual on earth and who intimately knows everyone's needs and how to meet them?
(A)  Both!  For He is also the energies in the finite moving in material manifestation.  He is also the Infinite, with the awareness.  And thus as ye attune thy own consciousness, thy own awareness, the unfoldment of the presence within beareth witness with the presence without.  And as the Son gave, "I and my Father are one," then ye come to know that ye and thy Father are one, as ye abide in Him.  Thus we find the manifestations of life, the manifestations of energy, the manifestations of power that MOVES in material, are the representation, the manifestation of the Infinite God.  (1158-14)

Yet as we look into the infinity of space and time we realize there is then that force, that influence also that is aware of the needs, and there is also that will, that choice given to the souls of men that they may be used, that they may be one, that they may apply same in their own feeble, weak ways perhaps; yet that comes to mean, comes to signify, comes to manifest in the lives of those that have lost their way, that very influence ye seek in the knowledge of God. For until ye become as a savior, as a help to some soul that has lost hope, lost its way, ye do not fully comprehend the God within, the God without.  (1158-14)

Those that look only to the god within become idol worshippers; for the expression that is of thy concept is what one does ABOUT that concept!  (262-83)

KNOW that Life is God; Life in self then is God. Then the use of God in its relationships to others is to do to others what you would have others do to you, or have your GOD do to you! For as ye do it unto others ye are doing it to the God in YOURSELF! Thus you are by example as well as precept making for the true relationships to Creative Forces that may aid thee from without to the influence or force of God WITHIN self. (1436-3)

Yet it is not sacrifice but peace, grace and mercy that we would manifest among the children of men. For God is love.  (262-116)

It is true that God is love.  Is it true that He is to each as a father?  Is it true that He is to each as law?  Is it true that we each know that influence, that law, that love, as a personal thing in our own experience; and thus a personal God – not a personality but as a God that is known of self, that may be demonstrated in the life of the individual? … love is qualified as an attribute of that force, power or influence known as God.  Thus, as man makes application of love in his daily experience, he finds God a personal God – whether indicated in relationship to that force He calls God, or worships as God, or whether in relationship with his fellow man.  (262-130)

Spirit is the First Cause, the primary beginning, the motivative influence – as God is Spirit.  (262-123)

For these are the immutable laws. For thy Father-God is within self and without. Then as ye treat thy fellow man, ye are treating thy Maker. (3198-3)

And what is life? God manifested in the material plane. For it is still in Him that we live and move and have our being. Thus life as a material manifestation is the expression of that universal force or energy we call God.  (3590-1)

(Q) Can you outline the general plan or major undertakings God wants me to accomplish from now until I lay down my present life?
(A) God seeks that each soul be a manifestation of His influence as manifested in Jesus in the earth. As to the way in which an individual soul goes about expressing same – this is ever to be the choice of the individual entity.  (2067-6)

Then what are you grumbling about because you dislike your mother? She dislikes you as much, but change this into love. Be kind, be gentle, be patient, be longsuffering, for if thy God was not longsuffering with thee, what chance would you have?  (5081-1)

Spirit is that portion of the First Cause which finds expression in all that is everlasting in the consciousness of mind OR matter.  (2533-1)

What is the first cause?
That which has brought, is bringing, all life into being; or animation, or force, or power, or movement, or consciousness, as to either the material plane, the mental plane, the spiritual plane.
Hence it is the force that is called Lord, God, Jehovah, Yah, Ohum [Ohm?], Abba and the like. Hence the activity that is seen of any element in the material plane is a manifestation of that first cause. One Force…. For, as given, names but give metes and bounds to the consciousness of those that classify such activities in a certain stage or realm of conscious movement. (254-67)

… for names are setting metes and bounds – and to this edge and to that edge, which DOES NOT exist! any more than time, space or all – WHEN you consider that the SOUL is OF and THROUGH and part and portion of the all, see?   (826-8)

For names, of course, give the metes and bounds. And that which is universal, you will soon find as you analyze self, has no metes and bounds.  (2995-3)

That it, the entity, may KNOW itself to BE itself and part of the Whole; not the Whole but one WITH the whole; and thus retaining its individuality, knowing itself to be itself yet one with the purposes of the First Cause that called it, the entity, into BEING, into the awareness, into the consciousness of itself.  That is the purpose, that is the cause of BEING.  (826-11)

How beautiful the face, how lovely the clouds! In His presence abide; ye EVERY ONE of you are before Him just now. His face is turned toward thee, His heart and hand is offered you. Will ye not accept Him just now? How glorious the knowledge of His presence should awaken in the hearts of you, for He is LONELY without thee; for He has called each of you by name. Will ye fail Him now?  (254-76)

For, know all power, all influence that is of a creative nature is of the Father-God a manifestation. Not as an individual, not as a personality, but as good, as love, as law, as longsuffering, as patience, as brotherly love, as kindness, as gentleness; yet in all the beauties of nature – in the blush of the rose, in the baby's smile, in the song of the bird, in the ripple of the brook, in the wind, in the wave, in all of those influences or forces that bring to His creatures a consciousness of Life itself and its awareness and its activity in a material plane. (1276-1)

Each soul's entrance into material consciousness should represent to the entity the awareness that a universal consciousness, God, is aware of the entity's purposes, the entity's aims. (2622-1)

For materiality IS – or matter IS – that demonstration and manifestation of the units of positive and negative energy, or electricity, or God. (412-9)

And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself – to be sure – is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations in man are electrical – or vibratory. Know then that the force in nature that is called electrical or electricity is that same force ye worship as Creative or God in action! (1299-1)

In the beginning there was the force of attraction and the force that repelled.  Hence, in man's consciousness he becomes aware of what is known as the atomic or cellular form of movement about which there becomes nebulous activity.  And this is the lowest form (as man would designate) that's in active forces in his experience.  Yet this very movement that separates the forces in atomic influence is the first cause, or the manifestation of that called God in the material plane!  (262-52)

(Q) Would it meet Thy Will and the Will of the Father, if, henceforth, the readings given by Edgar Cayce should be designated as pronouncements of Thee and the Father, given as is justified by the merit of those asking?
(A) This is the condition; this is the activity. Yet be ye all things to all men; thereby ye may save the more. For he that declares as a name, in a name, save in the universality of the Father, limits the ability of the seeker, of the channel through which that glory may come to any.
     Learn, rather, that given: "By what name shall I say that I am sent?" I AM THAT I AM." That rather than in any name of this, that or the other manner. The I AM that seeks may gain, then, that access to the I AM that brought, brings, holds, the worlds in their place.  (254-85)

For it is not by chance that any individual soul enters, but that God hath need of thee at this time. They, then, who begin to pity themselves or wonder what it is all about, lose the real purpose of love: that ye may make manifest the love He hath chosen to give thee.  (5149-1)

(Q) Why is it that I have faced eminent death from 9 to 14 times?
(A) This might be answered in many different ways. We find it would be given like this: God hath need of thee among those that seek to aid their fellow man. Do not overtax thine own energies, but rather let His purposes be COMPLETE in thee, as to that service ye may render others who sincerely seek to contribute to the better welfare of their fellow man. In other words, God hath need of thee – in the EARTH plane – as yet.  (3056-1)

One that fills the mind, the very being, with an expectancy of God will see His movement, His manifestation, in the wind, the sun, the earth, the flowers, the inhabitant of the earth; and so as is builded in the body, is it to gratify just an appetite, or is it taken to fulfill an office that will the better make, the better magnify, that the body, the mind, the soul, has chosen to stand for? and it will not matter so much what, where, or when – but knowing that it is consistent with that – that is desired to be accomplished through that body!  (341-31)

For the love of nature grows, and is akin to God.  For all nature manifests life, and life IS the manifestation of God.  (1968-1)

For, the entity was only just coming to that awareness of beauty of associations, of friendships, of the beautiful outdoors, nature, flowers, birds, and of God's manifestations to man of the beauty, of the oneness of purpose with individual activities in nature itself … (3162-1)

But in the present the gain may be the greater if there will be set within self rather the spiritual ideal, and let others do as they may, but as for self – it will hold fast to that which is good; which means doing good to others, in little ways, in preferences, in gentlenesses, in kindnesses, even when these may be questioned by others… That these in self may find expression in the animal kingdom, in its beginnings, may not be amiss. For Life as it manifests, whether in the grass, the rose, the tree, the dog, the cat, the bird, the animal, IS a manifestation of that ye worship as God.  (1367-1)

… more and more that desire which is latent and manifested in the present of wanting to be quiet, to be close to nature, to keep close to God in the manifestations in nature.  (2988-2)

For, the peoples then understood – even better than they do today – how that the heavens declare the glory of God, and as to how nature SINGS His praises in the rebirth at each period, each cycle, for its unfoldment and growth; as manifested in entities that are – as man – a manifestation of HIS love in the earth.  (2438-1)

Few are able, even as the prophet of old, to see God in battle, in the shedding of blood, in the thunder, in the lightning, in the earthquake, in the various tumults in nature – but ALL may experience Him in the still small voice within!  Do THOU likewise, and the body is the temple OF the living God, and is a REASONABLE service that we present same holy and acceptable unto Him.  (341-31)

… each soul has a mission in the earth, and is in expression a manifestation of the thought of God, of the First Cause. Thus all stand upon an equal basis before Him. Then, ye have no right to condemn self or to judge others. Let all be done rather, then, as an appreciation of the love, the thought as may be expressed in appreciation to that Creative Force called God. And the greater lessons may be learned from His manifested activity in the earth through Christ Jesus.  (2683-1)

Take counsel in self. Give unto self that worthy, acceptable period of service, for in service to others is lending to that Creative Energy that makes or destroys lives. Lives are as worlds, for each is of that material of which the universe is and was created – for in the life of the entity enters many of those conditions that may be made into miracles or crimes.  (2497-3)

For a man is a little lower than the angels, yet was made that he might become the companion of the Creative Forces; and thus was given – in the breath of life – the individual soul, the stamp of approval as it were of the Creator; with the ability to know itself to be itself, and to make itself, as one with the Creative Forces – irrespective of other influences.  (1456-1)

Study to show thyself approved unto God, the God in self, the God in thine own consciousness – that IS creative in its essence … (281-30)

… for GOD IS life, light, and immortality.  (254-55)

And life is truth. Truth is love. Love is God. God is life. (5733-1)

The love of life, or the continuity of love, of life, as expresses itself in a creative force or God, that shows its manifestations in the manner in which such an individual treats his fellow man, is such that makes for the advancement, the stabilizing of individuals… For, as is expressed, the love of God as it expresses itself in the manner of mien of an individual towards his fellow man is only a practical thing.  (520-4)

Hence as may be experienced by the entity in the present, not that there are to be the considerations only of self but of aiding others in the activity, in the association, to hold within themselves, in their mind, in their experience, that force, that influence to which each soul desires to attain – for a permanent association with ITS ideal, or its God.  (1207-1)

Then, as has been given, there are many various conditions that may be made helpful, beneficial, to mankind, for, EVER man from within seeks to manifest the concept as is gained (individual) of the universal force, or of the creative element, as is consciousness of same from within, and as these consciousnesses are applied, and as these may be applied in the life, PHYSICAL, of the individual, such information as will assist that entity, that individual, that mind, to attain a more perfect and a better concept of that attempting to be given, the greater becomes the field of vision of the individual, and the more service same may render to its fellow man, for the Universal Force, the powers that be, IS.  Man's concept of same is man's ABILITY to apply that that IS to the man that lives, whether in a physical, material, moral, mental, or what not, plane.  For man's concept, in its various phases of attempting to give out that consciousness, divides the various phases of the laws of the universal forces in their various channels. There are many HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS, of such illustrations, for, as each INDIVIDUAL is a portion of the Universal Whole, each individual gives its individual concept, until that concept is One with the Whole.  (254-30)

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