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Glory Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

Thus ye enjoy, ye see, the glory of the Lord – in the activities of just being kind and patient with others.  (1661-2)

GLORY is the ability of the individual, the object, the personality, the god-force, to SERVE.  Then, when this is considered from this phase or angle, we find that oft there is VAINGLORY. When that spoken so oft by the sages, the prophets of old, is considered, as to how the glory of the Lord would fill the earth, it is seen as to how vain becomes the experiences of individuals who have lost sight of that purpose for which those individuals, groups or masses spoke – or were spoken to – as to the glory that might be theirs. (262-92)

As has been declaimed by a teacher, there is one Glory of the sun, another of the moon, another of the stars; each differing in their Glory according to the purpose for which they each have been established. For what? That man might in himself see the Glory of the Father being made manifest by they each performing their purpose in THEIR cooperation, in THEIR activity, before Him.
     So, in thine own life, in thine own relation, in thine own associations one with another, how speakest THOU – how readest thou? that ye do this or that in order that ye may be well thought of? or are ye fearful of what another will say because thou art called to do this or that?
     Does the sun fear the Glory of the moon, or the moon the sun?
     Do the stars fail to shine because the sun is in HIS Glory?
     Yea, these should be to each of us that example, even as He gave, "Abide in me, I in thee, and ye shall have and know the Glory of the Father."  (262-94)

     Be in singleness of purpose, then. Not that thy own self is to be glorified. What has been thy concept of Glory? Glory signifies that ye are able to suffer. Only those who have suffered much may ever be glorified.
     Do ye seek Glory? Then ye must be willing to suffer; and if ye count thy suffering, thy disappointments, thy heartaches, thy misunderstandings, as judgments upon thee, ye are unwise. For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and purgeth every one, that ye may bring forth fruit in DUE SEASON!
     Would ye have thy Glory without thy purification? Would ye have thy Wisdom without thy preparation? Would ye have thy Happiness, or seek thy Happiness, without being able to comprehend, to understand? If this be so, ye have not gained thy lesson of Wisdom. (262-107)

Meditate, oft. Separate thyself for a season from the cares of the world. Get close to nature and learn from the lowliest of that which manifests in nature, in the earth; in the birds, in the trees, in the grass, in the flowers, in the bees; that the life of each is a manifesting, is a song of glory to its Maker. And do thou likewise! (1089-3)

That is the purpose for which each entity – yea, this entity – enters the material experience; that the glory of the Lord, as manifested in the entity itself, may be magnified in the earth.  (3459-1)

Look within. For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God. Thy purpose in life, in the experience in the earth, is to magnify that glory which may be thine when ye have attained to same.  (3457-1)

What separates ye from seeing the Glory even of Him that walks with thee oft in the touch of a loving hand, in the voice of those that would comfort and cheer? For He, thy Christ, is oft with thee. Doubt, fear, unbelief; fear that thou art not worthy! Open thine eyes and behold the Glory, even of thy Christ present here, now, in thy midst! Even as He appeared to them on that day!  (5749-6)

Each soul's entrance into material consciousness should represent to the entity the awareness that a universal consciousness, God, is aware of the entity's purposes, the entity's aims. And this consciousness represents an opportunity for the entity, in the material experience, to become a channel to glorify that purpose, that cause.  (2622-1)

The spirit is the life. Then each phase of the experience of the entity must be of the spiritual import in its very nature, if it is to live, to be the fulfilling of its purpose – to bring peace and harmony, for which purpose it IS in existence! It must be constructive in the very nature and the very desires, without thought of self being the one glorified in or by same! Rather the GLORY is to the influence or force that PROMPTS same!  (1579-1)

… as God's purpose is to glorify the individual man (or soul) in the earth, so the highest purpose of an individual soul or entity is to glorify the Creative Energy or God in the earth.  (338-3)

Look deeper into the heart of the rose.  LISTEN to the song of the bird.  See the paintings of His face in the setting and the rising sun.  See the loveliness in the moonbeam that turns all into the radiance of His glory.  (410-2)

So with that same spirit and purpose in which all nature, yea all the universe, declares the glory of God.  Can ye as an entity dare to do less?  (3377-1)

The entity knows innately the RELATIONSHIP of the soul – or the first cause of self – with infinity; the relationship of infinity to each entity; and that there is no respecter of persons except as to how and why each entity, as a spark of infinity, magnifies or uses its relationship NOT for self-indulgence or gratification but for the GLORY of that which is the source of light, of all that pertains to light. For every spark of light, whether in the spiritual, the mental or the material sense, must have its inception in infinity.  (877-27)

Do not try to assist self, but rather smile upon those that are downhearted and sad; lift the load from those that find theirs too heavy to bear, in gentleness, in kindness, in long-suffering, in patience, in mercy, in brotherly love. And as ye show forth these to thy fellow man, the ways and the gates of glory open before thee.   (272-8)

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