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Glory Of The Mind

(Posted on September 22, 2013 by David McMillin)

[NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of “A Search For God” study group and working on the Glory lesson, a class member asked for an explanation of the word "mind" used in connection with mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Here is my reply. – David McMillin]

Yes, this lesson does provide a concise explanation of the triune model of the spiritual, mental, physical aspects of being that are emphasized in the Cayce readings.

Mind is complex and multi-layered, mediating between the spiritual and physical levels and manifesting in each (hence "higher mind" of spirit and "lower mind" of flesh).  This mediating aspect of mind is how it functions as the "builder."  You may recall the lesson on Faith where we considered the concept of "reality creation" and "holistic manifestation." Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and physical is the result.  The "Glory of the Mind" section of ASFG that you have cited makes this connection in speaking of the "ideal" that is used by the mind in reality creation. Remember how we used the "ideals exercise" as a tool for reality creation in that earlier lesson?  That same dynamic is discussed in the text you have cited:

"… those ideals that are founded in the spirit of life and truth take hold upon the very throne of mercy, peace, and harmony, and build within us an understanding of long-suffering and love of others."(ASFG, Book II, Lesson: Glory)

Thus mind builds within us, manifesting the ideal (like a blueprint) in Glorious service to others. Continuing with this triune model, the readings also liked to use the three-dimensional model of God to describe this relationship: God the father (spiritual), God the Son (mental), and the Holy Spirit (physical).  Thus Jesus the man who became Christ represents "Mind" that mediates between the spiritual and physical dimensions of consciousness.  As noted in the ASFG text:

"a GLORIFIED father IN the Son may be manifested in and among humans."  (ASFG, Book II, Lesson: Glory)

Thus the life and example of Jesus dedicated to service of others glorified God.  This is the essence of the "Joyful Service" exercise for this lesson.

At a purely physical level this dynamic manifests as what modern medical science calls psychoneuroendocrinology – in other words, the interaction of the mental (psycho-neuro) as represented by nerves of the body (particularly the brain) with the spiritual, as represented by glandular functioning (i.e., glands as spiritual centers, and especially the endocrine glands).  This interaction of the glands and nerves provides a means for the soul to manifest in a flesh body.  This is the body-soul connection that we have discussed in previous lessons.

Some sources take this concept a bit further, and get into the subtle energy bodies (e.g., astral, etheric, celestial bodies, etc).  The readings do mention such things at times, but tend to prefer to speak of this triune association at the level of glands, nerves, and organs.  Perhaps that has something to do with the preponderance of physical (health) readings that were provided.  Obviously, understanding the spiritual, mental, and physical triune in a practical way for healing was a high priority for Cayce when giving most of the readings.

Since you are interested in the original ASFG text, you may find it interesting how this lesson got organized as it did with this triune emphasis (i.e., Glory of the Mind, Glory of the Body, Glory of the Soul).

(Q) Please give an outline for the lesson Glory.
(A) There have been many outlines for the varied lessons. Would you change these? Is not this outline the same as the others; that pertaining to the various phases of Glory? As has been given in the first, there is the Glory of the Mind, the Body, the Soul. In all of these phases there are presented the various activities through which there may be the interpretation of Glory in those that would be glorious, or the interpretation of Glory in those that would show forth the Glory of the Lord.(262-92)

Keep in mind that they had just been given the Destiny trilogy: Destiny of the Mind, Destiny of the Body, and Destiny of the Soul.  So they were told to continue with that triune model for the lesson on Glory.

Physical, mental, spiritual – they are one.  And yet we can make such distinctions in our awareness and consciousness.  I hope this helps you to understand the meaning and context of "Glory of the Mind" and how it relates to other lessons in ASFG.  Blessings, Dave

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