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Glory And Enlightenment

(Posted on September 22, 2013 by David McMillin)

[NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of “A Search For God” study group and working on the Glory lesson, A member of the group asked for any insights that I might have regarding the relationship between the three previous lessons (Destiny of the Mind, Destiny of the Body, and Destiny of the soul) and the subheadings in the “Glory” chapter that followed. Here is my reply. – David McMillin]

… thanks for sharing your own personal experience with the Glory of nature in the beautiful sunrise that was a dazzling display of God's Glory – like an exclamation point in the midst of life!

With regard to the relationship between the Destiny trilogy (Destiny of the Mind, Destiny of the Body, Destiny of the Soul) and the lesson on Glory, it does almost seem that the Glory lesson functions much like an exclamation point! As if to say – the Destiny of each of individual triune being is a return to the Glory that is the birthright of each soul. Yes, it may take many lifetimes of experience (in terms of reincarnation and planetary sojourns), but the learning process and purification of selfish patterns is our Destiny.

As was discussed in the Destiny trilogy, it almost seems to be a matter of raised vibratory energy as we evolve back to the Source. As the video for the Glory lesson emphasized, traditionally Glory is often considered to be synonymous with light. So the search for God is a process of enlightenment – being filled with the light of God. That is our Destiny. However the process does require sacrifice and purification of selfishness, as has been noted in various ways throughout these lessons.

As we have worked through the various lessons in this course, we have observed that some basic themes are repeated like a melody played in octaves of higher pitch. And there are rhythmic and harmonic patterns as well. In ASFG Book I, the triune nature of earthly consciousness is laid out in the third lesson (Ideals – spiritual, mental, physical) with an exercise (ideals exercise) designed to address each of these dimensions of earthly consciousness. The subsequent lessons utilize this triune model in various ways, culminating in the sacrificial purification of the "Cross and the Crown," whereby we are called to live our Ideals and be purified by the suffering so commonly associated with human experience on this planet. Having remained true to the Ideal that we have established, the reward is the Crown – the Crown of Glory, often represented in classical art as the halo – light surrounding the head.

The pattern of lessons in ASFG Book II, takes these themes to a higher octave with a bit more ambitious outcome – enlightenment as Destiny. After the thematic repetition of Mind, Body, and Soul – Glory is the capstone, the endpoint, the fulfillment of this triune.

Certainly, most of us do not feel particularly enlightened as we go about our daily lives. We are not aware of Glory, except when it breaks through as an exclamation point in our consciousness, as sometimes happens during "peak experiences." Hence the importance of attuning our consciousness to that awareness on a regular basis. The Glory of God is around and within us all the time, if we will only be open to it. There is so much to celebrate in the Glory of God's creation – which includes our very selves, our very being. The Glory of God within and without.

Interestingly, the thematic pattern of progressive enlightenment displayed in the ASFG lessons, also runs through the Glad Helpers material as well. Remember that the Glad Helpers was a subgroup of the original Norfolk study group #1 that wrote ASFG. The Glad Helpers received their own series of readings (281 whereas the study group readings were designated 262). As was noted in the first ASFG lesson on Cooperation, there was some inherent friction between members of these groups that had to be worked out (purified). With the purification that came from the practice of prayer and deep meditation directed outward to others as healing energy (joyful service), the inner light of God's Glory became manifest in the lives of these individuals. At a certain point in the process, the Glad Helpers requested a series of readings on the book of Revelation. Here is my favorite quote from that group of readings, an excerpt that sheds a little more light on the process that we are exploring:

In considering then the studies that have been made with this group, in the understanding of the Revelation as given by the beloved of Him: These as we find have been well, and as you each become conscious in your own experience of the movement OF the influences THROUGH the body upon the various stages of awareness, there comes a determination, a desire, a longing for the greater light.  To him, to her that is faithful, there shall be given a CROWN of light.  And His Name shall be above every name; For ye that have seen the light know in Whom thou hast believed, and know that in thine own body, thine own mind, there is set the temple of the living God, and that it may function in thy dealings with thy fellow man in such measures that ye become as rivers of light, as fountains of knowledge, as mountains of strength, as the pastures for the hungry, as the rest for the weary, as the strength for the weak. Keep the faith. (281-28)

I was so impressed with this explanation of the purpose of the Revelation as the Christian model of enlightenment, that I undertook a project titled "Rivers of Light: A Personal Interpretation of the Revelation" to try to explain and present it from the Cayce perspective as laid out in the readings for the Glad Helpers, and as I had experienced for myself in my own life.

So the pattern of enlightenment in ASFG I culminating in the Crown of Glory is echoed and expanded in the ASFG II Glory lesson that caps the Destiny trilogy. This parallels the Glad Helpers progression of raising the inner light to the halo of the crown of light which eventually becomes as a River of Light – enlightenment, as exemplified in the book of Revelation.  I do fully realize that the concept of enlightenment may be a bit much for many people to grasp – for a variety of reasons.  If it helps to simply think of it as being more attuned with a higher, more harmonious vibration, then use that image – or whatever works for you in your own experience.  But it is a progression, a development in a definite direction toward the Source.

The ASFG approach of focusing on Ideals (spiritual, mental, and physical) as the foundation for development whereby we grow up to be fit companions to the Creator – being purified and raised in vibration through sacrifice and selfless, joyous service – is the pattern exemplified by the man Jesus who became Christ, became enlightened.  As incredible as it may sound, that is our Destiny, too.  Quite a journey, isn't it!  Blessings, Dave 


New Jerusalem – This video segment from the "Rivers of Light" DVD discusses the concept of enlightment as an outcome of applying the Cayce approach to the book of Revelation. There are additional videos from this project on the Free page of this website for anyone seeking more information on this topic.

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