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Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

As it has already been given, the Destiny of the Soul is to return to the Giver, the Maker. (262-82)

Then, the Destiny of the Soul – as of all creation – is to be one with Him; continually growing, growing, for that association. What seeth man in nature? What seeth man in those influences that he becomes aware of? Change, ever; change, ever. Man hath termed this evolution, growth, life itself; but it continues to enter. That force, that power which manifests itself in separating – or as separate forces and influences in the earth, continues to enter; and then change; continuing to pour in and out. From whence came it? Whither does it go when it returns? So the Soul's activity in the earth, as it is seen in this or that phase of experience, is that it may be one with the Creative Forces, the Creative Energies. (262-88)

As to commenting upon the subject Destiny of the Soul: As man finds himself in the consciousness of a material world, materiality has often, in the material-minded, blotted out the consciousness of a soul.
     Man in his former state, or natural state, or permanent consciousness, IS soul. Hence in the beginning all were souls of that creation, with the body as of the Creator – of the spirit forces that make manifest in using same in the various phases or experiences of consciousness for the activity.
     It has been understood by most of those who have attained to a consciousness of the various presentations of good and evil in manifested forms, as we have indicated, that the prince of this world, Satan, Lucifer, the Devil – as a soul – made those necessities, as it were, of the consciousness in materiality; that man might – or that the soul might – become aware of its separation from the God-force.
     Hence the continued warring that is ever present in materiality or in the flesh, or the warring – as is termed – between the flesh and the devil, or the warring between those influences of good and evil.
     As the soul is then a portion of the Divine, it must eventually return to that source from which, of which, it is a part. (262-89)

In that which has been given should be found that necessary for the completion of the lesson, or that portion of same, Destiny of the Soul. The whole theme or the whole purpose in that portion is the awareness of the soul's association in such a manner with infinity in its activity in the finite world, yet in such measures for the soul to know its association and its fulfilling of the purposes. (262-90)

For while each soul, each expression may have the right of its own opinion and its own activity, it should not only say so but act in such a manner; knowing that each soul is destined to become a portion again of the First Cause, or back to its Maker.  And as there is the awareness of its individuality, its ability to apply its portion, the SOUL-portion of the Creative Forces or Energies or God within itself, it builds that in a soul-body which may be One with that Creative Force.  (987-2)

This as that as is the differentiation in the truth as is given in that of the INDIAN [Hindu] thought and that as is TO BE given in [900]'s thought, or idea. ONE, that the individual becomes lost IN the whole. That as given, and as seen that, THAT the heritage of the soul is that the INDIVIDUALITY REMAINS, and KNOWS itself to BE ONE WITH the whole, but NOT the WHOLE, but one WITH and IN the whole … ONE WITH the whole; YET able in ITS self to act in ITS own individual capacity, as long as it makes ITS will ONE WITH the whole. (900-461)

For the soul liveth, and is a portion of the Creative Energy, and it returns to the Whole, yet reserving in itself the oneness in the ability to know itself individual, yet a portion of the Whole. (136-70)

As the entity goes on and on, and passes through these spheres – the sun, the planets, the earth – it develops TOWARDS – taking all, being a portion of all, MANIFESTING all – to carry that back to that source from whence it came; giving the ability to become one WITH the whole, yet NOT the whole, and knowing self to be itself, a portion OF the whole, and one WITH God.  (413-1)

In the first cause, or principle, all is perfect. In the creation of soul, we find the portion may become a living soul and equal with the Creator. To reach that position, when separated, must pass through all stages of development, that it may be one with the Creator….
(Q) Does the soul choose the planet to which it goes after each incarnation? If not, what force does?
(A) In the Creation, we find all force relative one with the other, and in the earth's plane that of the flesh. In the developing from plane to plane becomes the ramification, or the condition of the will merited in its existence finding itself through eons of time.
     In the illustration, or manifestation in this, we find again in the man called Jesus.
     When the soul reached that development in which it reached earth's plane, it became in the flesh the model, as it had reached through the developments in those spheres, or planets, known in earth's plane, obtaining then One in All.
As in Mercury pertaining of Mind. In Mars of Madness. In Earth as of Flesh. In Venus as Love. In Jupiter as Strength. In Saturn as the beginning of earthly woes, that to which all insufficient matter is cast for the beginning. In that of Uranus as of the Psychic. In that of Neptune as of Mystic. In Septimus as of Consciousness. In Arcturus as of the developing.
As to various constellations, and of groups, only these ramifications of the various existences experienced in the various conditions….
(Q) What is meant by destiny?
(A) In the Creation, we find each given condition has its condition and it attributes, with its law. The end of any law [is] destiny, which may be variegated, changed, by the various modifications, with the meeting of other laws, which does not change the destiny of a law or force. Just as is illustrated in a common condition: A stick placed in water appears bent. In fact it is straight.
(Q) Name the planets in order of the soul's development and give the principal influence of each.
(A) These have been given. Their influences, their developments may be changed from time to time, according to the individual's will forces, speaking from human viewpoint. This we find again illustrated in this:
In this man called Jesus we find at a One-ness with the Father, the Creator, passing through all the various stages of development. In mental perfect, in wrath perfect, in flesh made perfect, in love become perfect, in death become perfect, in psychic become perfect, in mystic become perfect, in consciousness become perfect, in the greater ruling forces becoming perfect, and is as the model, and through the compliance with such laws made perfect, destiny, the pre-destined, the fore-thought, the will, made perfect. The condition made perfect, and is an ensample for man, and only as a man, for He lived only as man. He died as man.  (900-10)

(Q) Explain the various planes of eternity, in their order of development, or rather explain to us the steps through which the soul must pass to climb back into the arms of beloved God.
(A) These, we see, must be manifest only as the finite mind in the flesh. As in the spirit forces, the development comes through the many changes, as made manifest in the evolution of man.
     In the development in eternity's realm, is that a finite force as made of creation may become one with the Creator, as a unit, atom, or vibration, becomes one with the universal forces. When separated, as each were in the beginning, with the many changes possible in the material forces, the development then comes, that each spirit entity, each earth entity, the counterpart of the spirit entity, may become one with the Creator, even as the ensample to man's development through flesh, made perfect in every manner; though taking on flesh, yet without spot or blemish, never condemning, never finding fault, never bringing accusation against any, making the will one with the Father, as was in the beginning. For, without passing through each and every stage of development, there is not the correct vibration to become one with the Creator, beginning with the first vibration, as is of the spirit quickened with the flesh, and made manifest in material world (earth's plane).
     Then, in the many stages of development, throughout the universal, or in the great system of the universal forces, and each stage of development made manifest through flesh, which is the testing portion of the universal vibration. In this manner then, and for this reason, all made manifest in flesh, and development, through the eons of time, space, and CALLED eternity.  (900-16)

For, it is not all of life just to live, nor all of death to die. For there is no death when the ENTITY or the real self is considered; only the change in the consciousness of being able to make application in the sphere of activity in which the entity finds self. (2147-1)

(Q) Explain "The destiny of man lies within the sphere or scope of the planets."
(A) That each and every entity passes through the sphere or scope, or plane, of each planet, and each existence must have its relation to such an entity.
(Q) Explain how, why, and in what manner, planets influence an individual at birth?
(A) As the entity is born into the earth's plane, the relation to that planet, or that sphere, from which the spirit entity took its flight, or its position, to enter the earth plane, has the greater influence in the earth's plane. Just as the life lived in the earth's plane directs to what position the spirit entity takes in the sphere. (900-24)

(Q) Have I karma from any previous existence that should be overcome?
(A) Well that karma be understood, and how it is to be met. For, in various thought – whether considered philosophy or religion, or whether from the more scientific manner of cause and effect – karma is all of these and more.
     Rather it may be likened unto a piece of food, whether fish or bread, taken into the system; it is assimilated by the organs of digestion, and then those elements that are gathered from same are, made into the forces that flow through the body, giving the strength and vitality to an animate object, or being, or body.
     So, in experiences of a soul, in a body, in an experience in the earth. Its thoughts make for that upon which the soul feeds, as do the activities that are carried on from the thought of the period make for the ability, of retaining or maintaining the active force or active principle of the thought THROUGH the experience.
     Then, the soul re-entering into a body under a different environ either makes for the expending of that it has made through the experience in the sojourn in a form that is called in some religions as destiny of the soul, in another philosophy that which has been builded must be met in some way or manner, or in the more scientific manner that a certain cause produces a certain effect.
     Hence we see that karma is ALL of these and more. What more? Ever since the entering of spirit and soul into matter there has been a way of redemption for the soul, to make an association and a connection with the Creator, THROUGH the love FOR the Creator that is in its experience. Hence THIS, too, must be taken into consideration; that karma may mean the development FOR SELF – and must be met in that way and manner, or it may mean that which has been acted upon by the cleansing influences of the way and manner through which the soul, the mind-soul, or the soul-mind is purified, or to be purified, or purifies itself, and hence those changes come about – and some people term it "Lady Luck" or "The body is born under a lucky star." It's what the soul-mind has done ABOUT the source of redemption of the soul! Or it may be yet that of cause and effect, as related to the soul, the mind, the spirit, the body. (440-5)

For in patience, as He has given thee, ye become aware of thy soul; thy individuality lost in Him, thy personality shining as that which is motivated by the individuality of thy Lord and thy Master! Thus does the Destiny of the individual lie within self. Thus does the individuality and the Destiny of the soul lie in the keeping of Him who has given Himself in the world that ye through Him might KNOW of everlasting life, become conscious, become aware. For how have His promises read? "Ye abide in me as I abide in the Father, and I will bring to your remembrance those things from the FOUNDATIONS of the EARTH, from the foundations of the world, that ye may be where I AM; and thy glory in my glory, in thy God, shall make of thee that oneness that passeth understanding of men who see only a mental-material consciousness." (849-11)

For a man is a little lower than the angels, yet was made that he might become the companion of the Creative Forces; and thus was given – in the breath of life – the individual soul, the stamp of approval as it were of the Creator; with the ability to know itself to be itself, and to make itself, as one with the Creative Forces – irrespective of other influences.  (1456-1)

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