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Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

As thou hast known, and DO know in thine experience as to how desire in the material may be spiritualized by making the desire as "Thy will, Thy purpose, Thy way be done in and through me; as the Father seeth fit, use me," so give expression of same in such a manner that it may be helpful to thy fellow man. "Not my will, not my desire, save that desire be in accord with Thy purpose of the God that manifests itself in and through me as TO my attitude, my purpose, my desire, towards my fellow man." (262-70)

What then (ye may ask) is the awareness or the consciousness that makes for the producing of that as may be called righteous in the experience of the individual?  To be in an at-onement – in purpose, in will, in desire – with the ideal is to the individual a righteous state.  Then to be conscious of deviating from that ideal, whether consciously or unconsciously, is a sin to the entity.  (262-126)

Then, in the next lesson ye shall have, shall much be given concerning how that which is carnal and that which is mental and that which is spiritual may be found – in DESIRE.  For, it builds – and is that which is the basis of evolution, and of life, and of truth.  It also takes hold on hell and paves the way for many that find themselves oft therein.  In spirit, in body, in mind.  (262-60)

What you desire and seek after mentally and spiritually, and what you desire and seek for in the material things are not ALWAYS from the same promptings; but where the heart or the treasure is, there is the desire.  (262-111)

In the desire of the heart is there [there is] the activity of the mental self.  Keep thy mind, then, attuned to "Not my will, O God, but Thine be done in and through me."  And as ye hear the still small voice within, ANSWER "HERE am I, O Lord, USE ME – SEND ME!"  (262-116)

… as each entity, each soul is desired of God, that it become such that it may be companionable.  Encourage such in others.  Not that ye go out and pat everyone on the back, no.  Not in act nor in words, but help individuals to help themselves.  (2072-15)

As has been given from of old, "Today, then, is set before thee good and evil. Choose thou, what will be the outcome of that that is possessed or held in hand."  Then, if the body chooses – if the body desires such a channel for the better self expression of that desired to be accomplished; remembering, desire is of the physical, of the mental, and of the soul and spiritual body, partaking of each, and is an attribute of each.  (5481-1)

… for there are, naturally, those desires of the body – which are of a mental, a physical, a spiritual nature.  DESIRE being, then, of all three.  (5603-3)

… for desire is of a threefold nature … for life, in all its phases, is of the threefold nature. SPIRIT is willing; MIND is the builder; the RESULT is that MANIFESTED in the material conditions as surround a body. That attitude, then, will be that as has been builded, as has been desired in self … (5534-1)

In the preparation, then, for the fulfilling of the desires, mentally, spiritually: Know that these must be founded upon a spiritual ideal. While the desires may oft be for material success, material accomplishments, remember that if you would accomplish the purposes for which there was the entrance in the earth plane laid, these do not at all times work one with the other.  (361-9)

As to those problems, desires and purposes – know, as has been indicated, that whatever the purpose or the desire it must have the prompting of the spiritual ideals, and then be applied in the mental activities, mental abilities, mental associations, for the social, the political activities, and such that bring about those channels through which choices may lead the entity into those channels that have been indicated as the outlets for the abilities of the entity.  (361-11)

As has been given, desire is the BEGINNING of those things whether they be mental, material or spiritual welfares of an entity's existence, or experience.  Upon that that is to be builded through an entity's experience, then, necessary that the ideals of that as is to be builded, to be attained by the application of self in the direction as is DESIRED, be set in its proper relationship to the desire, as well as to the ideal …  As has been given from the first, know the desire of the heart – know that as is the ideal – then choose and work towards that!   (349-8)

Is there really the desire to know love, or to know the experience of someone having an emotion over self? Is it a desire to be itself expended in doing that which may be helpful or constructive? This can be done, but it will require the losing of self, as has been indicated, in service for others. …But arise to that consciousness that if ye would have life, if ye would have friends, if ye would have love, these things ye must expend. For only that ye give away do ye possess.  (1786-2)

Make the conformity of the astrological influence with that of wills and desires, influence in the physical, remembering that desire may be of the pure physical, or pure mental, or holy spiritual.  (136-83)

In this entity we find those latent urges from the astrological relationships, as well as from the material sojourns in the earth.  While these are latent and manifested, they do not surpass purposes or desires – if those desires and purposes are made to conform to the IDEALS of the entity.  Thus we grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding.  (2632-1)

In the Uranian influences we find the extremes, and yet the interest in spiritual and occult forces.  These are well if they are analyzed in the light of that held as the ideal, and NOT in the light of desire or of the emotional mental self…. Remember the manner of analyzing self, as has been indicated. Look within.  Judge or parallel what ye find with thy spiritual ideal; and not as to what you would desire others to be, but as to what ye would desire to have others be to thee, that be to them.  (958-3)

Desire, as will, is a portion then of the spiritual self. It is a continuous thing. Then gratifying of self, or the gratification for itself alone, may oft turn and rend they that would indulge in same without standards, ideals, or the showing forth of a purposefulness in the experience or activity. (1597-1)

As to the better means or manners to help the wife, [263]: Coordinate purposes and desires.  These are in keeping with thy ideals.  Thy ideals are well.  These ye choose within thine own self.  As to ways and means, these had best be chosen by self.  For, who may tell a rose when to bloom or the dogfennel when to stink?  These must come of their own bruising or their own desire to manifest the glory of their Maker.  And that should be the basis of the relationship that you each should bear; that each as a helpmeet to the other may live in such ways as to be to the honor of self, which is to the glory of God.  (1467-17)

Yet if thy ideals, if thy purposes, if thy desires are set in that which IS creative, we may make a glorious experience of this sojourn in this material plane.  (1754-1)

     As has been given the entity, in the mental and spiritual developments in a body, there must be the determining in the inner self by the self-analysis as to that which is desired to be accomplished in an experience; and the ideal not as from the material things, save as that which is arrived at in materiality through the choosing in the spiritual for that development.
     Then, be willing within self for the necessary things that may make for the development towards the ideal.
     Trials, misunderstandings, misconstruction of purposes, misconstruction of ideas or desires in self and on the part of others may arise; and if the ideal has been set in material things, then indeed these become overburdening to a mind, a body, a soul.  If the ideal has been set in the spirit of truth, then it may be found that there is the promise that has ever been in the time of trouble, and in the time of joy, present.  (520-3)

… desire is that impulse which makes for the activity of the mental body … (276-7)

From what may anyone be saved? Only from themselves! That is, their individual hell; they dig it with their own desires!  (262-40)

And the mental self is dependent upon the spirit, the purpose, the desire, the hope with which ye entertain ideas, and these lead to the choice of ideals and manner of activity.  (3392-1)

(Q)  Is it probable that we will again be closely associated or separated?
(A)  This depends upon the desire.  For as creative activities are applied, what ye desire becomes law. (5265-1)

Consider, first, that as was given as to how the outline should be divided, for, the dealings are with that as partakes of the spiritual in its highest sense and of material in its most destructive or degrading sense. For, as is presented, the presentation to an active force of DESIRE is to set in motion those things that become miracles or crimes in the experiences of individuals. (262-71)

For it has been given that the desires of the heart that are of the spiritual forces in application are spiritual desires; while those that are for the comforts, or ease, or gratification of self's own interest, are born of the earth and do bring confusion to those that seek even the clarification in their own minds when meeting, contemplating those things that pertain to the spirit. (262-69)

There are the spiritual attributes, desire, hope, will, – that function through the organs of reproduction, as well as becoming the import or motivative force in expression even in a material manner through the senses of the body; the eye, the ear, the taste, the feeling. (2114-1)

Wishes do not bring other than desire. Is desire of that that builds in the proper sense, in the proper order with spirit, soul or mind AND body? for the spirit is life; the mind is the builder; the physical is the result. Guide, keep, self aright.  (349-4)

Choose that most in keeping with thy purposes, thy aims, thy desires.  Are thy desires and thy purposes ideal, in thine own consciousness?  What is thy ideal, spiritually?  Then from that may be gained the ideal mentally.  And the material is the outgrowth of those two.  (2981-1)

(Q)  Physically and spiritually, when should body have first child?
(A)  When the proper corrections have been made in the body PHYSICAL … Prepare self.  Make way.  Be sure that the body-physical, the body-mental, desires that as may make manifest that ideal as is sought to be shown forth through the acts of the individual life, and the body-physical may be very sure there will be attracted to self THAT desired.  (457-1)

Desire being of a threefold nature.  Keep these ever in thine mind as development.  The PHYSICAL is the manifestation of a mind directed in the one or the other ways, either as the fulfillment of desire that is of spiritual mindedness, or fulfillment of desire that is tempered with the gratification of SELFISH interests. Keep the at-onement; and the usefulness, purposefulness, the abilities to magnify the divine within, will become the desire of the life.  (451-1)

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