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Day and Night Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

Again, in the figurative sense, we find that light and darkness, day and night, are represented by that termed as periods of growth and the periods of rest or recuperation, through the activities of other influences in those forces or sources of activity condensed in form to be called matter, no matter what plane this may be acting from or upon. (262-55)

(Q): Is it true that day and night are condensed or miniature copies of incarnations into the earth and into planetary or spiritual sojourns; they in turn being miniature copies of what took place in the Beginning?
(A) Very good, if you understood just what all this means! It's a very good illustration of that which has just been given; as to how there is the evolution of the soul, evolution of the mind, but not evolution of matter – save through mind, and that which builds same….
(Q): May I have a message on Day and Night that will help me in my contribution to the lesson?
(A) THINK on the experiences of self, as self has passed from darkness unto light, from day unto night, in the MENTAL associations of that which makes the awareness of that which would make of thee a channel of blessings to many. And then there may be seen in self's experience the meaning of what is Day, and what is Night. The ability to become aware; or, to put into other words, to become CONSCIOUS is Day and Night. (262-56)

(Q) Please explain the following excerpt from Group Reading [262-88, Par. 7] given Sunday, Sept. 8, 1935: "That Force, that Power, which manifests itself in separating – or as separate forces and influences in the earth, continue to enter; and then change; continuing to pour in and out. From whence came it? Whither does it go, when it returns?"
(A) Here we find those influences are spoken of that come as a portion of the Whole, that are separate – as companionships to the Whole; and are given their individuality through their activities in and through material manifestations. In other words, the Soul – that is the motivative influence in the activities in a manifested form in the earth, in its expression of that thou art studying in the present.  (262-92)

(Q) When will this trouble clear up?
(A) When will it rain! When there are those things necessary for the awakening in the physical functioning of a body to produce constructive rather than destructive forces, a body may be said to be wholly on the improve – and the disorders being eliminated. When there are the applications that insure such conditions, THEN these may be expected as a result. Causes and effects are EVIDENT in a material world. While one follows the other, they are as interlocking as day and night. When does night begin, or when does day begin? They are ONE and the same, RELATIVELY. Time, space – as set by man, as relative to any physical condition, as to WHEN it may be: When he has complied with the laws that govern the physical, the mental, the material things – then the change begins. (343-2)

It is true that the activities so far as in this sphere or Galaxy of activities of the planetary forces within this present solar system, the earth first became as the indwelling of the consciousness of the race or the man in this particular sphere, but sin – the separation – that as caused the separation of souls from the universal consciousness – came not in the sphere of materiality first, but in that of spirit….
     Hence the awareness of the soul as to its separateness, or its being separated, only comes through the manifestations of the principles of that cosmic consciousness in materiality.
     Hence it is as evolution in a part of the development of the whole of the universe; not this consciousness of our own solar system, but of that about all solar force, or which our own system is only a mere part of the whole consciousness. (1602-3)

How ORDERLY is there brought into manifestation day and night, heat and cold, spring and summer! And when nature (as man Calls God) in its awakening begins, how orderly are the manifestations led! thou in thine tenseness seeing not the growth of the lily nor the rose, nor understandest thou the bird upon the wing, nor seest thou not the germ in the seed nor the bulb; yet ALL are ORDERLY, decently, in their place. (440-14)

(Q) Why am I so dependent upon sleep, and what do I do during my physical sleep?
(A) Sleep is a SENSE, as we have given heretofore; and is that needed for the physical body to recuperate, or to draw from the mental and spiritual powers or forces that are held as the ideals of the body.
     Don't think that the body is a haphazard machine, or that the things which happen to individuals are chance! It is all a law!
     Then, what happens to a body in sleep?
     Dependent upon what it has thought, what it has set as its ideal! For, when one considers, one may find these as facts! There are individuals who in their sleep gain strength, power, might, – because of their thoughts, their manner of living. There are others who find that when any harm, any illness, any dejection comes to them, it is following sleep! It is again following a law!
     What happens to this body? Dependent upon the manner it has applied itself DURING those periods of its waking state. Take TIME to sleep! It IS the exercising of a faculty, a condition that is meant to be a part of the experience of each soul. It is as but the shadow of life, or lives, or experiences, as each day of an experience is a part of the whole that is being builded by an entity, a soul. And each night is as but a period of putting away, storing up into the superconscious or the unconsciousness of the soul itself. (2067-3)

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