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"Yes or No" Meditation

(Posted on: October 10, 2014 by David McMillin)

(Q)  Is it possible to meditate and obtain needed information?
(A)  On any subject!  whether you are going digging for fishing worms or playing a concerto!  (1861-2)

The Edgar Cayce readings advised a simple meditative technique for seeking guidance for decision making and problem solving. The process involves researching the question or problem at the conscious level and coming to a tentative answer that can be answered with Yes or No.  Then go into meditation and ask the question and listen for the reply from within.  If the answer matches your conscious answer, apply it in your life.  If not, repeat the process of conscious research and reflection and meditative confirmation, making adjustments in your attitude and thinking until there is confirmation from within during meditation.

To provide a sense of how this was recommended to address a wide variety of problems, here are some excerpts from the readings that discuss how to apply this technique in a practical way:

(Q) When confronted with difficult situations, how can I be sure the decision I reach is from the Light and not my own thinking?
(A) As the body recognizes, there is the body-mind, the body-consciousness, there is also the inner consciousness or soul-mind. Ask the question in self in the physical mind so it may be answered yes or no, and in meditation get the answer. Then closing self to physical consciousness, through the meditation, ask the same question. If these agree, go ahead. If these disagree, analyze the own self and see the problem that lies in the way. (5091-2)

(Q) What will help me most in coming to right decisions as to my life?
(A) Prayer and meditation, to be sure. For, as He has given, "Behold I stand at the door and knock. If ye will open I will enter in."
     Then, in thine own mind, decide as to whether this or that direction is right. Then pray on it, and leave it alone. Then suddenly ye will have the answer, yes or no.
     Then, with that Yes or No, take it again to Him in prayer, "Show me the way." And yes or No will again direct thee from deep within.
     THAT is practical direction.
     As has been pointed out, experiences, visions, mean much to thee. For thou hast seen the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It may not be withheld from thee now, if ye seek same. (3250-1)

In seeking the answer then to any problem, the entity may find same if it will first – the mental self – make definite efforts to gain the answer through its own mental reasoning; analyzing the whole situations much in the same manner as there is a visualizing even before there is a drawing of how an individual room or suite or several would look under the varying treatments with the varying characters of lights or the like, as well as woods and shapes and forms and the like.
     If the whole situations are taken into consideration, there must necessarily be first the analysis of the character as it were of the individual for whom such might be prepared.
     So, in the analyzing of the problems for self, analyze same much in the same manner; taking into consideration the individuals, their characters, their associations, their background, their outlook upon their relationships with others. And have the answer, Yes or No.
     Then take the same considerations, with the answer, into the deep meditation and let there still be the answer from the deeper within – but abide by that given thee! Do not become one that asks and does not abide by the answers! For they would soon become as naught to thee!
     For the promises are that He will meet thee within; that He is thy life, thy meat, thy DAILY understanding!
     Then use that thou hast in hand. Not to thine own glory but that there may be, through thy GIVING of thyself as a channel, a blessing to others, in every phase of their experience, in HIS name! (1246-4)

(Q) How can we discriminate between selfish and unselfish desires?
(A) As to what has motivated and does motivate the desire. If it is for the self, or for the glorification of the Christ Consciousness in thine experience. That this or that may appear to self as being well, if such and such an experience were thine own. But, as has been given, each soul may find in self an answer to that it seeks or desires to KNOW from what source it (the desire) HAS originated, or is in its impelling force. First ask self in the physical consciousness, and answer – and find an answer – yes or no.
     Then enter into the inner self through meditation and prayer, and seek the answer there; for "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit as to whether thou art the sons of God or not," in thine activity, thine desire, thine purposes, thine aims. (262-64)

(Q) How should we explain to others how to interpret their experiences as signs of development towards a true realization of fellowship?
(A) This has been given in how ones may answer their experiences, have an answer to their experiences, in the way of TRAINING the child (for we all are children) in its development. Or, as this: When an experience of self is in question, then ask self in the mental being so that the answer may be yes or no, and with sincerity. Then, whether the answer is yes or no, as to any question with spiritual forces, then ACCEPT that. Then in meditation and prayer ASK the Spirit whether THAT answer RECEIVED in the mental is yes or no, and KNOW the Spirit answers! Doubt not! For he that looks back, or doubts, is worse than the infidel. Remember Lot's wife! (262-23)

(Q) Should I change my professional location of offices?
(A) Of course, these may be answered in the same way and manner – as one seeks truly within the self. This is only bantering questions, when we consider what has just been given thee as the basis of truth wherein a life, an experience, a soul, an entity, may find the answer to any question that may arise within its own experience. How, ye may ask, is the step by step in which I may find such an answer? First, in thine meditation ask the material mind, is it yes or no – and thou wilt receive the answer; as a vision, as a word. Then take it to thine inner self and let the answer be given thee then from within. And thou wilt KNOW, and thou wilt it be made aware within every fibre of thine body. (657-3)

(Q) Give detailed directions for developing the intuitive sense.
(A) Trust more and more upon that which may be from within. Or, this is a very common – but a very definite – manner to develop:
On any question that arises, ask the mental self – get the answer, yes or no. Rest on that. Do not act immediately (if you would develop the intuitive influences). Then, in meditation or prayer, when looking within self, ask – is this yes or no? The answer is intuitive development. On the same question, to be sure, see? (282-4)

(Q) What is meant by the experiences I have had concerning Steve Rynksel? [He was born 1/18/1891 in Szafkoty, Lithuania.]
(A) These may be better interpreted by self entering into the silence and answering from those experiences that will be had by this entering in. First, as is indicated in the affirmations and the lessons of that in Meditation, ask self consciously and get the answer Yes or No. Ask in such a manner as Is it this, Is it that? Then enter into the silence with the inner self and get the answer; ask in such a manner that the spirit of self, of self's development, answers Yes or No.
(Q) Did I know him in the past?
(A) Such questions can best be found within self. These might be given from here, but ye are seeking for thine own interpretation and thine own understanding. And this is the better manner, the better way for thine OWN deeper understanding.
(Q) Who are Mr. Reese and Dr. Geezy (incorrect spelling) who seem strangely connected in some manner, with either myself or Mr. Rynksel?
(A) These again can best be found; for ye are stepping upon dangerous grounds! Ye best interpret thine own understanding, through entering in of thine own self. Do not become embroiled with outside influence, for thy God, thy Savior, has promised to meet thee within thine own self, in the temple of thine own self. And thy body, thy mind, is THY temple of thy living God. KEEP it holy; for it is but a reasonable service. (620-3)

The manner of the contract: As it calls for certain activities on the part of the body, and in part is to be considered what may be called a portion in the form of commission activity, this may not be wholly satisfactory at first; hence it will be well that the body weigh all the circumstances, all the changes that such an association involves or entails, and then ask self: "Must it be drawn as has been outlined?" And get the answer in the conscious self, Yes or No. Then, in the deep meditation and prayer, find the answer to that Yes or No. (310-7)

(Q) When children are more interested in play or work than study, should they be forced to attend school?
(A) Depends upon when this began as to the necessity of attending school. Oft in the parent, they themselves have builded IN the child the dislike for school, by the things that have been said before they ever start to school! Do not attempt to TURN that that has been builded. Rather ANALYZE the conditions as to what the cause, and by persuasion – rather than coercion – bring about that which is not as THOU may think, but as may be builded FOR that which is in keeping with the prayers that may be offered; and here may be given as to how prayer may be answered and KNOW you have the correct answer WHEN you have the answer: The spirit speaks of itself. When such a question arises, ASK of self yes or no – get the answer, yes or no – for it will come! This may be wholly mental, see? Whether yes or no – may be wholly mental. Then in thine prayer, in thine meditation, "IS my answer (whatever it may be) correct or incorrect?" Then the spirit answers. (5747-1)

In the spiritual and mental relationships, these – as we find – the body is on the right track; yet, as will be found necessary, be as persistent in keeping those appointments with self as the body mentally or physically is desirous of gaining the good that may come from such continued actions on the part of self; for these are compliances more and more with spiritual and natural laws. Do not allow self, or the activities in this direction, to become mere rote or routine; for one will not find lest they seek, nor will one have the door open lest they expect same. As has been given, when such periods come, be consistent and as persistent as results are desired; for these will gradually bring those periods when in the meditation, while secular things may present themselves to the physical-mental, then when the answer is yes or no present same the second time – not to the mental being; rather ask the spirit; for "Will ye be my people, I will be your God" saith the Lord of hosts! Keep, then, that thou hast vowed unto thy God, to thyself, to thy neighbor. (257-87)

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