SFG 1 Resources – Planetary Sojourns and Anger

Planetary Sojourns and Anger

While researching the essay on Patient Anger, I found numerous references to anger in the Cayce life readings.   On the whole, anger was viewed as a potentially disturbing influence that needed to be controlled.  Here are a few of the more interesting cases for your consideration if you are so inclined. – David McMillin

Mars – anger can be a steppingstone if not exaggerated or out of control via Venus and Uranus

Also in Uranus we find the EXTREMES, as with Mars coming in both adverse and benevolent influences where anger, disputes or things that have to do with such natures become a part of the entity's experience.  And if such are allowed to be influenced by the Venus OR the Uranian influence, they may come to be stumbling-stones rather than stepping-stones in the material experience of the entity.   (843-9)

Mars – anger benevolent influence; cosmic perspective on anger – it is not just an earthly experience or emotion but must have a broader role to play in the journey of the soul

From Mars also we find a benevolent influence, so that in the entity's experience it may be found that oft upon the activities of others in disputes, in wrath, in anger, there may come from the entity's own attitude – as to its mental influences – conditions and experiences even in the MATERIAL world that are beneficent influences in the entity's activity.  (1037-1)

Mars – benevolent steppingstones; anger can be a soul pattern that extends beyond earthly experience

For Mars represents and is the influence that makes for urges within the innate forces of anger, madness, wrath, strength, endurance.  And these then in their more benevolent or expressive ways have brought, will bring, the interesting experiences, provided these are looked upon rather as stepping-stones and helpful experiences than those that make for the shortcomings.  (1182-1)

Mars anger can be disturbing force – adverse

Anger, wrath, oft makes for disturbing forces; yet love, as from the Venus forces, makes for the MOTIVATIVE force from within.  (1205-1)

Mars – adverse anger should be eliminated by peace from within

In Mars we find the adverse influence, where anger, discussion or the like at times brings those attitudes desired to be eliminated.  These may best be eliminated through the cultivation of that consciousness, or awareness, of the abiding of peace within self.  (1223-4)

Mars – will determines whether anger is constructive or destructive

In Mars we find there have been periods when wrath, anger, even turmoils have been and are a portion of the experience. And as to whether these become constructive or destructive depends upon how the entity uses or applies such; or it depends upon the WILL – which is the birthright of every soul!   (1608-1)

2 day old baby girl – anger should be controlled

(Q)  Specify any particular characteristics that should be developed in early training, or overcome?
(A)  As has just been indicated.  Anger should be controlled, and the dependence should be in the spiritual things; the activity of those about the entity should teach these not by precept alone but by example.  (1958-1)

Mars – high temper is very well if not a stumbling stone – opportunity to learn patience

In Mars we find where anger and wrath has made for great variations.  For those that are of high temper are very well provided it is not allowed to become a stumbling stone.  Use such rather in thy experience to learn patience, understanding, grace and mercy – and not as a manner of giving expression of that which produces hate and hardships in the experiences of any.  For these ye have seen in many of thy relationships.  Learn thy lesson from same.  (1966-1)

Mars – anger as purifier, purging spirit in the world, war, greediness, hate, etc

We find in Mars the anger, the wrath – that finds its level, even as does water in its material consciousness.  And as such is the mother of strife, of vice – yea, and the purifier also of that as may be assimilated in spiritual consciousness – it is the purging spirit in the experience of man in the world today; in strife, in war, in greediness, in hate; and all is a part of thy material consciousness.  (2650-1)

Mars – good anger

Mars – and there's plenty of good anger at times in the experience of this entity, and a very active individual.  (3486-1)

Mars – controlled anger

In Mars, while anger is a part of the experience at times, the entity has control over self well in such relationships. And again we would give that one without a temper is not worth much, but one not able to control the temper is worth a great deal less.  (3507-1)

Mars – controlled anger

We find in Mars that the entity is one that may never be called lazy, in body or mind.  You have some anger but you're not worth much without it and remember you're worth much less if you don't control it.  (3581-1)

When riled by deep desire or anger, better expressions arise; physical aspects of anger

5. Mercury, with the afflictions in Mars, makes for the mental expressions and experiences that are innate in the entity's material expression. Yet in the attempts often of the entity to give that expression of its experience in mental development, it is slow in such measures and manners as to often be termed by others as being dull. Yet innately and within self the mental experience and the abilities of the entity are there! but fail at times to find expression (unless the entity gets very mad, and then it can tell you just what it thinks of you!).
6. From the experiences In Venus, we find that love, kindness, gentleness, may bring out that which is best in the entity's self, innately – and in the abilities to DO things. And while affection is a portion of the entity's inner self, this to the entity must be rather a bubbling over than just words or expressions. Hence we see conflicting influences in the entity's experience, partaking of that which is in the manifested form both good and bad. Yet the entity and those about the entity will find that when the body-mind is fired, as it were, by some special deep desire for an activity on the part of the body, or by anger – as being riled by someone else, the better and greater expressions of abilities for manifestations arise in the entity's experience. Not, then, that the entity should be continually making self mad – or that others about self should continue to produce such experiences for the entity, but rather with the high deep purposefulness that arises from having sought, having made determinations within the own self – and being impelled by the very will of self for the mental forces to be made, as it were, in a systematic manner – attain to those inner urges that arise as INNATE influences in the entity. For, we will find, while the entity goes to extremes at times, much of these arise from the inability to have drawn upon the environmental influences in the material plane to supply from same in the physical body as perfect a balanced condition in the physical as there should be. Hence in the physical we would add those elements that would bring a greater quantity not of animal influence by the emanations from same, but the higher, greater quantity of those vitamin influences that may be had from taking internally beef juices – without the meat; and the vitamins in cod liver oil; yet tempering same with that compound from the activities of the elements within the body itself known as Tonicine, to change those vibrations as to make the normal activities in the relationships to the organs of the body. These will be MOST helpful.  (768-4)

Laughing when angry

6. There is little that the entity has to do with ordinarily termed astrological aspects. Yet from the very nature of the abilities latent and manifested all of these are expressed or manifested. But here the entity has used and not been used by impulses. There's a great deal of difference. For as was expressed of old, "Be angry but sin not." The entity can be angry and laugh and have her own way at the same time. These indicate the abilities to use, then, those influences that may be impelling others. Be sure you use these correctly. For it depends upon the spirit, the purpose, the hope, the desire with which you use the powers that be. Remember, God hath delivered to thee – as to every other soul – that as pertaineth to heaven, to earth and to hell. What do we do with it? It depends upon the spirit ye entertain, for ye become co-creators with the Father – in bringing what? in the earth.
7. Here the purpose of the entity has been well. To its own self has come the harder things, because of lack of discretion at times in helping others. Know with what spirit they move also, and thus is it given how that ye shall treat each individual. Everyone must stand for the other, as written, and then – in the next verse – everyone must stand for himself. These are compatible in the spirit with which activities and judgements are drawn.
8. Astrologically we find Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus all a part of the experience.  (2602-3)

Mercury – Almost Unlimited Power But Do Ideals Exercise

8. We find one combining, or with the combination of the astrological urges and the material sojourns, rather Mercurian fiery; that is, it can hold its tongue – if it chooses, but this doesn't keep the entity from getting mad (even if it holds its tongue), if someone upsets it! But, be angry and sin not! This is not merely a saying.
9. Hence these urges give the entity seemingly almost unlimited power or ability to DO things, if it chooses to do so. To be sure, this entity – above most others – finds within self that which is the motivative influence. Learn much of that as given by the lawgiver, that there is within self those abilities to choose to make those activities that may bring into the experience that which is really and spiritually desired by the entity.
10. Thus, as the injunction would be – from astrological as well as material sojourns – STUDY SELF. Make not merely a mental analysis of self but write it:
11. What are thy spiritual ideals?
12. Where is heaven (to the entity)?
13. Where is God?
14. What relationship does the entity bear to the Creative Force? (And then underline what you are doing about it!)
15. What is religion?
16. What is morality?
17. What is patience?
18. Write these – as related to self, not to others.
19. Then thy mental ideal – how do ye attain to a consciousness? By merely saying and re-saying, or by living and applying it in relationships to others?
20. What is the ideal mental ability? Ye have it as near as one in every million!
21. In the material ideal, is it the satisfying of some material self, some appetite, some desire of body? or is it the fulfilling of a spiritual and mental purpose?
22. Write these, and then – as ye analyze self and apply, lay this aside – and then in three months check on self. It will be worth while.  (303202)

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