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Keeping A Balance

(Posted on: May 6, 2013 by David McMillin)

(Q)  Is there any particular diet I should follow?
(A)  None other than that which is necessary for keeping an even balance in eliminations and building up of the influences for proper meditation; which is, as known, KEEPING an even balance.  (470-10)

Well to keep the general activity, the exercise.  And do have some of that each day in the open, when practical.  There is much more value in exercising in the sun than in many a dose, or even at times meditation.  But meditate oft and correctly, though keeping a normal balance.  And we will continue to make for better conditions for this body.  (2072-12)

In the physical body, good health is a reflection of our observance of physical laws.  Even the small details in the care of the body are important, for they are either in accord with the laws that bring a finer type of expression or lead to inharmony.  (Study Group #1, A Search For God, p. 94)

Although peak experiences and mystical states of awareness of the presence of the divine are part of the spiritual path, there is also the potential for loosing one's balance.

In recognition of the biological dimension of consciousness, even higher consciousness, it is essential to keep a balance at the physical level. Some experts recommend basic health maintenance practices such as getting the spine examined and adjusted (if needed) and cleansing the body through diet and hydrotherapy.

It is also helpful to keep a balance in activity by including physical work or play in your daily routine. This can provide "grounding" so that deep mystical experiences do not cause you to loose your balance in life. Keeping a balance between work, love, and play is a practical formula for maintaining stability. Look for opportunities to reach out and help others along the way.

The essential point is not to become obsessed with seeking the presence of the divine through deep meditation or extreme occult practices. It will come as you apply what you know in your daily life and attune within. By keeping a balance, when the big, dramatic experiences occur, you will take them in stride and stay on the path, walking in balance.  Determine within yourself what is a reasonable regimen (lifestyle) for keeping a balance and put it into practice as you progress along the higher levels of the spiritual path.


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  • Keeping A Balance – This video comes from a lecture I gave at Asilomar for a health conference.  The first portion of the talk focuses more on physical, mental, spiritual balance and moderate living.  The latter portion is more focused on the physical/biological aspect of health and healthy living.

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