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Ideals and Oneness

(Posted on: March 12, 2014 by David McMillin)

[NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of "A Search For God" study group and working on the "Ideals" lesson, a class member noted difficulty relating to the triune model of self (spiritual/mental/physical) so often described in the Cayce readings that discuss Ideals.  Alternatively, she felt the urge to meditate on "Oneness" (which she found helpful) but wondered if others in the group shared her confusion about working with Ideals using a triune model.  Here is my reply.  – David McMillin]

That’s fantastic how you were able to work with your Ideal through meditation. “Oneness” is so important that an entire lesson is devoted to it.  Yet within Oneness is diversity.  The Cayce readings strongly emphasize the triune nature of consciousness associated with a three-dimensional incarnation on planet earth (e.g., physical/mental/ spiritual; time/space/patience; Father/Son/Holy Spirit, etc.).  Thus the triune concept is manifested in a “threefold or three-ply body” (364-10) that expresses Oneness.  Since this triune model is used in many of the lessons and can be challenging, here are a couple of excerpts that may be helpful in grasping this key concept:

There is the physical body, there is the mental body, there is the spiritual body.  They are one.  They each have their attributes.  They each have their weaknesses.  They each have their associations.  Yet they must be all coordinated.  (1579-1)

As we find, there is the mental body, there is the physical body, there is the spiritual body.  These are one, yet they each in their respective spheres with their attributes must – in making the better coordinations of these influences within a body – be considered; as to the necessary influences for the active influence upon these in their respective spheres.  (516-3)

But if ye are attempting to have thy physical body doing just as it pleases, thy mental body controlled by "What will other people say?" and thy spiritual body and mind shelved only for good occasions and for the good impressions that you may make occasionally, there CANNOT be other than confusion!  (1537-1)

Of course the key is to maintain Oneness so that the SPIRITUAL Ideal is the pattern or standard for how we THINK (MENTALLY) and BEHAVE (PHYSICALLY).  As you have noted, this can be achieved by various means – we get to choose, which is the beauty and power of Ideals.   

Thanks for sharing your experience of working with this lesson.  Blessings, Dave

[a subsequent follow-up post by David McMillin]

In mentoring this course, I have become aware of how the spiritual/mental/physical triune model can be a challenge for many individuals at both the conceptual and practical levels….

In ASFG Book II we will get a chance to look directly at each aspect of the spiritual/mental/physical triune in the “Destiny trilogy” (Destiny of the Mind, Destiny of the Body, Destiny of the Soul). The last lesson in ASFG II is Spirit, so that aspect of the triune will be covered in depth. And as previously noted, many of the lessons will touch upon the triune concept in various ways from different perspectives.  Blessings, Dave

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