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(Posted on: June 11, 2015 by David McMillin)

[NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of “A Search For God” study group and working on the “Interpersonal Oneness” exercise within the Oneness lesson, a class member shared: “I caught myself sensing the spark of Divine within each one and at times almost felt as if I were a 'spiritualistic voyeur' who had peeked at another's soul” (particularly when there was the meeting of eyes). He expressed concern that he might be intruding upon the privacy of the other person. He also noted that when the other person was a beautiful woman his mind “was not always on the Christ within, but rather on what likely entangled me into this earthen web in the first place” (i.e., carnal thoughts). Here is my reply. – David McMillin]

Thanks for sharing your observations and insights from the application of the Interpersonal Oneness exercise. For many of us, the God within is covered over by a veneer of PERSONALITY. This is the self-concept that we put on display (project outwardly) for the benefit of others – it's just a psychological layer – not the “real self” or soul (although a useful part of earthly experience when attuned to Spirit).

So when we interact with others, if wish to recognize the God within, it may be helpful to express the God within ourselves through a sincere smile, or small kindness, or consideration … as we inwardly acknowledge our connection with the other – knowing it to be true – affirming it in our consciousness. Then we may sense the God within the other shining forth through the veneer of personality – as if called forth. The readings describe this as the personality becoming one with the INDIVIDUALITY (the inner self). You seem to have experienced some of this with your face-to-face encounters in which eye contact was established (eyes = windows of the soul).

Of course we can recognize the God within others less directly if we have a broad and flexible “concept of God” … for example, through their CREATIVITY (God as Creator, Creative Force, Creative Energy); LIVELINESS (God is Spirit, which is life/lifeforce/movement); or the LOVE that they show to others (God is love). Even WILLFULNESS is an expression of the God within, for will is the gift of the God bestowed on each soul, created in the image of God. Of course creativity, spirited liveliness, love, and will can be expressed in distorted or even warped ways – yet it is still the one force called God (as explained in the “Oneness of Good and Evil” resource). Recognizing the manifestation of God in others is dependent upon our “concept of God” (a future lesson: God's Manifestation), for we are each the manifestation of God in the earth.

You have raised an important issue about being respectful of personal boundaries – the sacred space of the healthy self. This can become an issue on the spiritual path when psychic awareness develops naturally as we become aware of the soul dimension of experience. Certainly, we don't want to become a “spiritualistic voyeur” peeking into other souls without permission.

Interestingly, some members of the first study group wanted to become psychic and do what Edgar Cayce did. And apparently some of them did become quite psychic as they worked through the lessons. The ASFG study group process is a safe and practical means of developing psychic ability because it's grounded in application is service to others (and not likely to hinder soul development as a self-glorifying power trip or manipulation of others). So the uncomfortable feeling that you were “intruding” on others may simply have been a bit of a psychic awakening. There is a lesson on the “Psychic Soul” in SFG 3 on my website for anyone wishing to explore this aspect of Interpersonal Oneness:


With regard to carnal thoughts and Interpersonal Oneness … that was actually part of the last lesson (The Cross and the Crown), and we are reminded:

“… our crosses are only misunderstandings and misapplications of His laws.” (ASFG)

We will be focusing on Desire (and specifically on the spiritualizing of Desire) in a future lesson. For now, the reading excerpt (included in my opening comment for this lesson) may be relevant: “The vilest of passion” (including carnal thoughts) is still an expression of love; “… ungodliness from godliness? Just under, that's all!”

[Note: Here is the full excerpt from my opening comment: What is the more real, the book with its printed pages, its gilt edges, or the essence of that told of in the book? Which is the more real, the love manifested in the Son, the Savior, for His brethren, or the essence of love that may be seen even in the vilest of passion? THEY ARE ONE [caps added for emphasis]. But that they bring into being in a materialized form is what elements of the ONE SOURCE [caps added for emphasis] have been combined to produce a materialization. Beautiful, isn't it? How far, then, is ungodliness from godliness? Just under, that's all! (254-68) – Dave]

We are all so very close to the awareness of Oneness with God, whether or not we recognize it in ourselves and others. Thanks so much for your honest sharing from your own application of this lesson. That's what keeps the Search for God real and not just wishful thinking. Much food for thought. Blessings, Dave

[The group member replied with a wonderful analogy for Interpersonal Oneness: – as “what happens when a vibrating tuning fork is brought close to a non vibrating tuning fork. Simply the nearness of the vibrating one to the non vibrating one causes the non vibrating one to start vibrating in harmony with the one already vibrating.” For him this was a mental image of what happens when we find ourselves in the presence of Jesus, or others who have attuned themselves to a higher vibratory plane. He also commented that after watching the SFG 3 lesson on the Psychic Soul, he felt that it was indeed likely why he experienced some of the feelings when he tuned into others as part of the Interpersonal Oneness exercise. I picked up on the “vibrating tuning fork” analogy in my subsequent reply. – Dave]

Your analogy of an individual who may function like a “vibrating tuning fork” that affects others, raising consciousness to a “higher vibratory plane” is called “shaktipat” in Hindu/yogic traditions. It is the conferring of spiritual "energy" from one person to another, which may be transmitted with a sacred word or mantra, or by a look, thought or touch (usually to the third eye) of the recipient.

Personally I have had two rather dramatic experiences that suggest this type of energy transmission (once during a traditional study group meeting and the other time on a shuttle bus on the way to an airport after a conference). In both instances (involving individuals who were metaphysically sophisticated) I found myself explaining something of a spiritual/metaphysical nature, feeling inspired (a raised/altered consciousness) and receiving immediate feedback from the other person of a physical sensation of energy movement through the body. I could witness the effect visually as a convulsive ripple through the other person, who seemed pleasantly startled by the sensation. I wouldn't necessarily categorize it as “shaktipat” in the classical Hindu/yogic sense, but I think it is similar. Both instances were spontaneous and unintentional. I don't purposely try to do anything so dramatic (although I will describe a frequent and more subtle variation below). In the Christian tradition this sort of thing might be attributed to the Holy Spirit and I have seen similar manifestations in one of the Pentecostal churches that I attended as a youth.

In certain respects, such energy interactions are probably similar to the work of the Glad Helpers (that originated as a subgroup within the first ASFG study group). Vibratory energy (life-force) is raised within and transmitted to another by laying on of hands or prayer. Here is an excerpt from the 281 series (for the Glad Helpers) that explains God as Life and Vibration:

As is understood, Life – God – in its essence is Vibration, and – as the physical beings are of that atomic force, a portion of the same – the AWARENESS of same is as to how conscious that vibration may be made, even as we find in the physical body that sight, hearing, taste, speech, are but an alteration of vibration attuned to those portions in the consciousness of the physical body, becoming aware OF things, OF vibration, reaching same from within or from without. (281-4)

In this context, transmitted energy raises the vibration of the recipient in a healing way. I expect there are some members of this group who have some expertise in such matters that exceed my own limited experience.

At a subtle level (and with conscious intent), I have found it helpful to become aware of the vibratory energy of others as I interact with them in daily life. In this mindfulness mode, my intent is that in every interaction with another person, the vibratory energy is raised in a positive way. In other words, the consciousness and health of the other person is better (or raised) for having interacted with me. The experience is UPLIFTING for myself as well as the other, and I have found this practice to be particularly helpful for me when I have lost my focus and the immediate awareness of Interpersonal Oneness. I have even used this as an exercise where I try to go through an entire day of being mindful of every interpersonal encounter – knowing that I have done my part in affecting the vibratory energy of others in a helpful way.

I don't see auras, but do have a sense of the energy of others – a knowing or recognition. I think that everyone has access to this type of awareness (which the readings characterize as innate psychic ability).

Don't worry if you aren't consciously aware of raised vibratory energy in others. At a physical level, a higher vibration may simply manifest as a smile, chuckle, joy, sparkling eyes, etc. You will normally recognize that very easily.

The energy itself is Spirit – the Divine life-force in the body. So this is an aspect of recognizing God in others as a form of Interpersonal Oneness.

With reference to your beautiful analogy of the sympathetic resonance of “vibrating tuning forks,” we do tend to affect each other all the time, for better or worse, whether consciously or unconsciously. When we are mindful of our interactions with others, we increase our awareness of Interpersonal Oneness and bring light (raised vibratory energy) into the world (as in the lesson on Glory; the “crown of glory” from our last lesson; the “crown of light” and “rivers of light” from the Glad Helpers Revelation reading 281-28).

Kevin Todeschi has written an entire book on vibration (Edgar Cayce on Vibrations: Spirit in Motion) if you wish to study this topic further. The thousands of Cayce physical readings also have considerable information about vibratory energy in the body. It is a manifestation of the Creative Energy or Creative Force called God. It is the same One energy that we experience in all of nature as well. Recognizing Life/Vibration/God in all living things is part of Oneness. Being mindful of the vibratory energy (Spirit) interactions between ourselves and others is just one of many ways in which we can recognize and consciously participate in the awareness of Oneness with God in our daily living.

Blessings, Dave

P.S. – The above discussion of “shaktipat” explains why I was studying that subject at the A.R.E. Library just before having a particularly powerful mystical experience involving “tears of joy” (while Driving Down Interstate 264).


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