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Oneness Of Good And Evil

(Posted on: June 19, 2014 by David McMillin)

(NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of "A Search For God" study group and working on the Oneness lesson, a class member requested help in understanding the quote from the readings on the "Oneness of Good and Evil," cited in the "Trandscending Dualism" exercise. Here is the excerpt followed by my reply. – David McMillin)

(Q)  Explain how so called good and evil forces are one.
(A)  This has just been explained.  When there is delegated power to a body that has separated itself from the spirit (or coming from the unseen into the seen, or from the unconscious into the physical consciousness, or from God's other door – or opening from the infinite to the finite), then the activity is life; with the will of the source of that which has come into being.  (262-52)

The excerpt on the Oneness of good and evil forces comes from a special ASFG reading requested by Hugh Lynn Cayce for an article he was writing titled: “Oneness of all Force.” So the entire reading is a wonderful resource for this lesson.

With regard to the specific question about good and evil forces, note that the answer had already been given previously in the reading, so a brief summary was provided. I suggest you study the entire reading closely if you have it available. Here are some points that stand out for me:


There is only One Force that is the Source for All That Is (whether in the “unseen” realm of Spirit or the “seen” materialization in the physical universe). Thus “all power, force, motion, vibration, that which impels, that which detracts, is in its essence of one force, one source” (262-52)  This applies even to the so-called “good and evil forces.” Hence they are One. But how and why?


With the creation of souls to be companions and co-creators with the One Force (Creative Force or Creative Energy called God), there is the opportunity “to be one with the source, or equal with yet separate from that first cause.” (262-52)  Notice the dynamics of that relationship ONE WITH OR EQUAL – WOW! And yet SEPARATE from the Source. So each soul has boundaries and a separate sense of self as has been cited in many of these lessons (i.e., to know yourself to be yourself and yet one with the Whole).


It is WILL, the special gift of the Creator that provides the potential for separate identity (individuality) and yet be One with the Creator. It is a choice so we can refuse (i.e., rebel) if we so desire. “It may be said that, as the man makes in self – through the ability given for man in his activity in a material plane – the will one with the laws of creative influence …" (262-52)

It is the use of will via physical consciousness that produces what is called good and evil in the human experience. Will used to express self in Cooperation with the Whole is “good.” Will used selfishly is destructive and the source of “evil” as we have seen in the last lesson. Thus evil is an exaggeration of good, if you look from the standpoint of self expression. It’s the same One Force, just misdirected:

“For what is bad? Good gone wrong, or something else? It is good MISAPPLIED, misconstrued, or used in a SELFISH manner – for the satisfying of a desire within self.” (1089-5)

“What is the more real, the book with its printed pages, its gilt edges, or the essence of that told of in the book? Which is the more real, the love manifested in the Son, the Savior, for His brethren, or the essence of love that may be seen even in the vilest of passion? THEY ARE ONE [caps added for emphasis]. But that they bring into being in a materialized form is what elements of the ONE SOURCE [caps added for emphasis] have been combined to produce a materialization. Beautiful, isn't it? How far, then, is ungodliness from godliness? Just under, that's all!” (254-68)

“For, know (not as preaching), all of the good, all of God, all of bad, all of evil that ye may know, is within thine own self. Thus it depends upon what spirit, what purpose, what hope ye entertain …” (5164-1)

Thus “good and evil” are our constructions that become part of the lessons in this classroom of three-dimensional consciousness on earth. In terms of energy, they are both expressions of the “One Force.” Yet at a practical level, the duality is relevant in our development as we learn to use will constructively. Hence, as the readings like to point out – “For today is set before thee life and death, good and evil; choose thou.” (1510-1)

Just as life and death are not final, but merely transitions in the continuity of consciousness as we pass through God’s other door; likewise, good and evil are constructs that can help us in our growth process. Thus the apparent duality of good and evil forces (in the context of this earthly experience) is part of a broader educational process, making us more aware of the Oneness of All That Is and our place in that Oneness.

Much more can be said about this, but this should get you started in your thinking and APPLICATION. Blessings, Dave

A subsequent comment by a member of the online study group pointed out the physics of "Oneness" with regard to atomic forces and the spiritual manifestion of energy in our bodies and in everything around us (in a material sense).  I felt compelled to add a further excerpt from reading 262-52 discussed above which resonated so strongly with these observations. – David McMillin

… those are great insights and so synchronistic with the reply above … I will just paste in a section from the 262-52 reading on "Oneness of All Force:"

“In the beginning [of the creation of material reality] there was the force of attraction and the force that repelled. Hence, in man's consciousness he becomes aware of what is known as the atomic or cellular form of movement about which there becomes nebulous activity. And this is the lowest form (as man would designate) that's in active forces in his experience. Yet this very movement that separates the forces in atomic influence is the first cause, or the manifestation of that called God in the material plane!

Then, as it gathers of positive-negative forces in their activity, whether it be of one element or realm or another, it becomes magnified in its force or sources through the universe.

Hence we find worlds, suns, stars, nebulae, and whole solar systems MOVING from a first cause.

When this first cause comes into man's experience in the present realm he becomes confused, in that he appears to have an influence upon this force or power in directing same. Certainly! Much, though, in the manner as the reflection of light in a mirror. For, it is only reflected force that man may have upon those forces that show themselves in the activities, in whatever realm into which man may be delving in the moment – whether of the nebulae, the gaseous, or the elements that have gathered together in their activity throughout that man has chosen to call time or space. And becomes, in its very movement, of that of which the first cause takes thought IN a finite existence or consciousness.

Hence, as man applies himself – or uses that of which he becomes conscious in the realm of activity, and gives or places the credit (as would be called) in man's consciousness in the correct sphere or realm he becomes conscious of that union of force with the infinite with the finite force.” (262-52)

Blessings, Dave


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