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(Posted on: May 1, 2013 by David McMillin)

(NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of "A Search For God" study group the question of adoption arose. A grandmother of two adopted children accepted the premise that we each choose the time, place and circumstances of our soul’s entry into the earth, but wondered if adopted children feel displaced or lose their direction when they must adapt to people and places they did not choose.  She wondered if the readings ever addressed this issue. – David McMillin)

Yes, the readings did address the dynamics of adoption from a metaphysical perspective, that was also quite practical.  Here is some information from the Cayce readings that you may find helpful.  

As a general principle, the readings insist that all important relationships in our lives are not accidental but are actually a renewing of past life associations.  If this is true in general, one would expect it to apply as well to adoptions.

The most notable instance in the Cayce readings was a case of two adopted sons (3340-1; 3 years old and 3346-1; 10 months old) who received readings on the same day (October 25, 1943).  There were several direct questions relating to the adoptions.  The readings for these adopted sons stated that there were past life connections between the parents and sons and between the sons themselves.  Fascinating information and you can follow up on this if you think it will be useful to you in your own journey, or for your grandchildren.  Here are a couple of excerpts to give you a sense of how the readings approached the questions:

(Q) Has the entity in previous incarnations been related by blood or marriage to his adoptive parents, [2998] and [3107]; if so, what was the relationship, giving the names of the parties and the date?
(A) These should be paralleled by comparisons, and we will find that they have been closely associated. The entity depends upon him from the Egyptian as well as the Persian experience. So, set him aright.
(Q) In the present incarnation, did the entity know that his physical parents would do no more for him then furnish his physical vehicle, and did he know that he would become the adopted son of [2998] and [3107]?
(A) Not as individuals. As a condition in the love of fellow man, yes.
(Q) If so, was this his voluntary choice or the result of karma?
(A) What would you say, with the opportunities that you have to offer to the entity, knowing especially of the experience before this? How well the entity has studied that life, and it's a very good one too! You attracted it through that manner.
(Q) What general problems or experiences are to be solved or shared by the entity and his adoptive parents?
(A) As indicated in the problems that are to be met, the warnings and the manner in which there may be the building up of the personality and the individuality by suggestions.   (3340-1)

Some of the same questions were asked in the readings for the other adopted son.  I thought this one was particularly interesting, since the baby was only 10 months old when this reading was given:

(Q) If so, was this his [the baby’s] voluntary choice [to be adopted by these parents] or the result of karma?
(A) Voluntary choice.   (3346-1)

Here are a couple more random excerpts about adoption from other readings that may also be of interest to you:

(Q) Would it be well to tell the body that she is an adopted child?
(A) This will necessarily depend upon the reactions of the body, and as to whether or not from the general environs it is indicated that there are resentments. If this is done, then, it should be in the manner in which this may be the basic thought: that a mother, a father, may not choose one that may be born to them, except spiritually. In adoption, the choice may be spiritual and material.   (3673-1)

(Q) What have been my past associations with my adopted son, […]? What are the urges and how can I best help him in this experience?
(A) In the Palestine experience he was among the children of those who were persecuted, whom ye cared for. And thus that sheltering, that closeness of purpose that has come and will be. Train the child in the way of the Lord, and when he is old, he will not depart from same.  (2787-1) 

I hope this is helpful.  Best wishes, Dave

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