Application – Yoga, Breathing and Opening the Leydig Center

Yoga, Breathing and Opening the Leydig Center

(Posted on June 6, 2013 by David McMillin)

The following reading, given for a Quaker physicist practicing yogic breathing exercises to raise the kundalini energy, provides a fascinating glimpse into the theory and practice of deep meditation by consciously opening the Leydig center with breath techniques.  Given in 1941, after numerous previous readings had laid a systematic approach to deep meditation in various contexts, this reading is special because of its clarity and simplicity.  The essential spirituality that is required is covered in simple, direct language.  The anatomy and physiology is also described simply and directly.  It would have been interesting if the man had described exactly what yogic breath techniques he was using.  Some readings do recommend alternate nostril breathing (a yoga technique), so I am curious if that was part of the method.

Probably the high quality of this reading reflects on the spirituality and mental status of the man requesting the reading – a Quaker physicist.  At any rate, I consider this to be one of the best readings given by Edgar Cayce on deep meditation – that is, consciously opening the Leydig center and allowing the kundalini (life force energy in its raised vibration) to move along the pineal, through the other spiritual centers, and into the higher centers in the head.  Properly done, the result of this process is raised consciousness and communion with the Divine.  The regular safeguards (purification, ideals, etc) are covered and cautions about using the process constructively are emphasized.  I have highlighted some of the more obvious references to the pineal/Leydig axis and its role in the process.

TEXT OF READING 2475-1 M 44 (Physics Research Director, Quaker)

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 27th day of March, 1941, in accordance with request made by the self through Mr. [1662], Associate Member of the Ass''n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Hugh Lynn Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mr. [1662] and Mrs. [1661].


Time of Reading 3:45 to 4:15 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. …, Penna.

1. HLC: You will have before you the body and enquiring mind of [2475], …, Penna., in special reference to the Yoga exercises with which he has been experimenting, in breathing. You will indicate just what has taken place in the body and what should be done from this point, considering the best physical, mental and spiritual development of the entity. You will answer the questions, as I ask them:

2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [2475]; and those conditions, those experiences of the body in the use of Yoga exercise in breathing.

3. To give that as would be helpful to the body at this time, there might be indicated for the body something of that which takes place when such exercises are used – and the experiences had by one so doing.

4. These exercises are excellent, yet it is necessary that special preparation be made – or that a perfect understanding be had by the body as to what takes place when such exercises are used.

5. For, BREATH is the basis of the living organism's activity. Thus, such exercises may be beneficial or detrimental in their effect upon a body.

6. Hence it is necessary that an understanding be had as to how, as to when, or in what manner such may be used.

7. It would be very well for the body to study very carefully the information which we have given through these sources as respecting Meditation. Then this information as may be given here may prove of beneficial effect in the experience of the body.

8. Each soul, individual or entity, finds these facts existent:

9. There is the body-physical – with all its attributes for the functioning of the body in a three-dimensional or a manifested earth plane.

10. Also there is the body-mental – which is that directing influence of the physical, the mental and the spiritual emotions and manifestations of the body; or the way, the manner in which conduct is related to self, to individuals, as well as to things, conditions and circumstances. While the mind may not be seen by the physical senses, it can be sensed by others; that is, others may sense the conclusions that have been drawn by the body-mind of an individual, by the manner in which such an individual conducts himself in relationship to things, conditions or people.

11. Then there is the body-spiritual, or soul-body – that eternal something that is invisible. It is only visible to that consciousness in which the individual entity in patience becomes aware of its relationship to the mental and the physical being.

12. All of these then are one – in an entity; just as it is considered, realized or acknowledged that the body, mind and soul are one, – that God, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one.

13. Then in the physical body there ARE those influences, then, through which each of these phases of an entity may or does become an active influence.

14. There may be brought about an awareness of this by the exercising of the mind, through the manner of directing the breathing.

15. For, in the body there is that center in which the soul is expressive, creative in its nature, – the Leydig center.

16. By this breathing, this may be made to expand – as it moves along the path that is taken in its first inception, at conception, and opens the seven centers of the body that radiate or are active upon the organisms of the body.

17. This in its direction may be held or made to be a helpful influence for specific conditions, at times – by those who have taught, or who through experience have found as it were the key, or that which one may do and yet must not do; owing to whatever preparation has been made or may be made by the body for the use of this ability, this expression through the body-forces.

18. As this life-force is expanded, it moves first from the Leydig center through the adrenals, in what may be termed an upward trend, to the pineal and to the centers in control of the emotions – or reflexes through the nerve forces of the body.

19. Thus an entity puts itself, through such an activity, into association or in conjunction with all it has EVER been or may be. For, it loosens the physical consciousness to the universal consciousness.

20. To allow self in a universal state to be controlled, or to be dominated, may become harmful.

21. But to know, to feel, to comprehend as to WHO or as to WHAT is the directing influence when the self-consciousness has been released and the real ego allowed to rise to expression, is to be in that state of the universal consciousness, – which is indicated in this body here, Edgar Cayce, through which there is given this interpretation for [2475].

22. So, in analyzing all this, – first study the variations of what has been the body-temperament, in thought, in food. For, the body-physical becomes that which it assimilates from material nature. The body-mental becomes that it assimilates from both the physical-mental and the spiritual-mental. The soul is ALL of that the entity is, has been or may be.

23. Then, WHO and WHAT would the entity have to direct self in such experiences?

24. To be loosed without a governor, or a director, may easily become harmful.

25. But as we would give, from here, let not such a director be that of an entity. Rather so surround self with the universal consciousness of the CHRIST, as to be directed by that influence as may be committed to thee.

26. Thus the entity may use constructively that which has been attained.

27. But to prevent physical harm, mental harm, – attune self in body and in mind with that influence by which the entity seeks to be directed; not haphazardly, not by chance, but – as of old – choose thou this day WHOM ye will serve: the living God within thee, by thee, through thee? or those influences of knowledge without wisdom, that would enslave or empower thee with the material things which only gratify for the moment?

28. Rather choose thou as he of old, – let others do as they may, but as for thee, serve thou the living God.

29. Thus ye may constructively use that ability of spiritual attunement, which is the birthright of each soul; ye may use it as a helpful influence in thy experiences in the earth.

30. But make haste SLOWLY! Prepare the body. Prepare the mind, before ye attempt to loosen it in such measures or manners that it may be taken hold upon by those influences which constantly seek expressions of self rather than of a living, constructive influence of a CRUCIFIED Savior.

31. Then, crucify desire in self; that ye may be awakened to the real abilities of helpfulness that lie within thy grasp.

32. Ready for questions.

33. (Q) Is there at present any danger to any particular body-function, such as sex; or to general health?
(A) As we have indicated, without preparation, desires of EVERY nature may become so accentuated as to destroy – or to overexercise as to bring detrimental forces; unless the desire and purpose is acknowledged and set IN the influence of self as to its direction – when loosened by the kundaline activities through the body.

34. (Q) Just what preparation would you advise for the body, now?
(A) This should be rather the choice of the body from its OWN development, than from what ANY other individual entity or source might give.

Purify the body, purify the mind; that the principle, the choice of ideals as made by the entity may be made manifest.

Do whatever is required for this, – whether the washing of the body, the surrounding with this or that influence, or that of whatever nature.

As has been experienced, this opening of the centers or the raising of the life force may be brought about by certain characters of breathing, – for, as indicated, the breath is power in itself; and this power may be directed to certain portions of the body. But for what purpose? As yet it has been only to see what will happen! Remember what curiosity did to the cat! Remember what curiosity did to Galileo, and what it did to Watt – but they used it in quite different directions in each case!

35. (Q) Considering the development of the entity, is further practice of the Yoga exercises of breathing and meditation recommended?
(A) By all means! if and when, and ONLY when, preparation has been made; and when there is the knowledge, the understanding and the wisdom as to what to do WITH that gained! Without such, do not undertake same!

36. We are through for the present.