(Posted on May 31, 2013 by David McMillin)

(Q)  What power does the centrosome have, and what is its relative to in a living, human body?
(A)  The emotions as related to the CENTRAL forces in the eventual activity within the lyden gland itself, or that ability to reproduce within its own self.   (281-63)

This question and answer come from the 281 series given for the Glad Helpers healing group.  The reply points to some inherent ability within the lyden gland to reproduce within its own self.  But what does this mean, exactly?

Here is another example of the association of the lyden gland and “reproductive forces:”

The spiritual arises from the centers in the Lyden or leaden [Leydig or Leydigian] glandular forces that are as hidden energies, or the very nature of the creative or reproductive forces. There are the abilities of each center, each gland, each atom to reproduce itself within the body – which is the very nature of glandular reaction.  (1468-5)

There are at least two major forms of reproduction in the body at the cellular level: mitosis and meiosis.  In each case, cells divide to produce more cells.  In mitosis each new cell has all the original genetic material and normally is an exact replicate of the original cell.  In meiosis the cellular division results in cells with only part of the original genes so that when combined with those of the other sex (sperm or egg), an embryo is formed.

Thus, cellular reproduction through mitosis provides a means of growth and repair.  Mitosis maintains health and rejuvenates the system.  Cellular reproduction through meiosis is directed to creating a entirely new body (i.e., sexual reproduction in humans).  According to the readings, the lyden/Leydig gland is apparently active in both these forms of cellular reproduction. 

The readings describe a low electric vibration (lifeforce or God energy in the body) that surrounds the membranes of cells and may be integral to cellular division (for both mitosis and meiosis).  This seems to be the defining quality of a gland – the ability to reproduce itself through division.  Thus, if the electrical energy required for cellular division has a spiritual source, glands can be considered spiritual centers.  By this definition, almost any organ in the system can be considered a gland, which is what the readings state.  With regard to the Leydig/lyden and reproduction, lets begin by focusing on rejuveneation through the reproductive process of  mitosis.

Mitosis – Rejuvenation

… then after one cycle of such vibration [radio-active appliance without solutions], CHANGE the vibration, then, that we centralize same through that of the active force in the lyden gland [Leydig gland], or the creating of energy through same, which is of a reproduction force in the body – with the ability to add to the system that as creates the energy in each cellular force of the body, as to create WITHIN itself that necessary for the engendering of life in its own cellular force.  (5578-1)

Reading 5578-1 was given for an adult female in 1929.  She was suffering from allergic reactions to light that were said to be primarily psychological in source, perhaps a manifestation of a karmic pattern.  This was producing a state of general debilitation.  Here is another excerpt from that same reading that nicely lays out the premise of reproduction (both for systemic rejuvenation and sexual reproduction) while emphasizing the role of glands in maintaining the system:

Life in itself – VIBRATION…. that ability to propagate, not only its own self and species [meiosis – sexual reproduction], but to give life itself in the activities of the body [mitosis – rejuvenation]. In this particular body we find the glands are so affected, by the variation in the various forms of vibration as may be created in system, that by light, by association, by physical exertion – any of these conditions may be produced, or may produce the condition as is exhibited in the exterior portion, as well as in the general debilitation brought on in that after effect of same. (5578-1)

After changing the vibration of the system with the plain radio-active appliance and its affect on the lyden, THEN the appliance would be used with gold solution to further alter the vibrations in the system.  THEN osteopathic manipulations were to be given. 

Clearly the role of the Leydig/lyden gland in this case is not sexual reproduction.  So just what is it doing in terms of the healing process?  Specifically, what is the role (if any) of the Leydig gland in reproduction of body tissue via mitosis?  Does it play some systemic role or is it’s effects limited to the reproductive system?

Meiosis – Sexual Reproduction

There were several cases in the readings where the sexual reproduction was a problem that was addressed through therapy for the Leydig/lyden gland.  For example, in reading 340-3 the question was asked:

You will give the physical conditions of this body at the present time, with further suggestions for the improvement of same. Will this body ever have any children? You will give the cause of this defect, if any, and the treatment for the cure of same.  (340-3)

The therapeutic regimen included chiropractic adjustments and some type of endocrince (hormone) injections:

As to those conditions that prevent, at the present time, children being born to this body, we find the glands and the forces necessary to reproduce in generation are, and have been, under strain and stress. The operation as accorded the system prevents, with the condition, the endocrine glands from functioning normal. When the body has been brought to the normal condition, and the body functions normal through the rest of the body, they may be brought to that state where reproduction can take place in system, by increasing the amount of secretion in system through the injection of endocrine in the body, hypodermically. This would increase the ratio of vibration as given by the lyden [Leydig] gland and make possible reproduction in and through this body, [340-3].

Previously this woman (36 years old) had undergone surgery for an ectopic pregnancy (the embryo implants outside the uterine cavity).  Apparently this was preventing normal functioning of the endocrine glands.  She was never able to bear children.

So the treatments were intended to “increase the ratio of vibration as given by the lyden gland” and make sexual reproduction possible for this woman.  What exactly does this mean?  Does this relate directly to the role of the lyden in the creation or delivery of eggs within the reproductive system?

Here is another case where the role of the Lyden is explicitly sexual reproduction:

(Q) What are the causes in this body that prevent the bearing of children?
(A) That, as given, as exists in the lumbar region, where there was in times back – in the fifteenth (15th) year – some congestion produced by the condition existent then in the genitory system, by congestion from the attempts of body to suppress the menstrual flow, and congestion brought about lesion where an injury or wrench was seen in spine. Hence the system overflows, or empties, and prevents the body from becoming in that state of the bearing of children, through the manner in which the womb proper is positioned in the uterus, and this flow empties without taking that necessary to produce fertility in the body. Not the fault of the body. Rather that condition existent that prevents same from occurring. With the correction of the body by relaxation, and by correcting those conditions existent, the womb will assume its nearer normal position, and with the added vibration in the Soda and Gold, the genitory system and the lyden [Leydig] gland will function in its normal manner. L-y-d-e-n is the sealed gland that is opened when copulation takes place in the uterus, or the body becoming impregnated with the germ [sperm] necessary to produce childbirth, or child bearing, and with the correction of these conditions this body will be able to bring forth that of children, see?  (3816-1)

Gold (administered in various ways) was a common therapeutic recommendation for cases where the lyden gland was to be affected.  Notice in this case the activation of the lyden during copulation (the “sealed gland” is “opened”).  Apparently the gold therapy (along with the manipulations to relieve pressure and re-establish the position of the womb) was intended to change the vibration of the lyden gland in some manner.  Is this to somehow enhance (or correct) meiosis within the ovaries so that a healthy, viable egg is available for impregnation during intercourse?  The opening of the sealed lyden gland will be considered in other sections.