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(Posted on May 31, 2013 by David McMillin)

With the opening of the Leydig gland, an individual may be vulnerable to “possession.”  Typically in the Cayce readings, possession refers to “discarnate possession” rather than “demonic possession.”  If the centers by which the soul connects and expresses itself are left open, other souls not incarnated may seek to enter or express through that which has been left open. 

For example, consider the case of a twenty-year-old female that briefly describes possession.  The reading (given in 1943 and therefore very short) is quoted in its entirety:

     Yes, we have the body here.
     As we find, there are disturbing conditions. Part of these are pathological, part are psychopathic.
     There has been the opening of the lyden (Leydig) gland and thus a disturbance through glandular system. Possession at times is the result.
     There is also an impaction on the left side upon wisdom tooth. The combination produces a distress throughout the nervous system, loss of control of itself at times.
     As we find, we would remove the tooth.
     Under the direction of a physician, we would give for some ten days the combination of bromides – or Bromidia.
     Then begin the use of the low short wave electrical treatments; followed by a massage. There should not be required more than ten or twelve of these, when we should find condition becoming nearer normal. Such a massage following the shortwave treatment would best be given by a masseuse or a neuropath.
     Ready for questions.
(Q) Should any oils be used in the massage?
(A) Better use powder here.
     Do these and we should find better conditions for this body.
     We are through with this reading.  (3410-1)

There is scant background information for this case and no follow-up report.  Apparently the bromides (as medication) are a sedative.  Her readings notes “loss of control” at times.  The electrical treatments are typical for cases of discarnate possession.  The readings state that the entities cannot stand the high vibration.  While researching my first book on schizophrenia I noticed that all five cases that recommended the violet also cited discarnate possession. 

Sometimes possession was more a matter of being possessed by forces within self.  For example, here is another case of possession where the leydig gland has been opened and the kundalini forces have moved along the spine to the various centers.   The reading was given in 1943 for a thirty-nine year old theosophist.

     We find that there has been the opening of the Lyden (Leydig?) gland, so that the kundaline forces move along the spine to the various centers that open with this attitude, or with these activities of the mental and spiritual forces of the body – much in the same manner as might be illustrated in the foetus that forms from conception. These naturally take form. Here these take form, for they have not in their inception been put to a definite use. 
     The psychological reaction is much like that as may be illustrated in one gaining much knowledge without making practical application of it. It then forms its own concepts.  
     Now we combine these two and we have that indicated here as a possession of the body; gnawing, as it were, on all of the seven centers of the body, causing the inability for rest or even a concerted activity – unless the body finds itself needed for someone else. Then the body finds, as this occurs, the disturbance is retarded or fades – in the abilities of the body to exercise itself in help for others.
     Pathologically, we may find this center in the reproductive gland or activity of the body – the ovarian activity. Here apply an equal combination of Mutton Tallow (melted), Spirits of Turpentine and Spirits of Camphor, and then apply heat. This combination may be put on a flannel cloth, or the cloth saturated with it and applied to the area. This will tend to segregate and separate the disturbance.  (3421-1)

A follow-up reading for this woman commented that the possession was of the nature of a “positive possession – but a creation of the own mental and physical self.”  Thus there was no need for electrical therapy to drive out discarnate influences.   Rather it was a matter of lack of a spiritual ideal to direct kundalini energy and give it a positive form.  Otherwise “it then forms its own concepts.”  Note that the pathological effect is through this center in the reproductive gland or the ovarian activity.  There appears to be a connection here between the opening of the Leydig and the activity of the ovaries.

A follow-up report from the osteopath who treated this woman in interesting from the standpoint of nervous system and reproductive system dysfunction:

     2/8/44 Dr. Spohr's letter: "In response to your request in the case of Mrs. [3421], I am sending you a report of the osteopathic findings in her case. Mrs. [3421] has had 6 treatments since she received her reading from you. As mentioned in your reading I found trouble at the coccyx. The principal soreness seemed to be where the coccyx joined the sacrum, as though the break or injury might have been there.  However, the nerve chain leading to the ganglion impar seemed to be indurated especially on the left, and the ganglion may be displaced somewhat to the left. The uterus is in retroversion and adhered to surrounding tissues, especially on the left. That may be where the Lyden ganglion is involved. (I have been reading ‘There Is A River’ – it describes this ganglion as lying in the region of the gonads.) The uterus is improving, and we should soon have it in normal position. The soreness is also leaving the coccyx. The nerve trunk seems also to be improving. I shall await the Check Reading with a great deal of interest. If there is more that I can do, or if there is something not being done right, I shall be only too glad to know it. I am heartily in sympathy with your work, and am hoping for the time to come soon when we can have this higher knowledge and guidance in all our healing work. I think your explanation of the action of the kundaline forces more reasonable than Mrs. [3421]’s belief that she is possessed by some demonaic entity. However, I explained to her that just as disease germs do not feed on healthy tissue but on waste matter accumulated in the system, so any outside entity could only feed on stagnant energy and not on energy directed in constructive action. I am sure there has been a suppression of sex energy in Mrs. [3421]'s case, leading to a very negative state. I suspect also that there has been a partial break somewhere on the circuit (perhaps at the coccyx) of the flow of cosmic energy or mind.
     "Now of course, these are just some of the ideas that have occurred to me. I shall await your definite findings with great interest. Please do not fail to point out any failure on my part, or anything not being done correctly. I am always willing and anxious to better my technique. We wish you many more years of what we believe is a service to man from the Forces of Light."

The woman reported no improvement with treatment – if anything, her condition seemed to grow worse.  She was convinced that she was possessed by a demonic influence.  The opening of the lyden center and raising of the kundalini will be considered in another article.

Here is one final case of an open lyden gland resulting in a severe mental condition for a twenty-eight year old woman.  The reading was given in 1944:

     For as we find, there are those pressures existing in the coccyx, and in the lower lumbar and sacral areas, that have prevented and that do prevent the normal closing of the lyden [Leydig?] gland in its activity through the body. Thus we have those periods when the body is averse to body-passion and again is as if being possessed by same, causing mental aberrations and imaginations, with the sensory system in its reflexes bringing an illness of whatever nature is indicated in any conversation about the body. These cause fears, dreads and such conditions throughout the body….
     Do these and we may bring conditions such that conception would be a helpful influence to the body, while under present conditions, it would not only be detrimental, but would be practically assuring that there would not be a correction of the disturbance. For these cells must be closed, must be functioning normally before creative energies through the system would be made manifest.
(Q) Is there danger of suicide, as before?
(A) Not if we do these things. Without – well, the body is not responsible, as indicated. This is possession, you see. But this comes and goes.

The background for this case indicates a severe childhood injury to the spine. “At the age of 27, she suffered a nervous breakdown, and became so violent that it was necessary to commit her to a sanatorium.”  Her medical condition was described as a “very excited state, under increased pressure of activity, talkative, irritable and abusive. She quieted down rather rapidly, and was discharged 4/11/43 to return home. Diagnosis: manic-depressive psychosis; manic state.”

The comment “for these cells must be closed” may refer to “cells of Leydig.”  Even though this was a woman, females do have some cells of Leydig in the reproductive tract.  This is the most explicit reference to “cells” being open in the lyden center that I have seen in the readings. 

It is not clear in this reading whether the possession is by discarnate influences or within the body itself (“body-passion” – “being possessed by same”).  Note that this condition was brought about due to pressures in the lower spine that prevented the “normal closing of the lyden gland.”  Apparently, the lyden opens and closes “normally” as part of its mundane functioning. Here are some common manifestations of the Life-Force energy that is raised from the Leydig in the normal process of living:

  • Cycles of Growth and Development (adolescence)
  • Sleep and Dreams (OBE)
  • Sexual Intercourse
  • Gestation and Pregnancy
  • Creativity (inspiration)

In each of these patterns, the leydig opens, the kundalini manifests, and the leydig closes naturally without any particular conscious awareness of the process.  There are also special kundalini manifestations that are more powerful and very likely to stand out as powerful or unusual:

  • Psychic Experiences (e.g., past life recall, telepathy, precognition, etc)
  • Mystical Experiences (cosmic consciousness of oneness with God)
  • Deep Meditation (kundalini meditation)
  • Spiritual Emergency (“kundalini crisis”, possession)
  • Psychic Heat
  • Mental Illness (particularly mania in bipolar disorder)


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