(Posted on May 31, 2013 by David McMillin)

This site is based on collaboration. For this research to move forward I need for people interested in this subject to participate. 

I have found the collaborative model very effective in previous projects with Meridian Institute and a study group (that initially began with a focus on epilepsy, but expanded to other topics).  To get things started I have created some resource pages that you can access from the top menu.  You will notice there are lots of questions embedded in the content.

Since this approach is interactive, in addition to reading the material on this site, you may also wish to:

Volunteer – Some of the questions require some special skills or motivation.  For example, it would really be helpful to find people who speak German and are willing to read and try to interpret some of Franz Leydig’s writings that may be relevant to specific questions.

Forum – If enough people are willing to participate in a way that makes having a forum useful, we can try that as well.  This is really an open-ended enterprise. 

Direct Contact – Anyone can email me (David McMillin) directly from the Contact link in the top menu.