Application – Glad Helpers Prayer Group

The Glad Helpers Healing Group

(Posted on June 19, 2013 by David McMillin)

Thus this [Glad Helpers] group should be able to answer – to self, at least – that question which has not been answered since man began to think:  Where is the dwelling place of the soul in the physical body?  What is the connection or center through which the mind and the soul function, that makes one individual a devil and another saint?  (281-57)

The Glad Helpers healing group was started in 1931 as a subgroup of the Norfolk Study Group #1 that created the "A Search For God" books.  The Glad Helpers received their own readings from Edgar Cayce (the 281 series) which are the most comprehensive and indepth resource on the "endocrine system" and "seat of the soul" found in the Cayce material.

In terms of application, the The Glad Helpers use deep meditation to awaken the divine within for the purpose of healing others.  The group still meets regularly and provides help to those who request assistance.

Researching the "seat of the soul" may be of benefit to individuals providing healing service through The Glad Helpers and similar groups.  Also, The Glad Helpers may be able to provide practical information on how they work with spiritual energy, open the centers, and transmit healing energy to those in need.