(Posted on June 19, 2013 by David McMillin)

The Cayce readings insist on an applied approach to knowledge.  So it is with understanding the seat of the soul.  Unless we can find a way to constructively apply the information that we find, it will not be worth the effort.

Most of the Cayce readings (over 9600) were physical readings focused on helping others to become healthy.  The seat of the soul figured prominently in many of these readings, especially with regard to illnesses involving neurological impairment (e.g., epilepsy) and mental health issues (e.g., schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) that typically required manual therapy and electrotherapy.  For example, many readings prescribed osteopathic treatment and use of the wet cell battery with vibratory solutions to coordinate the nervous systems and stimulate the glands for regeneration via the "pineal system."

On the metaphysical side, Cayce's readings explained the body-soul connection as a means for achieving attunement with the Divine through deep meditation.  Of particular note, the readings given for the Glad Helpers healing group and their application of that information is exemplary of applied knowledge in service of others.  Psychic development is another area with great potential when application in service is emphasized.

Items in the left sidebar menu provide an overview of some important outlets for application of the information on this website.  As you study the information pertaining to the seat of the soul, try to keep open to Spirit for ways of using the information constructively in your own experience.