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greeceEdgar Cayce's Reincarnational HISTORY OF ANCIENT ROME

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This DVD tells the story of ancient Rome based on psychic readings of Edgar Cayce.   Edgar Cayce was a famous twentieth-century Christian mystic who regularly entered an altered state of consciousness from which he answered questions and gave information on a broad range of topics. His psychic dissertations included historic data on famous – and completely unknown – people and events. Within this broad array of material was a generous amount of detail about Ancient Rome. When asked about the source of the information, Cayce responded that the thoughts, actions, and intents of each individual are recorded in the skein of space and time called the Akashic records, also known as God's book of remembrance and the Book of Life. Cayce claimed to be able to "read' the akashic records during his trance states, thus his psychic discourses became become known as "readings." Nearly two thousand of Cayce's readings discussed past lives in other times and places – in other words, a reincarnational model of history. From the perspective of Cayce's readings, history is the record of humanity's collective soul development. Cayce's readings illustrate how individuals influence and create history – and not just the big names: like Romulus, Caesar, Brutus, Augustus, Nero, and Constantine. But also the lives of numerous, unnamed individuals who made their unique and essential contributions to the history of our collective soul development. General historic information was provided on occasion, but even then it was provided in the context of practical application for those receiving the reading. For example, Cayce's readings discussed Julius Caesar and Brutus for the sake of making a point relevant to the character of those historic personalities – information useful for modern day individuals who had past lives in that setting. Thus, the purpose of Cayce's life readings was clear and unbending. It was not a matter of satisfying idle curiosity or to settle a metaphysical or philosophical debate. Rather the intent was to assist individuals to be become more aware of themselves as eternal beings – as souls, making their through eternity, finding their way back to the Source. This video presentation contains numerous original illustrations by David McMillin and quotes directly from the Cayce readings.

FORMAT: This is a DVD-R designed for viewing on television screens and formatted to play on DVD players in all regions of the world.

CONTENTS Introduction

1. Romulus and the Founding of Rome – According to Roman mythology, Romulus and his twin baby brother Remis, were abandoned in a basket in the Tiber river and suckled by a she wolf before being discovered and raised by a shepherd. Eventually Romulus killed his brother, founded the city of Rome, and ascended into heaven during a thunderstorm. So goes the legend. Interestingly, Edgar Cayce gave a reading for a physician who was identified as the reincarnation of Romulus. Combined with readings for several other individuals who also had past lives during that era, the Cayce material provides a fascinating perspective on that crucial period in the history of ancient Rome.

2. Julius Caesar and Associates – Julius Caesar was one of the most influential individuals in the history of Rome. A remarkable military leader and innovative politician, he played a crucial role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. The Cayce readings contain some fascinating insights into the character of Julius Caesar and some of his associates including Brutus, his nephew who played a key role in his assassination.

3. Augustus and His Empire – A seventy-six-year-old businessman received a reading stating that he had lived as the Roman Emperor Augustus. His reading stated that as Augustus he had promoted the desire within individuals to seek the spiritual source of supply – a fascinating interpretation of Augustus's contribution with implications for modern times. Several other individuals with past lives during Augustus's reign are also reviewed.

4. Nero and the Christian Persecutions – Could a quadriplegic West Virginia coal miner be the reincarnation of infamous Roman emperor Nero who played music while Rome burned and condemned Christians to death in the arena? And what about Nero's associates who participated in or at least witnessed these atrocities? Cayce provided lots of information about the individuals and events of that dark period in the history of ancient Rome.

5. The Dog That Roared – Group incarnation takes on a totally new dimension when a little dog is added to the soul group that incarnated together in ancient Rome. It gets even more interesting when Cayce observes that the little dog had been a lioness in the Roman arena and interacted with some of those in the group.

6. Constantine's Integration of Church and State – Rome's first Christian emperor convened the Council of Nicaea and made Christianity the state religion of the empire. Cayce's readings suggest that all did not go smoothly, especially within the household of Constantine as he attempted these historic changes. Cayce gave readings for two individuals with past lives as Constantine's daughters and several other individuals who were said to have been closely associated with the emperor. The issues raised resonate with conditions still present in the world today as nations struggle with the role of religion and politics.

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