I have been busy the last couple of decades working on diverse projects that center around my interest in the Cayce material. Much of the production it is available through this website as products or resource archives.

Active Projects

Seat of the Soul Research Project

This project is based on work done with Meridian Institute many years ago. The Edgar Cayce readings describe the pineal and Leydig glands as the "seat of the soul" in the body.  But just what does that mean and what are the practical implications for spiritual development, psychic experiences, health and healing, and our understanding of anatomy and physiology at the level of basic science?  Your participation in this quest is welcome.

Edgar Cayce's Reincarnational History Series

This project focuses on the Life readings of Edgar Cayce that provided information about the past lives of those who sought his counsel.  Reincarnation tends to occur in patterns of soul groups associated with specific places and times that we call history.  The series includes:

Spiritual Metaphysics Archive

This is a historical collection of spiritually-oriented metaphysical texts that relate (in some manner) to the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce.   The intent is to provide a conceptual and historical context for the Cayce phenomena – both content and process.

Manual Therapy

I have been working on the manual therapy project since the late 1980's when I visited the founding archives of osteopathy and chiropractic to survey the historic documents and begin the collecting process. The Early American Manual Therapy collection is currently at Version 6.0 and I will come out with the next version when I have accumulated enough content to justify it.

Searching For God (SFG)

I completed the media and initial exercise content in 2011. I have taught the material through Atlantis University and continue to adapt and upgrade the material based on the feedback I get from students of the course.


I am just beginning this project and will be posting some content on this site as it progresses, so you may want to check back occasionally if this is a subject of interest to you.

Completed Projects

Edgar Cayce's Reincarnational History of France

Edgar Cayce was a famous twentieth-century Christian mystic who regularly entered an altered state of consciousness from which he answered questions and gave information on a broad range of topics. His psychic dissertations included historic data on famous – and completely unknown – people and events. Within this broad array of material was a significant amount of detail about the history of France as documented in this series of videos.

The Cayce Herbal

This resource is hosted on the Meridian Institute website at:

The Cayce Comprehensive Symptom Inventory

This is a research tool and some clinicians interested in applying the Cayce approach have found it helpful. It is also currently hosted on the Meridian Institute website at:

Visualizing The Ra Ta Epic

Although I had done some multimedia projects for the A.R.E. and various professionals who sought out my services, the Ra Ta Epic was my first major projects for the McMillin Media venture. Visit the Ra Ta Epic project page to learn more about the book, CD, and screenplay.

The Revelation

My fascination with the Revelation (the last book of the Christian bible) began with my interest in the readings of Edgar Cayce that dealt with mental health and the body-soul connection.  A lecture I gave on this at the A.R.E. was videotaped and is available as a DVD:

House of Clay DVD (The Body-Soul Connection)

Further study in the Cayce Revelation readings led to a personal interpretation of John's mystical vision based on the concept of enlightenment and the creation of another  DVD:

Rivers of Light DVD (A Personal Interpretation of the Revelation)

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