Edgar Cayce On The Life And Times Of Jesus DVD

JesusEdgar Cayce on The Life & Times of Jesus
DVD Runtime: 1 hour 56 minutes
Price: $19.00

This DVD tells the story of Jesus from the perspective of the twentieth-century mystic Edgar Cayce.  Cayce claimed to be able to “read” the “akashic records.”  Cayce’s “readings” are rich in detail on the cultural setting leading up to the nativity of Jesus.  Cayce embeds the story of Jesus within a closely knit Essene support network.  The Essenes were the Jewish group that is generally credited with having written the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The Life & Times is rich in detail on this enigmatic group.

The story is also rich in characters and events not included in the biblical accounts.  For example, consider Ruth the sister of Jesus who married a roman (Philoas), the man who wrote the report that got Pontius Pilate recalled.  Speaking of Pilate, perhaps his hesitation to condemn Jesus to death was more than just his wife’s bad dream.  Cayce states that Jesus healed his epileptic son.

With the popularity of the DaVinci Code, all things Mary Magdalene are currently hot.  Cayce sheds light on the character and relationships of this important woman and the reasons for the problematic discussion of her in the New Testament gospels.

This DVD explores the missing years in the life of Jesus, including travels to Persia, India, and Egypt where he studied with great teachers and wisemen.  And so on …

The story of the life and times of Jesus is grounded solidly in Cayce’s metaphysical cosmology that helps us to understand difficult (or seemingly impossible) events such as immaculate conception and virgin birth, materialization of food, and resurrection of the dead.  Cayce’s interpretation relies heavily on reincarnation with regard to both the previous life of the biblical characters and the twentieth century incarnation of these individuals.

This video presentation contains over 100 original illustrations by David McMillin and abundant quotes directly from the Cayce readings.

FORMAT: This is a DVD-R designed for viewing on television screens and formatted to play on DVD players in all regions of the world.

Price(USD): $19.00

Sample videos for this DVD can be seen on the Free page of this website.

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