Atlantean – Ilax

Ilax – “Princess of Fire”

The use of fire in the temples of Atlantis was common going back to the earliest times. One of the most amazing stories associated with fire in Atlantis focuses on Ilax, called the “princess of fire.” Her story is amazing for several reasons, as laid out in a reading given for the twentieth century woman who was linked to this illustrious Atlantean:

Before that we find the entity was in that now known as or called the Egyptian land, during those periods when there were those journeying hither from the Atlantean land.
The entity then was the princess of fire, or that one of the Law of One who acted in the capacity oft of the interpreter from and to the masters, the sons of the Most High, that would communicate with those in the earth. Then the entity, as Princess Ilax, made for the establishing of the material activities in the sun god worship, that were later set up by Isis, Ra, Hermes, Ra-Ta and those who became the teachers during the experience. The entity then rose to one of power, yet falling away to the influences of the natives in their rebellions that arose; yet coming again in the active service through MENIAL activities of the entity in the relationships to the establishing of the teachings and the indigent activities in the experience. (ECR: 966-1)

Evidently Princess Ilax lived in Atlantis just prior to the final destruction. She was active in the temples of Atlantis where she served as a channel or interpreter from the “masters, the sons of the most high” that communicated with humans on earth.  Her reading does not indicate how fire may have been used in her role as interpreter.  Perhaps she used it to help her alter her consciousness and attune to the higher powers.  In the image below I show her functioning in this way, with a scribe behind her recording her utterances.

When she migrated to Egypt with many other Atlanteans prior to the final destruction, she joined with those native Egyptians in their rebellion which failed. Humbled, Ilax became active in menial service to others and eventually rose in prominence in her adopted home.

Amazingly, her teachings were so influential as to be adopted by the elite personages of that time (Isis, Ra, and Hermes) as sun god worship. The association of fire and the sun does make sense. The sun is a ball of fire that brings light and warmth to the earth, much as more mundane fire itself.


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