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greeceEdgar Cayce's Reincarnational HISTORY OF ANCIENT GREECE

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This DVD tells the story of ancient Greece from the perspective of the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce was a famous twentieth-century Christian mystic who regularly entered an altered state of consciousness from which he answered questions and gave information on a broad range of topics. Cayce's psychic dissertations included historic data on famous – and completely unknown – people and events. Within this broad array of material was a generous amount of detail about Ancient Greece. When asked about the source of the information, Cayce responded that the thoughts, actions, and intents of each individual are recorded in the skein of space and time called the Akashic records, also known as God’s book of remembrance and the Book of Life. Cayce claimed to be able to “read’ the akashic records during his trance states, thus his psychic discourses became become known as “readings.” From the perspective of the Cayce readings, history provides a context for the experience of individual lives as soul development. Thus, the Meaning of history is that it is an expression of individual lives – a gestalt or pattern in the fabric of space and time that provides the set and setting for individual expression. The primary focus of the readings in which past life information in an historical setting was provided, was for the soul development of the individual or immediate soul group. The soul group concept is illustrated in Cayce’s version of the Fall of Troy where he had a past life as Xenon the Gatekeeper. It that experience he was surrounded by numerous individuals that reincarnated in the 20th century to receive psychic guidance from him and participate in the work of his readings. Many of these individuals also incarnated together during other historical periods with Cayce and could be considered as part of the same soul group as Cayce. General historic information was provided on occasion, but even then it was provided in the context of practical application for those receiving the reading, rather than as an academic exercise or an indulgence for curiosity sake. For example, when a group of men sought guidance on how to create a grandiose social program for reforming the world, the readings used Alexander the Great as an example of how such enterprises can go wrong, as we shall see. So it is with most of the reincarnational – historical information provided by Cayce – it is relevant as a source of insight into the soul’s journey through materiality. Although the bulk of information in the readings was provided for the unique individuals who had experienced those past lives, there are still lessons to be learned by anyone sharing in the stories. You may find yourself resonating to certain periods or historical events discussed in the video segments that follow. Maybe the soul issues that are explored involving personal relationships, emotional patterns, and behavioral tendencies will strike a cord within you. Perhaps these stories can help bring to consciousness your own soul’s journey through space and time – your own soul’s history on planet Earth. This video presentation contains numerous original illustrations by David McMillin and quotes directly from the Cayce readings.

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1 Trojan Wars – Cayce used the expression "Trojan Wars" insisting that there were many and had been going on for some time. His readings address some of the basic unanswered questions about the story: Did Helen of Troy really exist? If so, was she a willing participant in an elopement with her lover Paris, or was it a brutal abduction as portrayed in many paintings by artists throughout the centuries? Was there really a Trojan horse that allowed the Greeks to slip past the daunting fortifications of the city? Did the reknowned Greek warrior Achilles really defeat the Trojan hero Hector in battle and drag his corpse behind his chariot? Did seemingly invulnerable Achilles actually die from a wound to his heel? These are the kinds of questions that bring the story to life but cannot be answered by an archaeologist's trowel.

2 The Fall of Troy – Edgar Cayce's past life as Xenon the Trojan gatekeeper provides a window into the final act of this epic story. Many characters not included in Homer's account are fleshed out revealing an intriguing plot of secrecy and espionage. The aftermath of the war is also described.

3 Socrates – Although Cayce did not give a life reading on anyone identified as Socrates, he did provide fascinating details about the Greek thinker who he described as the "soldier philosopher." Cayce's wife Gertrude was said to have been a daughter of Socrates named Normaline. Other members of Socrates' household are discussed. The question of what Socrates taught that got him the death sentence is also addressed.

4 Xenophon – Edgar Cayce stated that Gertrude Cayce's uncle and aunt had past lives as Xenophon and his wife. Xenophon was a famous soldier, historian, and philosopher who studied with Socrates prior to his military exploits. Several other individuals with past lives close to Xenophon also received readings from Cayce.

5 Alexander the Great – Cayce gave a reading for a child who was said to have been Alexander in a past life. The character and motivation of this great conqueror are explored within the context of reincarnation. Five individuals associated with Alexander (three military associates and two people from conquered lands) are also discussed.

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