General And Specific Osteopathic Treatment

General And Specific Osteopathic Treatment

The Cayce readings were very aware of the traditional osteopathy of that era with regard to "general" and "specific" treatments techniques.  The "specific" (localized) corrections are easy enough to understand and appreciate.  There is a specific problem (such as an injury) that needs to be corrected.  A.T. Still was fond of saying, "find it, fix it, and leave it alone."  That is the essence of "specific" treatment.

But many of the early osteopathic texts also recommended "general" treatment (to be used in conjunction with specific treatment) to balance and coordinate the system. In a practical sense, it could also simply be conceptualized as a form of manual assessment — motion palpation. 


General and Specific Treatment — a selection from "Principles and Techniques of Nerve Regeneration."

Manual Therapy Videos — General treatment formats are demonstrated by Dr. Nelson (a chiropractor who has also studied and applied the traditional osteopathy recommended in the Cayce readings) and Dr. Miller (an osteopath trained at Kirksville and Still-Hilldreth Osteopathic Sanatorium, who received a referral for treatment from Edgar Cayce). Look for the videos at the bottom of the page.


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