Atlantean – Esdro-m


In a reading givn on August 26, 1942 for a forty year old teacher, Edgar Cayce described a past life of an Atlantean priestess who played a crucial role in the first period of volcanic upheaval in Atlantis.

Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, and there the entity was a priestess when there were the first periods of the misapplication of divine forces. While the entity was not directly responsible for the misuse, the negligence of the entity in requiring the full, complete reports as of periods and times, makes the entity at times overcautious as to reports of individuals. (ECR: 2799-1)

To understand the context of this past life, keep in mind the struggle between the two main factions within Atlantean society of that era. The Law of One group posssessed crystal technology that could be used for good or ill. The Belial group with rather selfish and short-centered values managed to gain access to this energy.

With the powerful technology available for use by the Belial faction, the first of the upheavals was brought about when the Belial group insisted upon using the crystal technology developed by the Law of One Faction to exterminate the menacing beasts that roamed the world at that time.  Cayce states that Atlanteans turned the etheric rays from the sun into the facet of activity that produced a volcanic upheaval.  The continent of Atlantis was fractuered.

Cayce called it a misapplication of knowledge.  The forces that should have been used for constructive purposes were used for destruction.

Cayce provides a very interesting aside on how the misapplication may have been averted if not for a beaurocratic snafu.  In the reading excerpt cited above for the teacher, Cayce told the woman that she had been a priestess at the time of the first upheaval with the name Esdro-m.  She was negligent in requiring the full, complete reports as to the periods and times in which the technology was to be used.  Presumably this knowledge could have alerted the authorities to the potential danger and need to alter the intervention so as to stay within safe limits.  In her 20th century lifetime, this woman asked Cayce why she was always so exacting in her teaching, to the point of being severe.  She was reminded of her Atlantean experience.  (2799-1)

In creating the imagery for the story of Esdrom-m, I have placed her on an Atlantean aircraft – a balloon type vessel adapted for warfare against the marauding animals. She had been assigned to keep records but became infatuated with one of the handsome young Belials commanders, causing her to loose track of the purpose of her mission.

Esdro-m was not the only negligent authority who contributed to his disaster. See the account of On-xor for more on this unfortunate tale.

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