Atlantean – Prince Elmeur

Prince Elmeur

On April 3, 1935 Edgar Cayce gave a reading for a thirty-nine year old man who was said to have been a prince during an early period of Atlantis. Specifically, this reading observed that prince Elmeur lived during the “beginnings of the activities of the sons of Belial and those of the Law of One.”

Before that we find the entity was in that called the Atlantean land, in those periods when there were the beginnings of the activities of the sons of Belial and those of the Law of One.
The entity then was among those peoples that were of the Law of One, yet it was set upon because of being in the position of power – being the SON of the ruler, or Ajax, and in the name then Elmeur. The entity, as the Prince of the Poseidian land, was set upon by the sons of Belial to make for those activities that would bring the desecrating of the Temple of the Law of One; through those influences of the daughters of the sons of Belial.
And these made for activities that brought to the experience of the entity that as would be called in the present of making relationships and activities that brought dissensions, discouragements, and the attempts first to destroy the own self, the own life.
And the experiences in the present with those of the opposite sex have brought much of like experiences where attempts in this or that direction have been made. For the alterations, the phases of experiences of individuals have made for distresses; yet at times enlightenment and helpful experiences when the real activities were meted out. (ECR: 876-1)

The issue of purity of the “Law Of One” line and mixing with the Belials goes back to the beginning of the separation between the two major groups within Atlantean society. The dynamics of politics in such situations might dictate a marriage to the son of the ruler to create an alliance and path to power for the Belials who were not yet in authority. This is just the sort of strategy found throughout the histories of kingdoms and nations. In this case it turned out badly for Elmeur, who attempted suicide as a result of the affair.

Note that this past life was relatively early in the history of Atlantis when there were the beginnings of the activities between the Law of One and Belial groups. Although Elmeur was a prince of Poseidia, he had enough influence over the temple there to introduce Belial women into the temple activities. The apparent seduction of Elmeur must have been successful to some extent as he attempted suicide. Relations with women in his modern life were problematic as a karmic carryover from that lifetime.

Elmeur’s experience appears to be typical of the early associations of the Law of One group and the Belials, which could be described as influence by seduction.

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