Neuropathy Illustrated
The Philosophy and Practical Application of Drugless Healing
Andrew P. Davis, M.D., N.D., D.O., D.C., OPH.D.


The following article constitutes a separate department of this book, and does not have any relationship with Neuropathy, but is added because of its importance to the many who have conditions which may be relieved by applying the suggestions and remedies mentioned therein.

When we consider how long and ardently we studied medicine - the various theories - first, the Botanic, then the Eclectic, then Allopathy, then Homeopathy, and all of the mental and physical sciences, including Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Ophthalmology, Suggestion, and many other side specialties, we learned that disease could be traced to three, conditions: first, invasion; second, retention, and third, enervation. This we learned through the literature of Dr. W. H. Burgess, of Chattanooga, Tennessee. So far as any medicine system is concerned we think his system the most plausible. Outside of nerve pressure, and nerve enervation, from over-use, there is, perhaps, not a system of medication fraught with more certainty of favorable results. The principal and most potent remedies he uses are the simplest kinds and easily procured. There are a few things recommended by the doctor worthy the consideration of every one who desires to use medicine in any form which we feel no hesitancy in recommending. His books are certainly unique and full of sound reasoning and practical common sense. His preparations are on the specific order, and for many conditions there is nothing better, in our humble opinion, for some of them we have tested to our entire satisfaction. Those who want to know his system can learn it by purchasing and studying his books. The book entitled the "New Field," and the one "Chronic Diseases," will be read with great interest by those who desire to know how to successfully practice medicine.

The medicines are put up in convenient form and not costly, and they get right to the work of neutralizing the toxins, removing the retained poisons, and toning up the nervous system. It will be an "eye-opener" to the medical practitioners everywhere. We have a method of our own in the treatment of disease, and so far as manipulations are concerned there is none better, and curative of all functional human ills; but some people want medicine, and to such we recommend getting the best, and the least harmful, and the most effectual for meeting the emergencies, and curing certain conditions. That there are agencies in the way of medicine which are useful we hesitate not to say and believe that common sense should be exercised in all things, and that nothing should be withheld which is harmless, that will ameliorate the conditions of suffering humanity. We cordially recommend all that is needed to relieve suffering humanity.

For neuralgia. - Spread one side of a piece of cloth with the white of an egg, and sprinkle black pepper on it till black (with the pepper), and then apply on the affected part. If in the head, place it on the temples and back of the ears.

For headache. - Cotton wet in tincture of camphor, and applied over nape of neck and over top-side head, bound on, cures by one application generally.

For heart trouble: Pain in and around it. - Wring cloths out of hot water in which mustard has been added, one tablespoonful of mustard to a quart of the hot water, stirred well, wring cloths moderately dry, and apply them at the pit of the stomach and over the heart where the pain is.

Diphtheria. - One teaspoonful of tannin, one teaspoonful of pulverized alum and one teaspoonful of sugar, mixed all thoroughly together; and then hold the tongue down, and with a quill, or a paper, rolled so as to be able to blow a quarter to a half teaspoonful into the back part of the throat, once in five to six hours - and repeat that often if the disease should return.

Lockjaw, to cure. - In cases where there is seeming rigidity of the muscular system, if there is bound on the pit of the stomach and under the arms moistened tobacco (the fine cut is preferable) will relax the system, produce vomiting and afford speedy relief. Warm turpentine may be poured into the wound if there is one.

Appendicitis. - Cloths wrung out of hot water, and a few drops of turpentine sprinkled on and applied to the lower abdomen on the right side, will usually be efficacious in relieving.

Vomiting, to arrest and cure. - Wring cloths partly dry out of cold vinegar, and apply to the neck, and place a mustard draught on the pit of the stomach.

For suppressed urine. - Apply cloths wrung out of hot water over the bladder; repeat if necessary.

To cure croup. - Fat bacon sliced thin and applied to the throat and upper part of the chest cures croup. So will cloths wrung out of cold water and applied to the throat, and repeated every few moments. Soon cures the croup.

For sore throat apply the cold compress to the front part of the throat, and wrap a dry towel outside of the compress and go to bed, and let compress remain all night; when up, take off the cloth and wash throat and neck in cold water and wipe dry.

Another for croup. - Apply to the throat cloths wrung out of coal oil, and at the same time give a few drops, say four to twenty, on a little sugar every half hour till relieved.

Constipation of children: to cure without medicine. - Apply olive oil all the way down the spine, repeating it three times a day, and also apply the oil around the posterior and sides of the body just below the ribs as far as around to the sides of the body. This is usually effective in a few treatments.

To cure chills - Apply a mixture of equal parts of turpentine and chloroform on back of the neck, and on downthe spinal column, along the spines, and across the small of' the back three times a day. This is simple though said to be effective.

To Do the Right Thing at the Right Time - The Resourcefulness of the Operator.

In the treatment of the various conditions called disease, it is well to have various resources to draw from in order to meet the special demands at the time so as to render the needed service for the given condition.

In medicine we have certain kinds for given conditions and these constitute the curriculum of specifics, as it were, and the routinist having tried his specific for a given condition and failed to obtain relief, his limit is reached and he improvises other means. If these other means fail to meet the demand, he tries others. It should not be so in the application of this science; for understanding that the nervous system is always involved in disease, the practitioner should be at no disadvantage in applying the remedy indicated in any and all conditions found to exist.

Take Off the Pressure - Stop the Waste.

The above heading includes all there is to do in any and all conditions called disease. It should never be forgotten that the nervous system expresses its power at its endings. If there is pain anywhere the nervous system ending there is impinged between that particular locality and the brain, and the thing the physician should do is to release that impingement; then he has done all that can be done and as soon as the harmony is restored, cessation from pain may reasonably be expected.

While we may have general contraction all over the body and some severe pain in a particular locality, as, for instance, severe headache, we should not fail to institute measures to relax the whole body. This may be done by the use of very warm water - by means of saturated cloths wrung out of and applied. If one has pain in the lungs it is evident that the chest muscles are contracted and drawing the ribs down against the pleura, impeding the circulation of blood in the lungs. The remedy is to take off the pressure. This may be easily done by raising the clavicles and strong extension of the arms, and the spinal adjustment at the fourth dorsal vertebra.

If there be colic, due to too much gas in the stomach, relief is usually obtained by strongly extending the right arm and pulling strongly with the fingers against the side of the spine, and then, while the arm is extended, push the arm strongly backward and holding it there a moment. The pain ceases as if by magic. Or placing patient on the stomach, bolster or quilt folded under the upper part of the breast and another under the pelvis, making a space under abdomen where it may be free, and then treat the seventh and eighth dorsal with a strong, quick movement. The colic goes at once.

For flux and diarrhea the same sort of treatment should be made, with the treatments from the hips upward to the middle of the back, treating at intervals of an inch or two. For the flux, we have given the treatment elsewhere, which see.

In all of the treatments we recommend in this book, we would urge that the Neuropathic treatment in the back, from the fourth to the eighth dorsal, be given also; for the union of the two forces assists greatly in neutralizing the poison or excess of either the acidity or the alkalinity of the fluids - blood, as well.

Some cases will not be satisfied unless you recommend some domestic or other remedy to take. As to that matter, use your own discretion, for there are many things useful in nature and the only caution needed is, be sure to introduce no poisons into the system. Even the simplest things, foreign, sometimes have deleterious effects.

For Local Blood Poison Use the Following.

Make a poultice of wood ashes, mixed up with coal oil, and apply to the part affected, and change same every four to six hours. This is almost a specific in any stage of the poison. Another, recommended by a noted physician, is a solution of quinine applied to the part for a day or two. It is said to cure in twenty-four hours.

For Appendicitis.

Flush the colon with warm water, adding a teaspoonful of salt to a gallon of water; use the long, flexible rubber tube, well inserted into the bowel - as far at least as past the sigmoid flexure - and use as much water as patient can comfortably bear, retaining it for fifteen to twenty minutes and then letting it pass, repeating the irrigation, if necessary, in a few moments or in a short time.

The irrigation with warm water is the remedy par-excellence. It should not be neglected. The spinal treatment and the abdominal manipulations should also be resorted to. They cure.

Special Uses of Water - Hot Water.

Besides the use of water as a drink, cleansing the body and cooking victuals, we wish to mention that when water is used as an internal bath it affords great relief in many cases of pain, more especially in the way of a clyster, through a fountain, or other syringe.

Appendicitis may be cured by a thorough colonic douche, filling the colon with warm water, retaining it as long as possible - fifteen to thirty minutes - and repeating of contents of colon are not removed. There is no better, surer means of curing that much dreaded condition. Use water as warm as patient can bear in cases of flux; frequently repeated saves much suffering, and is the best remedy known for that disorder.

For colicky babies, fill a pint bottle with quite warm water, sweeten with a little sugar, and apply a nursing nipple to it, and let the child nurse all it will of that, especially so that at night. It will cure colic and quiet the baby so that mothers may have quiet sleep all night from the "crying baby." The “three months colic” will not be if this is used, and the poor, starved baby will begin at once to grow and be healthy.

Water is the best cleanser and absorbent there is. With a little common table salt, one level tablespoonful to a pint of water is the best catarrh remedy there is. Let the patient sniff it up the nostrils and blow it out each time, doing this four or five times at a sitting, and three to four times a day - catarrh will get well in a few weeks' using. Do not forget this remedy; it is worth more than any other catarrh remedy known - and then it does no harm. If the catarrh is bad, be particular to sniff the salt water hard and strongly up into the nostrils and clear back into throat. Pulverized sugar snuffed up the nostrils, dry, is good. Use every few hours. Relief in the worst cases.

Salt water applied to sore eyes is an excellent remedy, and if there is pain and inflammation, use the water as hot as can be borne, dipping cloths saturated in the salt water to the eyes or painful spot - anywhere in the body - or outside on surface.

Water with an ounce of Epsom salts to the pint, is an excellent remedy for all of the skin diseases, rough skin, etc. It is rendered more efficacious by adding ten drops of carbolic acid to a pint of the above mixture and applying it hot to sore or painful parts, chigger bites and insect poisons, eruptions, etc.

Severe Headaches Relieved by the Use of Hot Water.

Some cases of almost killing headache may be cut short and even cured by applying water, as hot as can be borne, by means of cloths wrung out of it and applied to the stomach, back of the neck, around the wrists, and placing the feet in hot water - putting the hot cloths on the forehead as well. The cloths should be repeated every few moments till the relief comes. This is better than any medicine ever used for headache.

A Special Consideration for All Complaints.

It will be a matter of the first importance to every one who reads, this book that it does not matter what the patient complains of, the spinal treatment, from the fourth dorsal down to the twelfth, at least, if not clear down the entire spine, should always be given. This unites the two forces, remember, and neutralizes the excess of acid or alkali, and allows nature to begin, to adjust itself harmoniously. In every case the spinal treatment should receive special attention if you wish to be successful in your treatment in the cure of disease of any and all kinds. There is no better way to alleviate human suffering than this spinal adjustment, as it is one of the essentials in all diseases of whatever character, nature or degree, in all ages.

The Internal Remedy for Boils.

Prescribe for the patient to take internally, sub-carbonate of iron (for adult) four grains, to be taken three times a day (children one-fourth as much), together with the spinal treatment once a day, at the fourth to the eighth dorsal vertebra. Also have the patient bathe the body all over daily with a solution of Epsom salts, one ounce to about a gallon of water. This supplies the skin with the sulphates it needs (on account of eating so much white flour bread).

For Carbuncles.

This is a condition resulting from a deficiency of the silica in the body and the connective tissue breaks down. Give the sixth potency of silicia every three hours to the patient and if the carbuncles are open apply the pure carbolic acid with a small brush to the sore, protecting the surrounding skin with greased cloths - being careful to only touch the sore with the acid. This is a valuable and most effectual remedy.

Epistaxis - Nosebleeding.

This is a condition that occurs sometimes from hard blowing the nose, and sometimes the forerunner of typhoid fever, or it may come from polypoid growths in the posterior nares.

The specific medical remedy is turpentine, in doses of fifteen to sixty drops at once, taken in a little sugar or sweetened water. It acts like magic and has saved the life of several whom it was my province to prescribe for. The dose will scarcely ever need to be repeated. The Neuropathic treatment is to adjust the cervix at the side of the neck, and to hold thumb and finger strongly against the upper part of the neck at the junction of the skull and atlas - pressing with thumb and fingers on either side hard and firmly for a few moments - and raising the clavicles and stretching the arm above the head for a few moments. The bleeding is generally arrested at once.

For Burns - Small Burns.

Any sort of a burn is painful because of the acid generated therein, and inference would suggest an alkali to neutralize the acid. The application of soda, soap or spittle would suffice for small burns. Ammonia and olive oil combined are good applications. Unslacked lime, a piece as large as a hen's egg, put into a gallon of water makes what is termed lime water. Cloths wrung out of this and applied to burns constitute a good application.

For old burns which do not seem to heal, an application of castile soap made into a thin paste, by shaving the soap and applying water and boiling it down to the proper consistency, makes an excellent application to be constantly applied. It is the best application known.

Lime Burns.

Apply diluted vinegar or sour wine immediately, right into eyes, if necessary; it antidotes. Powdered sugar is one of the best things to apply to lime burns.

For Cuts and Lacerations - the Compound Tincture of Benzoine.

For cuts or lacerations we find this an admirable article to use. Apply full strength on the cut or bruise. It smarts for a moment but is soon over. To use it: Wrap the wound, bringing the edges together, holding them together, apply the tincture over and on the wound, letting it run through the cloth, enough to thoroughly moisten it all around and on the sore. Use no plasters over a laceration or cut. To hold it securely, wet absorbent cotton in the benzoine, and take small strips and lay them across the gaping wound, while it is brought into apposition, letting edges extend well onto the sound skin, and then put a bandage on - holding wound together - and it will heal by first intention leaving no scar. Plasters heat and cause pus to form under them. Put enough tincture on to moisten through cloth once or twice a day till well.

The Remedy for "Pin Worms."

These are very small worms which infest the lower bowel and rectum and are very annoying. They may begotten rid of by injecting a couple of ounces of lime water into rectum. After one has discovered these pests, get rid of them, and then be more careful of the diet. Use more nutritious food. Attend to the cleanliness of the skin. Bathe all over once a day in Epsom salts water - one ounce to a quart of water - using a towel wet in this, and go all over the body therewith; or common salt water in same proportion is as good.

Avoid excesses and much sweets; live on plain, simple, well cooked food. The application of the Neuropathic adjustment at the eighth dorsal unites the two forces and neutralizes the excesses and promotes digestion, relieving all stomach trouble. The equalization of the two forces is essential at all times and in all diseases.

What to Do in Cases of Snake Bites.

The first thing to do, if possible, after being bitten, is to ligate limb above bite. Second, either cut or scarify across wound, so as to bleed freely. Third, apply mouth to wound and suck out as much as possible, using salt water to wash the mouth afterward, and do not swallow the saliva or what is drawn from the wound. Fourth, apply an alkaline of some sort to the wound - a solution of permanganate of potash is the best. A solution of ammonia or salt water if nothing else is at hand. Fifth, diluted Lugall's solution of iodine is an antidote to snake poison, applied to wound, and one-half teaspoonful in half a pint of water, and taken in tablespoonful doses every two hours. Sixth, inject a solution of permanganate of potash hypodermically in and around the wound freely. Seventh, teaspoonful doses of the aromatic tincture of ammonia every fifteen minutes is also an antidote and very excellent.

Common table salt is said to be an antidote applied directly to the wound.

The above will suffice and you need no whisky nor alcohol in such cases at any time.

Corns and Warts - Bunions - Ingrowing Toe-Nails.

For corns. - Take off the pressure and keep it off. If on the toes, wrap a soft twine around the toe loosely between corn and foot, avoiding pressure on the corn, and wear it for several days, anointing corn every night with castor oil.

For warts. - Apply tincture of iodine on end of warts every day until they disappear. Another remedy is to apply a solution of acetic acid to wart once or twice a day.
This will cure in about ten days. The warts go when not expecting them; seemingly suddenly. Bathe them in Epsom salts, one ounce to a pint of water, several times a day. Some can charm them off, so they say.

Bunions are painful and caused by a dislocated toe joint. Set the joint by pulling it in place, and securing it there with pledget of cotton between the toes.

For ingrowing toe nails. - Cut the nails square across and thin the top of nail by paring it down on the center, on top, as may be borne, and cut a notch in center of toe nail, at the end, V-shaped, and wear cotton pledgets under corners of nail so as to turn them up, and away from fleshy part. If corners are sore apply compound tincture of benzoine once or twice a day.

Cases which have gone so far that the nail has grown down into the flesh may have to be operated upon to cure.

Small Pox.

In addition to the spinal treatment to unite the forces, cream of tartar is the best drink the patient can use. Put a tablespoonful into a glass of water and drink of it in any quantity and at any time desired. Continue this as long as there are any symptoms of the disease remaining. Anointing with olive oil is all that is needed to prevent pitting. An occasional bath of Epsom salts, one ounce to a pint of water, in that proportion, is the best application to the skin as it supplies the sulphates to the skin, and much of it is absorbed, and it is as good a disinfectant as can be found. The spinal treatment will generally arrest its malignancy and the disease at once. To remove the scales from the body, bathing in Sinol soap is excellent.

For Malignant Sore Throat.

Inasmuch as sore throat is an expression of too much action of the positive forces and causing an excessive amount of alkalinity in the tissue - the application of an acid is indicated locally. No better gargle - or throat wash - can be used than a solution of sulphuric acid. Make it just strong enough to taste a little sour - say twenty drops to a glass of water - and remember that the pure acid is strong and should be handled with extreme care. It should be stirred with a bone or wooden stick - not a spoon, nor metal in the solution. Use as a gargle - and it won't hurt to swallow a little of the solution. The gargling may be done every one or two hours, or oftener if desired, and the treatment of the neck and spine should not be neglected, for this frees the nerves and blood vessels.

Fractured Ribs - Treatment For. - It is sometimes essential to know how to render relief in case of accident where one or more ribs have been fractured, to save suffering deformity.

Use a piece of canvas or drilling, wide enough to cover the chest walls, including the ribs as far up as the arm pits, having the piece long enough to encircle the body at least twice, wrapping the chest moderately tight, just allowing room to expand the chest to a minimum capacity to breathe naturally. Fasten the same with safety pins, and have the patient wear same until the ribs are united and the fracture healed, which takes about three weeks. This method insures perfect union, and allows healing without deformity, as it holds the ribs in place, and lessens the movements so the fracture can heal; the air pressure by the lungs acts as a counter pressure to the bandage, and prevents friction of the fractured ends of the rib bones. It serves the purpose admirably, and is better than plasters.

Note: - It is important that one understands conditions in order to afford relief, or to know what to do under given circumstances; what to direct to be done, if not able to render same. Cite patient to where relief may be had.

Indications from the Iris.

Every sort of disturbance in the body marks the iris. The one who is perfectly familiar with this delicate organ, and who knows the markings disease makes on it, can positively know the locality and character of effects with a certainty obtained by no other means we know of. It is well to know this science, for then one can be certain of all sorts of influence going on in the body everywhere and at all times, from the mental to the physical influences everywhere, and at all times.

Whether we adopt this or that method of treatment, if we understand what condition we find, we will have the satisfaction of knowing what we are doing, and what for. The arresting nerve waste, stopping nerve pressure, and "uniting the forces," so as to neutralize excesses of either the one or the other, or freeing the circulation, a la osteopathically, adjusting the spine a la chiropractically, or administering some "anti-psora," or using homoeopathic attenuations, or allopathic crudities and poisons; operating for supposed appendicitis, and removing an ovary, the absolute verification and extent of the disease may be definitely known by all who understood how to diagnose from the eye-markings of the eyes.


Peace, Contentment and Rest, Are of All Triplets the Best.

The best way to be contented is to be busy; always doing something useful.

Spend no time in useless pursuits; never loiter, idling about aimlessly. Let every effort you make tend to be of use in some way to somebody or yourself.

Keep your person clean, think pure, clean thoughts, live a life of purity, and be what you would have the other fellow be. Set the example in all things you do for a model through life, and the world will have been better by your having lived in it, when your race is run, and you shall have gone hence.

Study the best books; always aim high, look up; make straight paths for your feet. Be temperate in all things. Avoid all excesses, and intemperance. Use no spirituous nor malt liquors of any kind. Never use tobacco in any form. Use genteel language, pure speech, never falsify; be truthful under any and all circumstances. Violate no known law, and keep thyself pure.

The attendance upon shows, parties, festivals, keeping late hours, being away from home, in questionable company and learning bad habits, are things which tend to degrade one in his own, and in the estimation of all good people. The praise of the best people is to be desired above all others. Remember that reputation is what people take us to be, and character is what we are and demonstrate ourselves to be by our lives and our dealings with our fellow-men.

Whatever is worth doing, is worth well doing; and due preparation in mind and heart and training, are the greatest importance.

Breathe naturally, bathe regularly, eat moderately, masticating the food thoroughly; sleep in well ventilated apartments; observe regular habits as regards attending to nature's calls; eat light suppers; never satiate the appetite at any meal. Eat but few articles at one meal; vary the kinds of food as conditions and circumstances demand.

To sleep soundly, every muscle must be relaxed, and every thought should be dispensed with. Eight hours for sleep and rest is an excellent rule to follow. One hour before midnight is worth three after. Moral, go to bed early; get up early; start early, continue steadily and persevere, and you will get there surely.

A determined effort, keeping the mind steadily on what you do, will be almost always crowned with its accomplishment. Think of what you are doing; fix your mind on it; determine to do it, and if it is worthy your attention at all, it should not be abandoned until every reasonable effort is made for its achievement. Be sure you have something worthy of doing, then do it.

A fixed purpose in life, and an honorable, useful business selected, will not fail you, if persistently followed and rightly managed, and the result will be satisfactory.

Special Directions to Follow in Taking the Epsom Salts Bath.

While in the bath use friction, rubbing the body thoroughly all over during the time of bathing, and then rub dry with a towel after the bathing.

A half teacupful of the salts to a half bowl of water is sufficient when you desire a sponge bath, and two pounds to ten gallons of water when an all-over plunge bath is desired. The salts bath neutralizes the excessive amount of carbon in the system, hence it is antitoxin. This is the most salutary antiseptic known.

Some of the Uses of Epsom Salts, Sugar and Water.

The following is a quotation from Dr. W. H. Burgess' book, "The New Field," and is worthy of profound consideration. It is headed, "Laxative Syrup."

"Take equal parts of, by measure, Epsom salts, sugar and boiling water and make a solution. Boil for five minutes and then bottle. Dose: one teaspoonful.

"To cure a headache, dose every half hour.

"To neutralize foul secretions in the stomach, dose every morning before eating.

"To cure constipation, dose three times a day.

"For rheumatism, neuralgia, etc., dose every half hour (15 drops; apply salts solution last).

"For a purgative, a dose every half hour; three or four doses.

"For a cough, five to fifteen drops every few minutes.

"This is not a crude mixture but a true chemical compound.

"If mixed with water at 70 degrees instead of at the boiling point, it becomes almost ice cold, showing chemical reaction. The taste is good; very different from what you would suppose. Boiled with a few green leaves, raspberry, peach, etc., it resembles olive oil and surpasses all liniments. Colored with poke berries it forms the wonderful anti-fat and reduces obesity in a physiological way. Dose three times a day.

"Epsom bath and double sulphide go with it. See treatment for obesity."

The following combination makes an excellent salve, and will relieve more distress, pains and aches than any other known. Bake Epsom salts (sulphate of magnesia) in an oven until all the crystals are dissolved, and then mix it with vaseline to the consistency of very thick cream, and keep it in an earthen or glass jar. When used it should be applied to the diseased or painful parts, and to make it, more effectual, use heat.

It is salutary in cuts, bruises, lacerations, sores (all kinds), piles, inflammation of the peritoneum, pneumonia, goiter, tumors, sore throat, tonsilitis, swollen joints and all conditions that disinfectants or antitoxins are needed.

To make it effectual for malignant conditions, such as cancer, it should have carbolic acid added, when mixing the vaseline and the salts together, about ten or twenty drops to an ounce of vaseline.

The Epsom salts is such a valuable remedy, in so many ailments, it should receive special consideration whenever there is any pain or inflammation, anywhere on, or inside, of the body.


It being a diseased condition of the nervous system, a state of enervation of the nerves ending in the digestive tract from the salivary glands to the stomach and the duodenum where the secretions from the liver and pancreas empty, it is necessary to adjust the spine at the eighth dorsal and unite the two forces so as to promote the digestion of the food, and keep the pores of the skin open by sponge baths once or twice a day, and take one grain doses of the double sulphide three or four times a day. This preparation contains some of the elements in the blood which are lacking, and this being the case the secretions are insufficient to properly digest the food eaten, and hence the accumulation of the undigested fatty substances in the body. Too much carbon. The diet should be of a kind that has a small amount of carbon in it - more nitrogen and more of the phosphate -thorough mastication and frequent, stated times for deep breathing. The solution of equal portions, by measure, of Epsom salts, sugar and boiling water, mixed and boiled for five minutes and then bottled for use and taken in teaspoonful doses ter-die, with the other instructions will cure most cases. The above preparation mixed with poke berries will be more efficacious as an anti-fat remedy. The calcarea phosphoricum, one of the tissue elements in the third potency, in two grain doses three times a day, in cases where there is enervation, weakness and general debility as a result of too much fat.

Onions - Some of Their Uses and Benefits.

Onions are used as a poultice in cases of croup and lung affections in their acute form. They should be roasted or baked, and mashed fine and put into a small sack, and spread on the body anywhere, as warm as can be borne to relieve the pain; or for croup around the neck and upper part of the chest. For lung troubles, such as pneumonia, place a large poultice, of the roasted onions, over the entire chest, renewing it and keeping it warm, and it will be a source of great relief. The surface next to the skin should be greased with old bacon grease, or vaseline, and after the poultice is removed, wipe the grease off and apply more fresh grease and cloths to the chest to prevent taking cold. The juice of the roasted onion, well sweetened and given to children suffering with cough, in teaspoonful doses, will be found to be of great benefit. Repeat the dose as often as desired.

The Uses of Raw, Sliced Onions.

The sliced onion applied to bee stings, or any other sting of insects, as well as spider bites, affords immediate relief from pain and antidotes the poison at once, and the wound will not swell nor get sore, nor will any bad effects ensue from the sting or bite.

The onion sliced and covered with sugar makes a nice syrup, which will be useful for coughs, colds, sore throats, and to assuage enlarged tonsils.

Onions, fried, make a good and useful poultice for boils, ulcers and old sores. Onions are used as a disinfectant, hung around in the room. The whole body may be smeared all over with fried onion in case of scarlet fever, and then wiped off with a cloth, and serve as a skin protector temporarily. The onion, raw, applied to snake bites, is an excellent antidote to the poison.

Hemospasia - the Drawing of Blood to a Part.

This is used as a remedy in many conditions with eminent satisfaction curatively. When used properly, great and permanent benefit results, and that immediately.

In cases of epilepsy it is a most efficient and oftentimes a radical remedy. In cases of poor circulation, congestion of blood in a part, there is nothing better. Many cases of bruises, caused by striking parts with a hammer, instance, the fingers. To prevent coagulation of blood, immediately wrap the limb between the bruise and the heart tightly with a string, so as to confine the blood in the outer part of the limb - or, if a finger outer part of it - for a few moments till it turns dark all over; then unwrap it suddenly and press the blood back toward the heart. Repeat this a few times, and all the blood that would have settled therein and made a bruised place, will be removed and the part will be well.

If the patient has fits apply a narrow strap around one thigh close up to the hip, wrapping it several times around the limb, moderately tight, so as to arrest the venous circulation, and retain it that way for a few minutes, say, thirty to forty-five minutes, until the limb becomes dark with the venous blood; then unwrap the limb and use friction from the toes, rubbing the limb upward until it seems to be as natural as ever. This aerates the blood which comes to the surface. The arm on the other side of the body should be corded the same way and let remain on until the limb becomes quite dark, then unwrap and rub arm toward the body until all the darkness ceases, then cord the opposite lower limb same way, and about the same time and then the arm on other side. This should be religiously attended to, and repeated daily for several days to cure epilepsy. It will be equally efficacious in all kinds of congestions, as it stops the venous circulation of the blood for the time being, and may be utilized in many conditions; even in paralysis, rheumatism, pneumonia, pleurisy, spinal meningitis, LaGrippe, varicose veins, cramps, heart troubles, snake-bite, giving time to treat the part bitten; and then let circulation be returned to the body again. With judgment and proper care and attention, this may be used as a Sovereign remedy in ever so many affections. An elastic cord about an inch wide, and six feet in length is the most convenient for use; as the elasticity tends to draw smoothly and tightly. Fits may be radically cured by repeating the treatment every six hours.

Scarlet Fever.

One teaspoonful of Cayenne pepper, two teaspoonfuls of salt, boiling water a half a pint; strain and add half a pint of good vinegar. When cold, give a teaspoonful every hour to an adult. To children half the quantity for an adult, or in that proportion. Use the same as a gargle also frequently, or every three hours.

Another most excellent domestic remedy is to apply the grease from old bacon or take old bacon and grease the entire body all over twice a day, and apply slices around the neck and over the upper part of the chest. Bathe the body all over first, and rub dry and then add the grease, greasing the bottoms of the feet as well each time.

A Remedy for Stone in the Bladder.

Boil common garden beets as for table use, then let the patient drink half a teacupful of the juice three times a day. This is said to cure bad cases in a few days.

Another Remedy for Stone in the Bladder.

To one quart of soft water, add three teaspoonfuls of powdered borax, and six teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar; stir them till dissolved, and then take two or three tablespoonfuls three times a day. This is an excellent remedy for that dread condition.

It is suggested by one of my colleagues that in order to get an increased action of the kidneys, which eliminates the urea from the blood, and thereby cures rheumatism and neuralgia, it is essential that the nitrates should abound largely in the diet. The nitrates and phosphates should largely predominate, and then crystals of uric acid are dissolved and eliminated through the kidneys and skin.

See dietary list elsewhere in this book for a selection of food to be eaten.

Some Suggestions Further, About What to Do in Cases of Burns.

Molasses, applied to a burn immediately, is a most excellent home remedy.

Equal parts of lime water and linseed oil applied to a burn is excellent.

A solution of two ounces of alum dissolved in a pint of hot water and saturate cloths and applied to the burn, relieves pain almost immediately, and cures it.

Sprinkle common soda on the part burned; will be efficient for small burns.

The application of soft soap will afford relief very quickly in superficial burns.

Oil of peppermint, applied to a burn will immediately extract the fire and cure the burn.
The application of Indigo Bluing, will extract the fire and cure the burn.

If the clothing catches on fire, wrap the person up in a quilt or blanket at once, or roll them on the ground to extinguish the fire.

If a burn is extensive, apply at once good sweet lard. It can be purified by putting it in hot water for a few moments, and using the oil that arises to the top.

Kerosene oil is another excellent remedy, which see in another part of this book.

Cosmoline is an excellent remedy for scalds and burns. First apply a strong solution of baking powder by means of cloths wrung out of it, to the burn to relieve the pain; then smear moist cloths with the cosmoline and apply directly to the burn, placing on the outside of the cloth smeared with the cosmoline, absorbent cotton.

These remedies will be found to be invaluable, and reliable for any sort of burn. Some one of the articles will be found in almost every house, or convenient to use.

Special Treatment for Rheumatism.

There is nothing better to relieve the pain and lessen the swelling than a bath of Epsom salts; say a couple of pounds to ten gallons of warm water; dissolving the salts in hot water and then pour into water for the bath, and put patient into it, and let the water cover the entire body for ten or fifteen minutes, then use friction with dry towel, and lie down and rest until the circulation is normal.

An excellent application to swollen joints is a solution of the Epsom salts in the proportion of one ounce to a pint of hot water, and the application is best made with cloths wrung out of the hot solution, repeating them every five to fifteen minutes until relieved.

The double sulphide in grain doses for a day or two, every three hours, will be an excellent remedy to eliminate the poison from excessive lactic and uric acids. The use of lemon juice should be duly considered and used without any sugar, in water. The treatment of the spine at the fourth, eighth, twelfth dorsal, and first and second lumbar area, are essential above everything else; and this should be done two or three times a day until all the acids are neutralized in the blood.

Cloths wrung out of strong salty water and applied around painful and swollen joints-hot or cold, as is most pleasant-and covered with dry cloths, so as to keep parts, warm, from taking cold from exposure to the cold air, is an excellent remedy.

The Quaker Remedy for Rheumatism.

Take one teacupful of table salt, one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper, water one pint, mix. Heat to a boiling point. Bathe the affected parts while hot, for fifteen or twenty minutes, three times a day.

It is a good idea to wet flannel cloths in this solution and apply to the parts affected - over these cloths apply a dry cloth to keep the parts warm. Many chronic cases have been cured in this way, after suffering for years. It is surely worthy a fair trial, and a continuance for days.

Another Potent Remedy.

Take a heaping teaspoonful of Rochelle salts, dissolved in water, every two hours, until six doses are taken; then take it once every four hours. Many cases of rheumatism are due to a lack of alkali in the blood, and this supplies that element, and thus rheumatism ceases when it is used. In all cases of rheumatism, do not fail to adjust the spine from the fourth dorsal to the twelfth, treating the several prominent vertebra. This unites the two forces and neutralizes the excess of acidity or the opposite - the alkalinity and harmonizes the elements to a normal condition.

After the first day's using the above, take three or four doses a day, for a few days, until the pains all cease.

A Few Hints About the Use of Lemon Juice.

The juice of lemons is the best antidote to poisons we have in the vegetable kingdom. It is the best anti-malarial known; and it is a fact that many cases of biliousness respond to the free use of lemon juice quicker than from any other agency known. Lemons are good for the lean as well as the fat people. It is excellent for the skin, applied in solution with about eight parts water. It is a good digester, and better than soda for sour stomach. It is the best anti-scorbutic. The lemon juice is the best thing to use in water for fevered patients. Lemon juice is the best drink an hour before breakfast that the invalid can take; always dilute the juice of one lemon with a glass of cold or hot water and drink it down. The teeth and mouth may be washed with diluted lemon juice, as well as with salt and water, and serves a better purpose than all the tooth paste in whitening the teeth and neutralizing the poisons which accumulate on the tongue from breathing with the mouth open. Lemon juice should be used daily for all invalids, and will be a grateful beverage for everybody at all times, in every country and for all people.

The caution needed in the use of lemon juice is not to use sweet milk within an hour of taking the lemon juice. There is not much in oranges but juice, and but little benefit as regards health, but are a fine relish when ripe and sweet.

Ripe fruits, eaten in moderate quantity serve a purpose: that of aiding digestion and in keeping the bowels in order. Stewed or baked apples are a good relish for many people. Many people require a variety of acids, and these are found in fruits of various kinds. There is no objection to the use of good cider vinegar in a little water occasionally. Some cases of very tenacious coughs are benefited by taking small sips of vinegar in a little water; say add two tablespoonfuls of vinegar to a glass of water, and sip a little of this every half hour or hour. There is a limit to be observed in ingesting fluids or solids, and the quantity should be according to the necessities of each case, and conditions. We all eat too much, and too often, perhaps. Experience and judgment should govern us in that regard. So the food is thoroughly masticated before swallowing, it matters but little what we eat, so we select what will make up the deficiency of what is lacking in the system. See the table of foods for information as to the elements contained in various foods. The no-breakfast plan is a good thing for many invalids. Try it who wishes.

In case of fevers, it is well to observe this strictly and regularly as often as the necessity seems to demand. It will not be amiss to place the fever-patient in water at a temperature of about 80 degrees and kept there for fifteen minutes until an appearance of blueness ensues, or until the fever subsides, then take out and rub dry with a dry towel. This may be repeated daily. It will add to the efficacy of the bathing to add a handful of salt to the water, or a tablespoonful to a gallon of water used in the bath.

Sometimes we find a dry scurf all over the body, like scales, and sometimes real scales. In such conditions daily bathing becomes a necessity to remedy the affection. The best way to do in such cases is, to use Epsom salts in the water, in the proportions of two pounds to ten gallons of water; or, if a towel is used, and what we call a sponge bath, then use one ounce of Epsom salts to a pint of water. The water may be either warm or cold, as suits the feeling and condition of the patient. To make the bathing still more effectual, we recommend that you prepare a compound as follows: Take three and a half ounces of glycerine and put into that one-half ounce of carbolic acid and keep in a bottle convenient for use. When it is needed use it as follows, and in the following proportions, to-wit:

Take one ounce of Epsom salts and dissolve it in one pint of water, and then add one teaspoonful of the compound mentioned above, and then apply that over the body. For children, with skin affections, the solution of glycerine and carbolic acid should be only half as much, or use double the quantity of water. This may be applied with a towel wet in it and wrung out moderately dry. If there is pain, use the compound hot as can be borne by means of' cloths wrung out of it and constantly applied. It is effectual in such conditions at once, generally. Use it.

There are so many conditions benefited by the use of water that it is a necessity to use it externally as well an internally - very freely, for the system is largely made up of water; at least seventy percent of the body is water, and it requires water to carry on its circulation of the fluids and carry out the waste materials constantly accumulating.

In sore throats a cold compress is one of the essentials, rightly used and repeated. The water may be applied with cloths wrung out of it, and over-wrapped with a dry towel. This worn around the neck all night is one of the best applications for sore throat. Many conditions called disease, simply need treatment with water; either cold or hot water. Judgment should be used in this as well as all other agencies to be effectual.

Some Things About Bathing.

Some one has said, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." That may be true, but such an expression is not in King James' translation.

To be decent is essential, and the body has a better chance to breathe when its surface is kept clean - "the pores kept open" - and loose clothing worn. The question of bathing is one which should engage the attention of all.

The principal reason why bathing should be done is, that the waste material expelled through the skin during the process of insensible perspiration adheres to the surface and lodges on the surface of the clothing next to the body, and this is effete matter, and more or less poisonous. The skin possessing the quality of elimination as well as absorption, it is not altogether improbable that some of the poisonous eliminations should be absorbed.

Then again, the healthfulness of the skin is largely dependent upon the active state of the terminal nerve filaments which end in the skin. The emanations through the skin being resorbed frequently produces a partial paralysis of the end footlets of the nerve filaments and the skin becomes covered with a scurf, or any substance which covers the skin, and coats it over to a greater or less extent. This should be washed off, and leave the surface free; then the cutaneous respiration can take place naturally. Bathing should not be neglected, under these circumstances especially.

It is Not Best to Use Strong Soaps.

Soap, remember is an alkali, and that destroys tissue, if too strong or too frequently used. A handful of common table salt put into a gallon of water, and a towel wrung out of that, and the surface of the body thoroughly gone over therewith two or three times at a sitting, and followed up with a coarse, dry towel will suffice for a sponge-bath, once a day.

The plunge-bath is all right, but should not be used too frequently nor in too warm water; nor should the body remain in a warm bath any longer than to rub over thoroughly, and then emerge at once, and follow up with either a towel wet in cold water, or have a gentle shower bath, suddenly applied and only enough to change the current of blood; then use a rough towel freely all over the surface at once, and dress immediately.

Soap should not be left on the surface, but washed off with clear water.

A Few Things About Limes and Lemons.

These are semi-tropical trees and grow abundantly in the south and western parts of the United States, and are beautiful trees, and when full of fruit are very inviting.

The fruit is a beautiful yellow and the juice is intensely acid, and is the part used.

Many conditions called disease may be ameliorated and cured by their proper use. We have said a few words about the use of lemons elsewhere in this book, and wish to say a few more things, thinking they may be useful to those who need to know how to use them for conditions which are liable to occur at any time, and save much time and suffering by using them for certain conditions.

Most people have heard of them curing felons, simply by cutting a hole in the lemon and inserting the finger into it for a few hours. One or two applications of the lemon to the finger in that way generally cures the felon, when used at the commencement of the pain.

If a lemon is put into the stove and roasted or baked until the juice begins to exude from it, and the juice then squeezed out of it, and sweetened to the taste, and one or two teaspoonfuls of it taken three times a day, and then on retiring, it is said to break up a cold at once.

For biliousness, lemon juice is one of the best remedies known. Take the juice of two lemons a day, in four doses, as follows: Put a tablespoonful of salt in a pint of boiling water, and add the juice of two lemons to it, and let it get cold, and then take it in tablespoonful doses before meals and at bedtime. A better way would be to take the juice of half a lemon, separately, and the salt without the lemon mixed in it, as a pint of the salt water would last better, and the lemon would be more effectual in larger doses.

The lemon juice taken in a little water, three times a day, will cure malaria in a short time.

Lemon juice is a good application to the skin as well; especially in erysipelas. For that affection, take a gill of brandy and add the juice of two lemons, and apply to the inflamed part by means of cloths moistened in this mixture, keeping them wet all the time. It is said that but few remedies are better than this one.

The following will be a great boon to the scarlet fever patient, as the doctors are often puzzled to know just what to do for this affection. This will be the thing to do for scarlet fever. Make a lemonade, moderately sour, and to a glassful of it add a half teaspoonful of pulverized gum arabic; and stir it well together. Let the patient drink some of it, and then apply a warm flannel cloth all over the abdomen, then apply a white woolen blanket, wet in as warm water as the child can bear. Put into that water first, one or two ounces of Epsom salts, and wrap the child all up in it, except the head, to which apply moderately cold water, and then wrap a dry flannel cloth outside the wet one and then add covers to make it warm, so as to sweat the patient for about an hour, and if it does not sweat, apply hot bottles and hot rocks around in the bed, keeping the head wet occasionally with the cold water (not too cold), and keep repeating an occasional drink of the lemonade. After the sweating has been going on for an hour, unwrap it and rub dry with cloths and wrap it in flannel or put on warm clothes and do not let it take cold, but keep right on giving it (the lemonade), as above prepared. After the perspiring and rubbing dry, apply all over the body, either sweet oil or the grease squeezed out of bacon, and put on its nightdress, and cover it with bedclothes sufficient to keep it comfortably warm, and continue the lemonade, and your patient will be cured, and will be all right in a short time. The body should be bathed once or twice a day with Epsom salts water; a tablespoonful to a pint of water, and let light diet be given it.

The following method will be the thing to do in cases of diphtheria:

Gargle the throat with lemon juice every one or two hours (if too strong, dilute it with a little water). This will cut loose the membrane which forms in the throat. Apply all over the body twice a day, or oftener, a solution of Epsom salts, an ounce to a quart of water, sponging the body with a wet cloth, and be sure to keep applied to the outside of, and in front of the neck, cloths wrung out of the Epsom salts water, either cold or hot, but often repeated. The latter serves as an antidote to the toxic matter in the blood, neutralizing it better than anything else known. Be sure to do this, and your cases of diphtheria will all get well.

The dreadful disease, rheumatism, can be cured with lemon juice, if used as follows: If you will pare a lemon and cut it up in slices and fill a quart, or any sized bottle with it, and then add as much grain alcohol as will fill the bottle, and then take of this mixture about a half teaspoonful before each meal and at bedtime, you will find it the best and most effectual remedy known for that dreadful complaint, acute or chronic. It will add much to the comfort and speedy cure of this affection, if, in addition to the above, you use the following: Make first this compound: One-half ounce of carbolic acid mixed with three and a half ounces of glycerine, and keep it in a bottle for use. Now, take two ounces of Epsom salts and put into a quart of hot water, and when cool, add two teaspoonfuls of the above mixture of glycerine and acid, and shake the mixture thoroughly, and then sponge the body all over with this by wetting the cloths in it. To be saving of it, just pour out of the bottle some of the liquid on the cloth so as to wet it thoroughly, and then rub the body all over with it. Do this three or four times a day; bathe the feet also in the same salts water, as above prepared. Use the same by means of cloths applied over the painful parts, but have the liquid hot as can be borne, and frequently repeated. This is invaluable, and will not disappoint you. The dose of lemon may be given every three hours in bad, or acute cases.

The use of the juice of the lemon in dropsy is astonishing. It should be taken in all cases of dropsy (although dropsy is only a result of some other affection); this is the remedy par-excellence. Slice the lemon (after it is peeled), and cover with sugar. To begin with, take the juice of one lemon a day for the first day, and gradually increase the quantity to seven or eight a day. Use the Epsom salts solution as in the preparation for rheumatism, daily, and the swelling will soon subside.

For such condition as heartburn, a little lemon juice taken will arrest it at once.

For sore throat, there is nothing so good as a frequent gargle with lemon juice, and a little of it swallowed while gargling it.

Taking a small quantity of lemon juice every little while will arrest that most annoying, and often fatal condition called hiccoughs. This may be used frequently, in connection with desensitization of the phrenic nerve at the third cervical on the left side of the neck, or as it crosses the first rib, about its middle, back of the clavicle; pressing on it for a few moments, or raising the ribs on each side where the diaphragm is attached, pressing the diaphragm upward a moment.

Some people cure chills by using the juice of lemons, as follows: The juice of a lemon is added to a cup of coffee and drank, and repeated, using it twice a day, and another good way is to take a half dozen, cut them in slices and boil for half an hour in a pint of water; strain, and give a teaspoonful every hour or two for three or four days, during the wakeful hours, or when the chill is on, and other days every four hours. It matters not so much about the hours, so plenty of the lemon juice is taken.

This is the Remedy for La Grippe.

A teacupful of lemonade taken every fifteen or twenty minutes, taken hot, taking as much as five or six cupfuls, and then repeated every two hours, will be found excellent.

There is no better remedy for consumption than the free use of lemons, and they may be peeled and sliced and then boiled for half an hour, half a dozen at a time, and then sweetened to the taste, and a half dozen taken in one day that way; say the half dozen boiled half an hour in a pint of water, and then sweetened and taken in small quantities so that all may be taken in one day.

The use of the Epsom salts baths should not be omitted in all lung affections.

Lemon juice will cure tan blotches if the face is washed therewith a few times.

By applying the lemon to styes, repeating a time or two, will cure them very readily.

If a piece of sliced lemon is applied to corns, and worn over night, a few applications cures corns.

A little lemon juice taken in the mouth and let trickle down the throat, for a few times at short intervals, will cure hoarseness.

In some cases of asthma, the juice of half a lemon, or a tablespoonful before each meal will be effectual, and should be tried by those suffering from this complaint.

There is no better remedy than a half a lemon taken three times a day for scurvy.

If you will take the juice of two lemons and put it into a quart of tea, adding the lemon juice to the tea when it is boiling hot, and bottle it when cool, and then take a teacupful every two or three hours, you will find it most excellent for headache.

It is said that the juice of half a lemon and one teaspoonful of sugar and one of water taken at a dose, will cure blood poisoning. The above is a dose, all of the above, and should be taken every half hour for three or four hours.

It is an excellent thing to remove stains from the hands - apply the clear juice.

Lemon juice mixed with equal parts of water is an ideal toothwash.

The juice of one lemon taken in a glass of hot water every morning will reduce fat. It is the best remedy for that condition. One man was reduced seventy-five pounds in one month by this means, and doing without his breakfast.

Hanging clothes on nails when wet causes stains, and these may be removed with the juice of the lemon - apply it and hang such garment in the sun. Repeat a time or two and the stains will have disappeared.

There are so many uses for this valuable fruit that we cannot mention all of them, but suffice to say that it is one of the most useful of all that is known, especially for those conditions which have baffled the skill of all medical men, and will not only save much expense to every family, but life itself, if the use of lemons is adopted in every family.

For Griping or Tenessemus in Ano During Flux.

Press the interior point of the mastoid process, just back of the ear, firmly. The pressure should be made for a moment or two, and it suffices.

For Dilation of the Uterus Threatened Miscarriage.

Press the rib just forward of the anterior end of the scapula.


Immerse the limb in kerosene oil. It extracts the poison.

Eucalyptol, in five drop doses, every two to four hours, is said to be a sovereign remedy for La Grippe.

Sugar is a remedy for lime in the eyes, or for burns lime anywhere on the body.

A strong tea made of the bark of the root of the common willow; a handful to a quart and boil to a pint; and a half a teacupful three times a day, or less quantities oftener, will cure flux - so said.

When food disagrees with the stomach, and bloating and indigestion ensues, or from eating something that disagrees with the digestive organs; take from one to three or four teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar, dry on the tongue, swallowing it as it dissolves, not taking water for at least a half hour after taking it; it will be the most salutary and efficient remedy one can take. Take nothing else.

Taken in half teaspoonful doses three times a day is an excellent remedy for dyspepsia, always taken without water, and drink no water for at least a half hour afterward.

For an Overdose of Morphine.

Inject a solution of permanganate of potash hypodermically, or take it internally. This is an antidote to morphine and opium poisoning. Inject in deltoid muscle.

Hiccough (Singultus).

This is a nervous condition which often proves fatal, and is easily arrested when one knows just the thing to do to arrest it. It is a result of nerve irritation - and that usually at the terminals of the phrenic leash which ends in the diaphragm. As this nerve emerges between the third and fourth cervical vertebras on the left side of the neck (about the middle of the neck) the treatment is easily performed. If gentle pressure is made with the finger - the palm - just where this nerve emerges from the cervical vertebra, for a few moments - generally not longer - than one minute - the irritation ceases and the hiccough ceases. This is worth many times the price of this book - when the knowledge is needed to arrest this most distressing condition. The result will be the same if pressure is made on the first rib (about the middle and back of the clavicle) at a notch where the phrenic nerve passes over the rib downward to its ending in the diaphragm. The reason it cures is on account of the pressure arresting the irritation at the nerve endings, by semi-desensitization of the entire leash where mentioned.

When one knows a reasonable amount of the functions of the nervous system, and where the nerves may be reached and influenced, there should be no hesitancy in arresting conditions which medicines have no power to influence or affect curatively.

The Remedy for Gall Stones For Their Removal.

The patient should take a large tablespoonful of Epsom salts at night on going to bed. Next morning take one glass tumbler full of olive oil, putting into it a little lemon juice, and have some black coffee made and ready to swallow immediately after swallowing the oil. Take another dose of the oil at eleven o'clock, and another dose of the salts at four o'clock. This should be sufficient for the course and is usually successful in its work. The discharges should be made in a vessel so as to secure the gall stones which may be washed out with water. The above is worth many hundred dollars to the sufferer.


This condition is nearly always due to muscular imbalance of the extrinsic muscles of the eyes, and the remedy is to treat the eyes with prisms repeatedly, until they perform their functions normally. Kratometric, gymnastic exercises are the best means for a cure. If there are temporary dizzy spells they may be caused by over-eating or from some impediment in the circulation of the blood. The neck treatment is to be instituted then.


That is better relieved by placing the patient in the recumbent posture and sprinkling cold water on the face. The neck treatment is indicated after the spell is over.

Hay Fever and Asthma.

The fourth dorsal treatment, together with divulsion with the bivalve, cures these conditions.

There are many conditions which succumb to the union of the two forces which need not be especially mentioned, for it makes no difference where the affection is located; the remedy is to take off the pressure and stop the waste of nerve power, and these are all that nature, demands in any case.

What to Do in Cases of Drowning.

The first thing is to get the patient out of the water - as soon as possible and in some suitable place to get the water out of the stomach and lungs.

If possible, secure a barrel or something round - a log is as good as anything - and begin to roll the patient backwards and forwards, lengthwise on the stomach and on the back, so as to empty the water all out; then begin a systematic course of artificial respiration by stretching the arms high above the head and suddenly bring them down against the sides, and blow with your mouth into patient's mouth, at the same time holding the nostrils of the patient, blowing strongly while some one is going through with the artificial respiratory process. Continue these movements until recovery takes place, or long enough to show that it cannot be accomplished. If your patient, shows signs of life persevere steadily, but do not overdo. Be careful and meet all indications, promptly and with judgment.

After life is restored, use warm applications to the body and friction with warm cloths. Then let patient rest undisturbed for a time to recuperate strength and the normal feelings over the body. See to the circulation of the blood, but give no stimulants nor food.

Breath is what the patient needs; let alone and see that plenty of fresh air is allowed.
Resuscitation should be done as carefully as possible, being careful not to bruise the lungs while rolling patient over the barrel. You may save the life even after a person has been in the water an hour or two; the effort is worthwhile and should be made.

Magnesia Sulphate (Epsom Salts).

This is regarded as a physic, a saline cathartic, and used generally for that purpose. There are so many conditions this article may be used for that we shall attempt to enumerate but a few of them.

As a disinfectant it has no superior, and as an antidote to toxins, it is perhaps the best there is. It has a special influence in dispelling the effete matter from the skin when used as a wash, and opens the pores of the skin better than any article we know of. It also supplies the skin with sulphates, which, being deficient, cause eruptions and eczematous conditions on the surface. It neutralizes the poisons from insects of various kinds, and furnishes sure protection against rheumatism; and locally applied, in hot water, relieves pain with surprising rapidity.

In order to have in readiness a preparation to mix with the salts solution, prepare the following, which may be used for any skin trouble when mixed with the solution. Take three and a half ounces of glycerine and one-half ounce of carbolic acid and mix thoroughly together, and keep it in a bottle, ready for use. When used, or to be used, in the solution put one teaspoonful of the mixture into one pint of water, into which one ounce of Epsom salts has been dissolved, and shake it well before using. It may be warmed or used cold. Hot for pain, by the use of cloths wet therein, and cold when no pain exists. The solution is fine for any sort of skin trouble and may be used frequently, two or three times a day or oftener, or kept applied all the time for a disinfectant and for anti-toxin effects, as it is the best antidote known for that poison stuff.

The salts solution is fine for intestinal affections and one can hardly go amiss in using any moderate quantity at time for almost any condition of the bowels, skin, or as an antidote to malaria and other supposed poisons in moderation. An ounce of salts to a pint of water dissolved therein, and four ounces of glycerine and as much rose-water, makes an excellent wash for the face and hands to keep the skin soft and white and clean.

Another Method of Treating for Gall Stones.

Take one gill of sweet oil before retiring at night and the next morning a dose of seidlitz powder, and one every hour until an action of the bowels takes place. This may repeated in three or four days. Two or three doses are generally sufficient to remove the stones. Avoid eating wheat bread, and use fruits and vegetables which have no lime in them. Rice and sago, berries and milk and distilled water may be used.

Kerosene Oil is One of Nature's Best Remedies for Disease.

From the crude petroleum which was used as a liniment, to its partial refinement and use in lamps, the more refined name and nature called kerosene, we have one of the most useful, next to salt, of all the productions from the bowels of the earth. The coal we burn in our stoves is probably the source of kerosene.

When we consider that one application to the throat, of a cloth saturated in this oil, will cure sore throat, we will wonder why so many people suffer with sore throat.

A little cotton saturated with kerosene and put into the cavity of an aching tooth is a remedy that affords immediate relief in almost every case, and a cloth wet with kerosene and applied to a corn, and it kept on for a few days, saturated with it, will cure if you take off the pressure and the corn will disappear.

One teaspoonful of oil and kerosene taken in a teacupful of new sweet milk is said to cure chills, and usually one dose does it. It may be taken in half the quantity by children and weakly persons, and may be repeated daily, if necessary, with no harm.

For burns there is no better remedy. It may be mixed with the same quantity of olive oil or linseed oil and applied by means of cloths saturated therewith, and repeated from time to time, or it may be used without the oil by itself.

The celebrated "Johe" is largely composed of kerosene, and is most effective in many cases of burns, sprains, etc.

There is, perhaps, not a remedy which will cure croup, as quickly as kerosene oil will. Saturate a cloth with the kerosene oil and place it on the throat and upper part of the chest, and give internally from three to twenty drops every half hour, lengthening the time between doses as the case improves, and this will prove satisfactory.

It may be administered in two or three drop doses on a little sugar every half hour, and cold water used on the throat by means of cloths wrung out of it and applied frequently. This is a good remedy for the pseudo-membranous croup.

If applied by means of a swab to the throat, inside, in cases of diphtheria, it will be efficaceous and effectual. The swab should consist of absorbent cotton and shaken well before introducing it into the throat, so as to avoid giving too much at once. This is surely a sovereign remedy and may be relied upon when properly used.

In that very troublesome condition produced by the poison vine, if kerosene is applied to the parts affected three or four times a day until the inflammation subsides, the cure will be effected; but for this affection the crude oil is the kind to use - petroleum.

Cloths saturated in petroleum and applied to sores and bruises are soothing and it causes wounds to heal, abates pain and aids in healing as well.

Petroleum mixed with glycerine makes a good application to the hands as well as to mix into the hair to remove dandruff.

Many cases of rheumatism are benefited, and some cured, by the application of kerosene to the parts affected by rubbing with the oil.

It is an excellent remedy in snake bites - one teaspoonful taken internally and some put onto the bite; but there should be an opening in the skin so that absorption can take place readily and it kept applied.

Petroleum or lard applied to rheumatic painful parts, applied warm and rubbed in thoroughly, are excellent applications to assuage that condition. Neuralgia is likewise greatly alleviated from the use of these applied hot to the parts affected.

In all throat troubles, including quinsy, the local application of kerosene, externally and internally, is said to be a specific.

In pneumonia, if cloths are wrung out of kerosene and applied over the lungs, great relief will be obtained in a short time. If thus applied at night, on the lungs of patients afflicted with consumption, it will alleviate the suffering and will cure some cases thought to be beyond the reach of remedies. It is worthwhile to use it for that affection.

It is said that the oil of peppermint is one of the best remedies for quinsy, applied externally on and around the throat.

Many cases of swollen bowels, even appendicitis, may be relieved by the application of cloths wet in hot water and a few drops of turpentine sprinkled over it and applied hot, to the entire bowels. This will afford relief, and should be followed up with the cloths wet in the kerosene oil or kerosene mixed with vaseline.

Some cases of piles are cured by the injection of small quantities of kerosene oil into the bowel, once or twice a day.

In asthmatic affections, kerosene has been used with success, after many remedies had been tried to no avail, by inhaling the fumes into the lungs and rubbing the hands with the oil, especially the palms; and by applying the oil to the neck and chest twice a day relief will almost always be the result.

Those who live in the country and who burn coal oil will be proud to know they have in their houses such a valuable remedy for so many conditions they are liable to have in their families.

The simple remedies which do no harm, especially when used with discretion, are generally the most potent for relief, and worthy of our special consideration. And with a little study and experience every family may become its own doctor and save money, time and life, as well as the sadness which sometimes is the sequel of neglected sickness; whereas, when the remedy is in the house and it is known how to use it, relief can often be attained at once, and the owner of this book will save many times its cost as well as the satisfaction of saving the life of some dear one.

With deep breathing, diet, suggestion, exercise, and the use of Epsom salts, together with the many suggestions made in this volume, a world of suffering may be, and can be, avoided.

The uniting of the two forces is the most valuable discovery for the relief of human ills of this century, or any preceding it, to the world, in the art of healing, and philosophy of healing through the science of Neuropathy will go down the ages, when understood, as the best means possible for the purposes intended.

Domestic Remedies.

Our book would be incomplete were we to omit saying something about some of the common things obtainable, and which are of incalculable value to many people in cases of sickness. These are salt, lemons and kerosene oil.

These articles are the most plentiful of anything we have, and when we know how to use them are the most useful for certain conditions.

Salt is the most valuable to cure disease of all other articles in use, and there is an inexhaustible supply of it.

We have said elsewhere that it is useful as a cure for catarrh and given directions for its use; also how to use it in sore eyes and how to bathe the body with it.

We would recommend it in other cases, such as felon, mixed with white of egg and used as a poultice, renewed in a few hours if it does not relieve, which it will do in all cases if applied at the beginning.

If salt be moistened with a little water and applied to burns, it will prevent blistering, and is one of the very best remedies known for burns.

Applied to neuralgic and painful parts and all painful conditions anywhere in or on the body, either hot, and in sacks of convenient size, or in solution of a half a pint of salt to a quart of hot water, and cloths wrung out of it and applied to the painful part, it will be found effectual. Repeat it and apply it warm each time.

In bleeding piles it is a sovereign remedy; used as an injection, as warm as can be borne by the patient, two or three times a day, will arrest the bleeding; and the solution may be used of varied strength, from a tablespoonful to a pint of water of salt solution, to more if needed. Medium strength is, perhaps, the safest to use and as effectual.

In toothache, a solution of equal parts of salt water (a tablespoonful of salt solution to a pint) and a half a tablespoonful with the same quantity of camphor mixed together and held in the mouth, will usually arrest the toothache in a short time; use it as warm as can be borne and repeat it if necessary.

There is no better remedy than a strong solution of salt and water - hot - applied to a sprain or a bruise, kept moist all the time until well.

If salt is taken in half to one teaspoonful doses three times a day it will cure almost any case of chronic disease of the spleen or constipation.

In cholera morbus, if a tablespoonful of salt is added to a pint of water and a half pint of cider vinegar, and then mix in this a tablespoonful of ground black pepper, and a tablespoonful taken every twenty minutes will be found to be one of the very best remedies to relieve that condition.

In some cases of colic a teaspoonful of salt dissolved in half a glass of water and taken at the commencement of the attack will arrest it at once.

A drink of salt water of the strength of a teaspoonful to a pint, given in teaspoonful or larger quantities, to one just going into a spasm or fit, if they can swallow, is sometimes effectual in arresting any further spasm at the time; and the head sponged with the salt water is excellent at the time of the spasm.

In cases of fever and ague the use of salt is a sovereign remedy; but it must be browned - made brown like coffee which can be done in a stove of moderate heat. The dose of this browned salt, for an adult, is a tablespoonful dissolved in a glass of tepid water, every morning following the fever. If the patient is thirsty let water be drank through a tube of small size. After taking the salt the food should be light for the next forty-eight hours; say, chicken or beef broth.

Salt mixed with equal parts of sugar and a small pinch taken at night, when there is a tickling cough or sore throat, will be a satisfactory remedy in most cases.

In bleeding of the lungs, frequent doses of salt in half teaspoonful doses is the best remedy known to arrest it. Repeat dose every twenty minutes.

For that condition called diarrhea, put one tablespoonful of salt into a teacup and then add one tablespoonful of vinegar to it and fill the cup with hot water, and of this preparation, from one to two teaspoonfuls, as hot as can be borne, every ten to fifteen minutes. If one should vomit repeat the dose. This will cure obstinate cases, not only acute but chronic cases.

It is an element in the blood and holds all solids in solution; hence, useful in cases of blows or bruises from falls or other ways; even where apparent death is a result, salt water should be administered immediately, if possible, internally and used externally. The usual method of preparing it to take internally is a teaspoonful to a pint of water, and yet a tablespoonful to a pint of water is better; then take a tablespoonful at a dose as often as five to ten minutes till relieved.

In case of worms in children, if one teaspoonful of salt is stirred in a half pint of tepid water and injected into the bowels of the one troubled with worms, once a day for three or four days, it will cure them of pin worms. Lime water in two to four ounce doses injected into the bowels removes all the pin worms at once. Try it.

There is no better remedy than a half teaspoonful of common salt twice a day for dyspepsia. The dose may be from a fourth to a half teaspoonful, and for disordered conditions of the stomach. A good way to take the salt is to put half a teaspoonful dry on the tongue and then drink a glass of water slowly, washing the salt down. This should be taken half an hour before breakfast every morning until relieved.

For torpid liver the juice of one lemon with a half teaspoonful of salt, mixed with a half pint of water, and drank half an hour before breakfast, is a sovereign remedy. The lemon and water may also be taken at bedtime.

The application of a small sack of salt - made as hot as can be borne - to the abdomen, in cases of painters' colic, or any other pain, is a sure relief.

It is said that a strong solution of salt and brandy applied to erysipelas is one of the very best of remedies, cloths kept constantly wet with this and applied to the parts affected.
The proportions should be a tablespoonful to a pint. (Use a tablespoonful of salt to a pint of water; then add equal parts of the brandy.)

Salt water applied to the entire body, and the head washed and rubbed thoroughly, will cure any case of dandruff in a short time. The daily sponge or towel bath is an excellent cleanser and should be used by everybody.

If one has hives a little salt bound to the back of the neck will, it is said, cure the hives in a short time.

A little salt dissolved in the mouth and swallowed will often cure that condition known as heartburn.

There are so many uses for salt that we cannot enumerate them all. It is worthy of the most profound consideration, for it is always at hand and many conditions may be ameliorated by its use intelligently applied, and save many a doctor's visit and much suffering and expense: and many lives saved by its use also.

A Fine Remedy for Membranous Croup.

To one quart of strong vinegar add one pint of common table salt, while vinegar is hot, and wring cloths out of it as hot as can be borne and hold to the mouth so that the fumes - the steam - can be inhaled; and it is effectual in loosening the membrane.

One of the Quickest and Best Tape Worm Remedies.

Let the patient eat a light supper the night previous to using the remedy, and then, in the morning, eat nothing but bread and milk for breakfast, and half an hour after the breakfast put (for an adult) ten drops of chloroform on a little sugar and let that be swallowed at once, and repeat the same kind of a dose in twenty minutes afterward.

In fifteen minutes after the last dose of chloroform let the patient take four ounces of castor oil, keeping it down with lemon juice or coffee. Take the oil warm.

The mistake people make in expelling the worm is they starve the patient and the worm so that the worm exerts all its powers to hold to the surface of the intestine.

The above directions followed strictly will be effectual in getting rid of the worm. There are many other remedies but this is the one to succeed with. Another excellent remedy - let patient eat one to two ounces of pumpkin seeds twice a day.

Children may take the remedy proportionately as to size.

The treatment may be repeated in a month if the first round does not remove it all, or any of it.

To Cure Goiter by Local Application.

Use colodion spread on the entire outside of the tumor - put on with a small brush - three times a day. It acts mechanically, squeezing the blood out of it gradually.

To Remove Pins, Needles, Tacks, Etc., From the Stomach After Being Swallowed.

Let the patient go to eating cooked Irish potato - eating nothing else for a day and follow it up with a dose of oil, enough to move the bowels. The foreign substance will be wrapped up in the potato, and come away without doing any harm. Remember this.

Kerosene for Asthma.

The way to use it: Apply it to the neck and chest twice a day, rubbing it in well. Then place some of the kerosene in each hand, using friction for a few moments. Do this standing up, and then inhale it into the lung - the fumes - repeating it every three hours for the first two or three days, and then three times a day and before retiring at night. In some cases it is effectual immediately, but in bad cases it may take a week or two to cure it; but it will be effectual in almost every case.

How to Make An Excellent Liniment for General Purposes.

To the yolk of two hens eggs, thoroughly beaten, add slowly one pint of good cider vinegar; stir in the vinegar slowly, and keep stirring the mixture to prevent any lumps forming, and stir till it is smooth; then add, stirring all the time, one pint of turpentine. Then put it into a bottle large enough that it may be shaken daily for several days, and it will form a white, pasty mass, and is excellent for every sort of painful affection, when freely applied and the surface thoroughly rubbed, every few hours. Use it on all occasions, for man or animal, when soreness, stiffness or rheumatism is present.

If to the above there be added a half pint of oil of sassafras, a half pint of oil of hemlock, and four ounces of wintergreen, you will have one of the best liniments for general use on the market.

The Salt Water Cure for Goiter.

Make a brine strong enough to hold up an egg, and then wring cloths out of that brine, doubling the cloth or towel so as to cover the goiter and half-way around the neck, on either side of the neck, and cover all over this with a towel wrapped around the neck and put it on every night same way. Continue this every night until cured, which generally takes about three weeks. This is invaluable for it cures. Many other like conditions succumb to this same treatment.

Poisons and Their Antidotes.

Poison oak - Grindelia robusta 2 drachms, glycerine 2 ounces. Mix and apply to affected parts three or four times daily. It cures.

For All Poisons Taken Into the Stomach.

Use remedies to cause vomiting as quickly as possible.

A tablespoonful of salt in a pint of warm water, drank, usually causes vomiting immediately. A tablespoonful of powdered mustard in a glass of water is a sure emetic.
After vomiting use fresh milk, white of eggs, sweet oil, lard, or any other oil or butter.

Arsenic - Use albumen of eggs, sweet milk, sweet oil, lard at once, freely. Carbonate of iron, half teaspoonful in water.

Tartar Emetic, Antimony - Give tannic acid or green tea, strong.

Verdigris, Lunar Caustic, Corrosive Sublimate - Mix whites of a dozen eggs in water, two pints; give a glass full every two minutes, till the stomach will contain no more. If there are not eggs enough, use sweet milk. Wheat flour mixed with milk is good.

Lunar Caustic - The antidote is a strong brine of salt; take in stomach as soon as possible. (The above is nitrate of silver.)

StrychnineGive - two teaspoonfuls of common baking soda in water. This is said to be a certain antidote. Common salt is also a sure antidote used freely internally.

Sugar of Lead - Excite vomiting. Then give Epsom salts, diluted sulphuric acid mixed with the salts, castor oil or solution of alum.

Shell-fish, or Ptomaine Poison - Excite vomiting. Then give dry on tongue, one to four ounces of cream of tartar, using no water for half an hour afterward.

Opium, Morphine - Use stomach pump. Then give strong coffee, lemon juice. A solution of permanganate of potash is a perfect antidote to the morphine or opium poison, injected into the deltoid muscle. Be sure to keep patient awake and use artificial respiration if needed.

Phosphorus - Give milk and magnesia, sweet milk, mucilages, but no grease of any kind.

Carbolic Acid - Give oil, glycerine, flour and water, white of eggs, magnesia, flaxseed tea, vaseline.

Lye – The remedy is vinegar or oil.

Sulphuric Acid (Oil of Vitriol) - Soap-suds, wood ashes mixed with water, carbonate of magnesia, chalk or lime water, and let patient use milk.

Nitric Acid (Aqua Fortis) - Strong soap and water is efficient. Aqua ammonia in water. Wood ashes and sweet milk are excellent.

Creosote - Starch, wheat flour mixed with water, white of eggs, milk, mucilaginous drinks. Stomach may be evacuated by stomach pump.

For Mad Dog Bite - Cord the limb; then pour muriatic acid on the wound - a few drops. This is said to neutralize the poison at once. It is said that to plunge the patient into water at 65 degrees, regardless of remonstrance, not letting the patient know anything about it before plunging, and prepare the bath without patient hearing the sound of the water. Repeat the bath when symptoms of a paroxysm appear.

The above will be sufficient for this book. There are many other poisons in the world but the student should be posted in the important ones which are liable to occur at any time.

The Kind and Use of a Vibrator - The Shelton, Chicago, Ill.

This machine is the most satisfactory machine I have ever used and I generally use it after giving the manipulations, vibrating the entire spine and extending down to the feet - not using vibrations longer than about fifteen seconds at any one place at one sitting. It assists the metabolism of the muscular system and thereby relieves the pressure from end nerves.

For La Grippe.

After adjustment at the fourth dorsal, fourth cervical, eighth dorsal and the twelfth, give your patient directions to take a half teaspoonful of baking soda in a half glass of
milk every three or four hours, and that will save the necessity of repeating the treatment at the office. Remember this.

Cayenne Pepper.

Some of its uses. - A gargle made as follows is excellent for sore throat: Two teaspoonfuls of common cayenne pepper; two of fine salt; mix. Add one-half pint of boiling water; mix thoroughly, then strain it, and add half pint of good vinegar. Bottle for use. Dose: Half teaspoonful to a tablespoonful every one or two hours, and use it freely to the sore fauces, or throat, as a gargle, frequently. Taken in the form of a tea, or mixed with cream, in doses of a few grains to even a teaspoonful, it is an excellent stimulant. Mixed with lard or vaseline and applied to the surface, it is excellent in many conditions. Applied to the bottoms of the feet, as an ointment, it warms them, and is a cure for cold feet. Mixed with turpentine and applied to tumors, it is said to discuss them (cause them to absorb). The above compound is excellent for sore throats, as stated, and catarrh, colds, hoarseness, female obstructions (due to colds), fevers, inflammation, piles (as a wash), liver complaints, quinsy. Mixed with molasses, or steeped in vinegar, it may be used in many conditions. It is not poisonous, therefore may be used with impunity.


A few years ago Epsom salts was the most popular drug in England, though only known by its laxative and purgative properties.

Epsom water was famous, though nothing was known of its antitoxic and antidotal properties for health and longevity.

Those who used it most did not suffer with sclerosis, kidney troubles, rheumatism, nor any of the fat man's troubles.

The Standard Lexicon of the medical profession was written by Dr. Robert Hooper more than a century ago. The name Magnesia was adopted by the chemists on account of its power to draw certain substances from the air, and he goes on to state the Epsom salts slowly draws carbon from the air, and that it has a stronger affinity for carbon than is possessed by potassium, or sodium, or ammonia, having the power to draw carbon from these very stable substances. After stating the general disease condition in which Epsom salts was used, he mentioned "the broken doses," frequently repeated, to increase perspiration and diuresis, and states that some claim that it allays pain when no catharsis is produced.

Here are some of the uses which Dr. Burgess made of it, and his successes are, and have been most remarkable and satisfactory.

Fifty years, or more, later, our medical authorities make the very same claims for Epsom salts, except the relief of pain, no doubt fearing the effects on this of anodynes, nerve paralyzants and magical nostrums, dropping the very thing out that has in fact the power to draw the carbon from a toxin, and completely neutralize it and relieve the pain in a physiological way.

Experience has shown that the toxic element is the main thing in all serious conditions, both acute and chronic, because, with the means of neutralizing toxins so promptly we thus materially change the conditions and ameliorate the symptoms, no matter what the name of the condition - the toxic element is gone, and nature has a fair chance to establish natural, normal relations, and rapid recovery is the rule, under these favorable conditions.

The antidotal powers of Epsom salts are well proven by the method, but again the experience the method demands goes still further than reason, and shows us its antidotal over poisons not built on carbon, as all the blood toxins are, and the facts we must glean furnish the clue to the mysteries on ahead.

The power of Epsom salts to stimulate and strengthen the sympathetic system of nerves is another property confirmed by experience.

Cuts have been known to heal under Epsom water application in three days, indolent ulcers get a move on themselves, all pus disappearing in an hour sometimes. A broken leg heals in two to four weeks, fractured ribs in, bout the same time.

Nature has had wonderful help from some quarter to be able to do such things. And we venture to suggest that it is because the toxic element is removed from the system, which element is the most troublesome part of all disease, and that we may expect equal improvement in all conditions from the faithful use of the warm Epsom sponge bath and all night applications of Epsom water (Epsom salt, one ounce to a pint of warm water, or two, pints of water).

The ancients, as Dr. Hooper terms them, had more facts than we had to begin with, and all they all lacked of revealing the richest mine in pathology was the natural method born with every one that comes into the world. And today, if we had enough manhood and American independence to turn our backs on all the bastard theories periodically foisted on us, we would be of one mind, and all trusting in the natural method, and all have the ready means at hand of solving the mysteries of life.

Gall stones are dissolved by the use of Epsom salts, baths and all night applications to the skin. Mineral deposits are also dissolved as well, whether in the joints or elsewhere. Bathing the body all over, every day, tends to keep the skin cleansed and bring out an immense amount of the urates from the blood.

To cure common colds make Epsom lozenges. Epsom salts one part with eight parts of sugar; melt together with a little water, and make into drops, or any convenient form, and hold some of these in the mouth until they melt, spitting out the saliva every minute or so. In the course of 30 minutes you have drawn nearly a cupful of toxic poison, fibrinous fluid from the blood, the cold is gone, the headache gone, and a feeling of satisfaction in your mind.

There seems to be no limit to its use. It relieves the symptoms of burning urine in about 30 minutes. It cures La Grippe, used once an hour during the day. It offsets the habit of taking cold, by taking the sugar as above for 30 minutes at bedtime.

The warm Epsom sponge bath subdues restlessness, if used three or four times during half an hour, just at bedtime. These may be repeated several times during the night, for dissolving the urates from the blood.

Sclerosis, aneurism, anchylosis, diabetes, nephritis, rheumatism, pleurisy, pulmonary consumption, etc., will be cured in a day and a night bath, repeated every time the indications demand it, for even one day will bring the patient well on the way to a cure, and in a short time perfect recovery will take place, symptoms gone, the patient cured. All night application of Epsom salts water or folds of cloths as a compress, is very important; over the thorax, in consumption, it relieves the cough and lessens the bronchial secretions to a great degree.

The tub bath - one to three lbs. of Epsom salts to eight to twelve gallons of water - may be preferred in some severe cases of rheumatism, but it should be followed by a sponge bath in the course of an hour, or less as the patient becomes restless. The restlessness is caused by the blood carrying more urates into the capillaries, to take the place of those dissolved out, hence the necessity of frequent bathing, to dissolve out the urates, causing the trouble.

Epsom Oil.

Epsom oil is made as follows: Take water and Epsom salts equal parts by measure, common sugar and glycerine one-half as much. Make solution. More water may be added from time to time to hold it in solution. Dose internally, one teaspoonful before breakfast, or before each meal. It gives the stomach a good bath.

Externally it may be applied freely with the hand, or on thin cloth, making a light compress, easily borne and doing good work all night, or all day without renewing. It seems like oil, and looks like it, only the effects are a hundre times better. Do not use soap to wash it off.

Burns or Scalds.

The immediate application of salts water relieves the pain at once, used warm to get the best results. Use it cold if no warm water is at hand. Have Epsom salts always bottled, ready for use in cases of emergency.

There is nothing better for blood poison than the Epsom salts application. Use cheese cloth, several thicknesses, applied often, saturated with the Epsom water, prepared as directed (1 to 16 of water).

Bad Breath.

This condition is absolutely cured by the use of the Epsom salts bath, daily. The sugar and salts mixture held in the mouth, together with the daily bath, is the remedy par-excellence. In all conditions where toxin is found in the body, the Epsom salts will prove the greatest benefit of anything known.

An old physician, living on a high bluff, skirted by the low lands of the Wabash river, on the Indiana side, always kept Epsom salts in solution in a quart bottle, and he used it for all sorts of ailments, and was one of the most successful physicians in the country. He used it externally and internally. But few knew what was in that "big bottle." I did, and witnessed its beneficial effects, and now I wonder why I did not use it then.

For eye troubles, inflammation, etc., use the half strength solution of Epsom salts applied on cloths, over eyes and forehead, all night, for such conditions.

The application of the salts Water, to an ulcer, stops the formation of pus in an hour, generally, hence the best thing to use. It destroys the toxic poison that produces the formation of pus.

It will cure hemorrhage, locally applied - small ones.

Made into a salve, it is the best application to piles. Make it as follows: Dry the water out of it in a hot stove, then pulverize it, and mix it with vaseline, to the consistency of cream, or about two parts of vaseline to one part of the dried Epsom salts. Use it once or twice a day to the pile, introduced into the rectum with the finger, smearing the parts with the salve.

This may seem superfluous to recommend this article so highly, but for the antidotal effects it possesses of toxic poisons, being one of the main elements so frequently needed in the body, a thing that cannot be supplied by any sort of adjustment or food; it is urgently recommended to the readers of this book, and if properly used, will be found a rich boon to the afflicted.

The external applications can do no harm, and the internal use will not be anything but satisfactory, if used as it should be.

Hydropathy is an excellent system of healing as used acccording to the instructions in Hydropathic works, but its use can be greatly enhanced by the additional use of this Sulphate of Magnesia element, and if you need more knowledge of this wonderful remedy, you may get it by purchasing the New Field, published at Chattanooga, Tennessee, by the W. H. Burgess Company, and you will find a mine of useful instruction therein along the lines of healing and practical, useful advice.

It was discovered by the late Dr. W. H. Burgess that sugar could be used to very great advantage, as an antitoxin, simply by holding it in the mouth f or a few moments. Its presence in the mouth has the effect to arrouse the salivary secretions, filling the mouth with saliva. The doctor states that it is the grandest therapeutic measure ever devised, giving control over the blood, heart and arteries. It unloads the blood of toxins and excessive nutriment in a few minutes.

Pain is caused by toxins and pressure, and is relieved by sugar more quickly than by anodynes. In facial neuralgia it gives relief in from 30 to 60 minutes. Frequent repetitions of it relieves neuralgia, sciatica, and all pelvic pains, and even headache.

Its simplicity is its greatest commendation, but some will not use it because it looks too simple to be of any use.

The simplest things are often the most useful. This remedy has merit and its use will convince the most skeptical. Try it. Prove it.

Simply hold half a teaspoonful in the mouth until it all dissolves, then spit it out, and repeat the operation for 30 to 60 minutes. Rest the salivary glands for an hour or so, and then use the sugar again for an hour, and so on as long as is necessary.

This relieves the system of the toxin, and the pain ceases. When the toxin is removed the disease caused thereby is cured.

Where the use of the sugar causes toothache, substitute salt, in smaller quantities, always spitting out the saliva each time after using the sugar or the salt. Persistence is required in some cases, but it is effectual in such a variety of cases that it should not be ignored. It relieves one of so many conditions and suffering that it should be known by all, as it is so simple and so easily applied, there is no excuse for suffering.

It comes right in line with Neuropathy, as it takes off the pressure. Drink water freely when thirsty, and so virtually wash out the poisons from the blood. The microscope shows that the character of the blood can be changed in a day. There is no drug so potent as sugar, used as above directed, for pains of all kinds, and it is absolutely harmless.

Bad colds; sore throat; diseased and swollen tonsils; headache; sciatica; many conditions which will arise caused by toxic poisons can be relieved through the use of this simple remedy, sugar held in the mouth.

Some conditions will respond more quickly by the same dose, and used in the same way; one teaspoonful of Epsom salts to seven of sugar, will be more effectual.