The Marvel Violet Ray Book of Instructions
Eastern Laboratories, Inc.
Undated (Early Twentieth Century)

    All human ailments, with the exception of highly infectious and contagious diseases, are traceable to one cause: Imperfect circulation and impoverished blood.
    During our youth, when we take plenty of exercise, enjoy sound sleep, our blood is rich and we insured of a copious supply to every part of our body.
    Gradually, as we grow older, we pursue a more sedate mode of living and our circulation slows down at the same time. The flow of blood through our veins is slower and our whole body suffers.
    When our body is in this condition, germs find fertile field to lodge and multiply.
    For this reason, weak and run-down persons become easy prey to almost any disease to which they are exposed.


    It is reasonable to assume that by increasing the flow of blood through the body, the reverse of this process will be true and the congestion and disorder can be relieved.
    A systematic course in physical culture will, in time, renovate the body completely. Few of us are able to devote necessary time to such course. By means of Violet Ray treatment, every functional activity of the body can be speeded up and the blood made to run through the veins with renewed vigor.


    An important part of this treatment is that it can be concentrated to any particular organ that requires special treatment. It brings a vigorous surge of rich, warm blood to any part, thereby washing away the silt of the disease, strengthening and nourishing the tissues, and giving vigor and vitality to any part treated.


    The Violet Ray High Frequency Current, or as it is more commonly called, "The Violet Ray," is a new phase of electricity. It is applied to any part of the human body without pain, muscular contraction or disagreeable sensation of any kind. The electrical oscillations representing the High Frequency Current follow each other with such tremendous rapidity that they out-speed our nervous sensibility; we do not become conscious of their presence; in other words our nerves are insensitive to the electrical oscillations of the Violet Ray. The oscillations are so rapid that they exceed many thousand repetitions per second. The Violet Rays are pleasing, and though most stimulating and highly invigorating to the entire system, nerves and muscles, cannot record the presence of their great power.


    Violet Rays or High Frequency Currents benefit all living matter. Through the glass vacuum applicator light, heat, electric energy and ozone are created. These forces are uniformly potent in relieving and eliminating human ailments. Violet Rays present a remedy upon which we can rely. They are positive and certain in action. They will reach where medicine does not, and often cannot – yet they cause no pain, no disagreeable sensation or discomfort. They furnish a soothing relief. They destroy germs and have a strong power over infection.
    A Violet Ray treatment is the surest method of relieving pain. Applied to that part of the body where the pain is the severest, the rays and High Frequency electrical discharge penetrate every cell, tissue and organ and tranquilize and sooth. They build up the forces of nutrition and general health. Violet Rays will stimulate and strengthen the vital organs, develop the body and steady the nerves, spraying thousands of volts of High-Frequency electricity into any weak, sluggish or painful organ or muscle, purifying and causing the flow of warm, rich blood to surge through the treated part, as the same time being painless and pleasant. Violet Rays have only to be tried to be appreciated.


    Every vibration of the violet ray causes the cells of the body to vibrate. This vibration gives the effect of message, and as its frequency is so high that it is insensible to us, its effect is rapid and powerful.
    It imparts new life to each individual cell and enables it to more readily absorb the nutriment from the blood stream, thereby building new tissue. In short, it tends to revive and invigorate every bodily tissue by rejuvenating each individual cell of which it is composed.


    When daily treatments are given with Violet Rays the following effects are observed:

  • Return of Sleep.
  • Increase of strength and vital energy.
  • Increase in cheerfulness and power for work.
  • Improvement in appetite, digestion, etc.
  • Increase of blood supply to the point of application.
  • General increase of local nutrition and progressive improvement in the general functions.
  • Increase of secretions.
  • Soothing effect on the nervous system.
  • Increase of oxygen in the blood. (Ozone being driven directly through the skin into the tissues, accomplishing "ozonization" of the blood.)

    Violet Rays should be used by everyone experiencing sickness or ailment of any kind. The healing properties of Violet Rays are manifold, and they accomplish what drugs and medicine never can. The regular introduction of a vitalizing shower of diffused electricity into your system is exactly what is needed to make it function properly and efficiently. To be healthy, use Violet rays, to keep healthy, use violet rays.
    There are three distinctly different ways of applying violet rays.
    First. Soothing Effect. This soothing, or sedative effect is administered by means of the glass applicator. To secure this effect the applicator is applied directly to the bare skin. You can calm painful sensation by sedative treatment; these treatments are of great benefit to all nervous ailment. Nervous troubles are quickly and Most beneficially influenced by the sedative currents. A general electrification treatment refreshes the entire nervous system.
    Second. Stimulating Tonic and Invigoration. Stimulation and invigoration is produced whenever an electrode is somewhat lifted during its application or used through cloth or clothing. This stimulation is caused by the many small sparks called the High Frequency Spray. They bombard the area which they cover, causing a tingling but pleasant sensation. They have a beneficial heating effect, too. Besides they generate ozone. Particles of this ozone are driven right into the tissues, causing ozonization of the blood. Sparks are also germ-killing and have a great power over infection.
    Stimulating treatments are best produced by application through the clothing or through a towel which has been put over the part to be treated. As the length of the stimulating spray depends on the thickness of the interposed dry resistance, that is the clothing or towel, any desired effect is obtainable. Anything from a handkerchief to a doubled Turkish towel can be used for this purpose. The use of any kind of cloth insures a uniformity in spark length which cannot be obtained in any other way. Powdering the skin with talcum powder often suffices to create the desired dry resistance. This will, at the same time, allow an easy sliding of the applicator. A slight perspiration results from the treatment – this is natural. If the application of talcum powder is not desirable, use of lubricant is recommended.
    Stimulating treatments through clothing find a profound use in rheumatism, lumbago, partial paralysis, etc. Slight stimulation is also sometimes desired in skin troubles where the blood circulation is impaired. A single layer of a handkerchief presents enough resistance in such a case. Chronic rheumatic troubles, however, may require the use of several layers or a Turkish towel.
    Long sparks from the applicator will cause a counter irritation. Counter irritation relieves wonderfully quickly pains of many sorts.
    It is often the very welcome means to kill the pain of a toothache. You will appreciate this pain-relieving quality of the Violet Ray also in sprains, strains, bruises, etc. Counter irritating applications are better, swifter, and more effective than plasters and liniments. In fact, they replace them entirely. Stimulating treatments are long lasting in their effects. They are not like drugs or a glass of wine because they are not followed by a reaction. They do not create any habits.
    Third: Internal Antiseptic.
    The effect of inhaling ozone is much the same as that of inhaling copious quantities of pure air. It purifies and enriches the blood, invigorates the body, and causes pure oxygen to be taken up in large quantities in the blood stream.
    Ozone inhalation is of particular benefit in the treatment of respiratory disorders. Taken into the lungs, it immediately attacks the disease cells and causes them to be oxidized and thrown off with the exhaled air. This treatment has been found to be of great benefit in cases of bronchitis, colds on the lungs, tuberculosis and similar troubles.


    The blood deposits poisons when the circulation becomes sluggish, usually at the joints and we feet a slight pain. Continued deposits cause the joints to swell and inflammation to set in. This is called articular rheumatism. The same condition causes pain in the muscles and we have muscular rheumatism. Violet Rays restore circulation and drive oxygen into the blood, thereby bringing back to a normal condition the afflicted part.
    The Condensor Electrode is found most beneficial and should be taken twice daily with a medium strength current. The very first treatment brings a warm, glowing tinge to the skin and relief is apparent.

    This may be treated in a similar manner as rheumatism, only with a milder current. Lumbago
    This is treated like rheumatism, preferably through the clothing, and with a strong current and with the condenser electrode, twice a day.

Headaches-Insomnia-Brain Fag
    When the blood collects in pools throughout the body, it becomes stagnant. One of the most troublesome of these is the cavity in the skull where it directly affects the brain. This causes headaches, brain fag and insomnia. Everyone knows that prolonged mental effort will bring about a congestion in the brain that dulls our power of thought. When this is demanded over a long period of time, circulation is impaired, the nerves irritated and the familiar, dull headache, results. The general treatment is to use the surface electrode and apply it to the different parts of the head, thereby relieving the congestion.

    The hair roots are fed, just as every other part of the body is, through the blood. For treatment of the scalp we have a special comb applicator which pulls easily through the hair and conforms to the shape of the head. Millions of tiny electric sparks carry pure ozone to the small capillaries through which the blood flows in the scalp. These tiny capillaries are gently massaged, and nourishment is brought to the roots of the hair. The very first treatment brings a long, glowing, healthy feeling to the scalp, and with few successive treatments, itching will stop, hair will cease falling, and dandruff disappear. In many cases, gray hair will even be restored to its natural color. By stimulating the scalp apparently dead hair will quickly take on a natural glossy and healthy appearance.
    The Violet Ray applied to the face, brings fresh, rich oxygen-laden blood, which cleanses the pores, dissolves poisons and other waste matter and assists nature to produce a natural, glowing, healthy condition or complexion. One short treatment every evening and every morning will work wonders on the complexion.

Run-Down Condition
    General weakness, tiredness, loss of weight, lack of appetite, usually indicate anemia or impoverished blood and poor circulation. Violet Ray stands alone as the most potent treatment known to science in giving quick relief to such disorders.
    This treatment is taken with the general body applicator over the entire body for five minute, twice daily, using a medium current. The metal applicator is also very beneficial and should be held firmly in the hands for ten minutes, twice daily, with a strong current which massages the body with a stimulating cellular massage. Ozone inhalations give very beneficial results.

Dyspepsia, Constipation and Digestive Disorders
    This treatment consists in getting the blood into circulation so that it will find its way to the lungs to be properly Then the digestive organs must be stimulated to function properly, so they will rid themselves of the accumulation of bodily waste. Its great advantage over medical treatment is that it can be applied directly to the seat of trouble.
    For the relief of indigestion and constipation, the current should be first applied to the abdomen. The applicator should be held in loose contact with the skin, so that a mildly stimulating effect is obtained. This, in turn, will speed up circulation, stimulate -the muscles of the abdominal wall and relieve the congested organs. Treatment of the spinal nerve centers should follow the above treatment.


    The various weaknesses that afflict these organs in both men and women spring from the same general causes as most other bodily weaknesses, and must be treated accordingly.

Correcting Female Complaints
    It is true that the sexual system, particularly in women, is very delicately adjusted, and, consequently, any disorder affecting other parts of the body may have an influence on this system. Women suffering from anaemia, obesity, digestive disturbances and nervous disorders will, in nine cases out of ten, suffer from female troubles also. Because of this, they usually resort to treatment with some nostrum that acts directly on the organs instead of getting at the fundamental cause of the trouble.
    In women, disorders of this kind may be classified into three groups: The first group includes those caused by weakness of the parts or of the supporting ligaments and tissues. The second group includes nervous complaints and the third those resulting from internal infections. Into the first class may be placed all displacements and similar troubles that are so common and distressing. The second, or nervous disorders, may be regarded as functional disorders that contribute to the development of the first group. The third includes inflammations of all kinds in the pelvic region and manifest themselves through the several organs. Usually the symptoms indicate a complication of disorders failing into at least two of these classes.
    Violet Ray treatment gives the most gratifying results in correcting disorders of this kind, for the reason that by proper application and treatment, the effects are both constitutional and local, which insures rapid improvement.
    The third class of troubles mentioned-those caused by internal infections-are usually, characterized by inflammation, pain and frequently by unnatural discharges. The treatment described in the preceding paragraph should be used, and in addition internal treatment with one of the vaginal electrodes, preferably the insulating electrode. This internal application acts not only as a local antiseptic, but relieves inflammations as well. Applicators for administering internal treatment will be found in the back of this booklet. The duration of this should not exceed five or six minutes.


    With men, disorders of the reproductive organs seldom cause the physical distress as with women, but their influence on the mental condition of the man is frequently even more severe. Men become afflicted with these troubles largely through the same causes as women-lack of exercise, faulty nutrition, nervous conditions, etc. These are all too frequently aggravated by excessive use of tobacco, alcohol and sexual indiscretions.
    The same general tonic treatment prescribed for women should be taken by men also. In addition to this, great benefit will be derived from daily treatment of the external organs lasting for from five to seven minutes. This should be given with a medium current, keeping the applicator in loose contact with the skin so that a stimulating tonic effect is obtained.


    Prostatic trouble becomes apparent in nearly all men after they reach the age of thirty-five or forty. The prostate gland is a small gland completely surrounding the urethra at the mouth of the bladder. Poor circulation, faulty nutrition, etc., cause this gland to become inflamed and swollen, and pain and agony results.
    For permanent, lasting results, no other treatment Will give the practically certain relief that comes from the use of Violet Rays. Prominent physicians report the most beneficial results in nine out of ten cases.
    Treatment should be taken with either our special prostatic or insulated rectal applicators. By means of this, heat is brought in almost direct contact with the gland inside the body and relief is experienced at once. The circulation is improved, nutriment and oxygen are brought directly to the gland and the inflammation and pain disappears as if by magic.
    External treatment should be taken over the entire lower spine. This stimulates and builds up the network of nerves running to and around the land. A mild current should be used for about five minutes daily.


    ALWAYS insert applicator into the handle with a straight push and remove with a straight pull. NEVER TWIST.
    ALWAYS turn off switch at light socket when through using. The adjustment knob on the instrument is to regulate the strength of current – not to use as a switch.
    NEVER use the generator when in a bathtub or when connection is made from the body to the ground, by radiators, water pipes, lighting fixtures, etc.
    NEVER use generator on the hair when using at the same time a hair tonic containing a large percentage of alcohol.
    NEVER oil the generator.
    NEVER attempt to repair the generators. Should it get out of order notify us. We will not be responsible for instruments that have been taken apart by the user or by electrical repairmen other than our own.

Marvel No. A 1
     The Marvel is a high-grade, low-priced, well-built, one-piece instrument intended for private use and is equipped with surface electrode. Space is provided in the case for other electrodes if the customer wishes to buy them. 
     The instrument is wound with our specially prepared impregnated wire, which makes it unnecessary to bake the secondary coil in wax. It is encased in our "grip-tight" indestructible handle and is equipped with seven feet of high-grade cord and separable plug.
Super Marvel No. 3
     The SUPER MARVEL represents the greatest value ever offered in a violet ray high-frequency generator. The instrument is finely built throughout, is exceedingly well insulated and the secondary coil is wound with our specially prepared impregnated wire, which eliminates the possibility of wax running and lowering the efficiency which occurs in instruments where it is necessary to bake the secondary coil in wax. 
     The machine is encased in our "grip-tight" indestructible handle equipped with seven feet of cord and separable plug. It is smaller in diameter than any other high-grade one-piece machine on the market and being perfectly balanced, is very easy to hold. 
     The violet ray discharge is powerful and highly diffused, without any disagreeable kick. The machine is packed in a beautiful silk lined carrying case and is equipped with three electrodes, the surface, comb and throat.

    Surface treatments can be given in direct contact with the skin, and also through the clothing. As any clothing represents an interposed dry resistance, a treatment through the same would cause small sparks. It depends entirely on the desired effect, which way to treat. The instructions given in this booklet refer to the 'proper technique. If no sparks are desired any clothing covering the part to be treated must be removed
    Metallic objects as hairpins, corset steels, chains, should be taken off if they cannot be avoided in the treatment.


    Keep the applicator in close contact with the body at any part which requires a mild treatment.
    Start with the weakest current possible. Avoid the initial little discharge which occurs when you bring the applicator close to the body in making the contact. Make contact quickly and the initial, discharges will not be annoying. Do the same when the treatment is finished. Remove the electrode quickly. This will save you the little sparks you may otherwise feel. By no means does this little spark, when making contact with the applicator and when removing it, hurt. If you think it does, it is imaginary. Just use common sense and a little judgment and you will find that even one-half inch of high Frequency discharge does not cause any pain.


    All orificial electrodes must be lubricates before insertion. They should be properly sterilized. It is wrong to believe that orificial treatments are painful. There is, in fact, no other sensation than that of a beneficial warmth during the application. Orificial treatments should not last over five minutes. It is also advisable to move the electrode during the treatment just slightly so as to avoid its sticking to the mucous membrane. Orificial treatments require, for safety's sake and for better results, always two people, patient and operator. Always turn the current on after insertion of the applicator and turn the current off before removing the same., Use metal electrode No. S6 in the machine and apply to the metal cap of the orificial applicator to prevent breaking glass within the orifice.


    Cleanliness is of great importance. Inasmuch as the Violet Ray itself is germicidal in character, all applicators should, nevertheless, be kept clean so that no infection can be spread wherever several people may use the same Violet Ray Instrument. The wiping off of the electrodes on a towel or just rinsing in water is not enough. Use warm water and soap at least to guard against troubles. In cases of skin and scalp diseases, be exceptionally careful. All glass electrodes stand heating and can be boiled in water, If you intend to use some antiseptic solution for immersing the electrode, be sure that the mixture is strong enough. Benetol, Lysol and other solutions are used especially with all orificial electrodes. Rinse these sterilized electrodes in warm water before using them.


    1. Insert the Glass Applicator into the handle of machine.
    2. Attach the plug to the lamp socket.
    3. Turn the current on: first, electric light switch; second, knob switch on machine.
    4. Turn the adjusting knob switch to the right to increase, or left to diminish the Violet Ray discharge.
    5. In orificial treatments, the electrode should be first inserted into the orifice without insetting it in the instrument. Then place Electrode No. S6 in the instrument. Hold this metal electrode against the metal cap of the orificial electrode. Use lubricant on all orificial electrodes. (For physicians.)
    6. In the indirect treatment, the party to be treated should bold the instrument, with metal Electrode No. S6 held in the other hand. The current should then be turned on and some second party, with either hand, fingertips or another applicator, draw the current to the desired spot of the patient's body. This method can be used for body massage, facial massage and scalp treatment.
    7. Do not attempt to repair instrument, if the necessity arises, write to the factory, advising of your difficulties and we will inform you what to do.
    8. Do not use any violet ray instrument in connection with hair tonic containing alcohol.
    9. Any treatment should be started with a mild current and gradually increased to the required strength.
    10. When a treatment is completed, do not forget to turn off the current at the switch, or, to be on the safe side, remove plug from the electric light socket. Damage arising from carelessness is not covered in our guarantee.
    11. The standard winding for this instrument is 110 volts. If voltage is higher or lower than 15 per cent, special windings or series resistances must be used to prevent damage. We will supply all necessary information upon request.
    12. Take care of the connecting cords. They should be kept dry and free from knots and twists and must be repaired when signs of wear are apparent.
    13. Should you break the glass Electrode off in the machine accidentally, simply take a pair of long nose pliers and pull out the broken part, after disconnecting plug from current.

Marvel Special No. 5
Marvel Special No. 5 B
Same as above with cautery instead of condenser electrode
     The MARVEL SPECIAL is equipped with a double vibrating spring and tension bar which permits the finest regulation from a very low to a highly powerful diffused spark, without any disagreeable kick. 
     This instrument is equipped with surface, comb, throat, condenser and metal electrodes. The condenser electrode is used where a very powerful penetrating ray is desired, such as in the treatment of rheumatism, etc. and the metal electrode is used for indirect treatments. The outfit can be furnished with a fulguration electrode instead of the condenser for beauty parlor use and is then known as the MARVEL SPECIAL No. 5 B.
Marvel Ozone No. 7
     The MARVEL OZONE represents the last word in violet ray construction. It is wound with our specially impregnated wire which eliminates heating, running of wax and consequent lowering of efficiency which occurs in instruments where the secondary coil is baked in wax. 
     The machine is encased in our "grip-tight" indestructible handle and is highly insulated. Nothing but the finest material is used. The workmanship is the finest that can be commanded and the outfit is without comparison. 
     This ozone instrument is equipped with all the most popular electrodes and complete ozone attachment. 
     Especially for physician or family use. 
     It is equipped with surface, comb, throat, metal ozone generator complete with inhalant. Packed in a stunning silk-lined case.

    Keep electrode No. S1 in contact with the skin. Move it gently over the whole affected area for 3 - 5 minutes. The current must be very mild. If applied to a developing abscess, its growth can be arrested.

Acne (Pimples)
    Treat the entire surface for about 6 minutes with Electrode No. S1. Where pustules are forming raise the electrode slightly to give a small spark for a short time. If many pustules are present treat through a thin towel or folded handkerchief. This has somewhat of a cauterizing effect and will soon cause the pimples to ripen and disappear. When the treatment through an interposed dry resistance, as a towel or handkerchief seems disagreeable, apply the applicator No. S1 direct, but powder the skin with talcum powder. This usually suffices to create a dry surface and at the same time prevents the sticking of the applicator to a damp skin.

Alopecia (Falling Hair)
    Use a weak current at first , and increase to a medium strength later on with electrode No. S3. Pass the comb back and forth over the entire scalp for about 4 minutes every day. Use the same treatment for baldness due to sickness and for gray hair in order to restore it to its natural color. Do not use Violet Ray immediately after using hair tonic.

    General applications to the naked surface of the body, which should be dried and powdered with talcum powder, over the chest, abdomen, back and spine, covering the whole as thoroughly as possible. Increase the oxygenation of the blood. Treat with No. S1 electrode for 4 - 6 minutes. The regenerative forces for the production of new blood cells are stimulated to greater activity by the High Frequency current. The oxygen-carrying properties of the red blood corpuscles are increased. Ozone inhalation with the Ozone Generator is very helpful. (Ozone Generator in back of book.)

Arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries, High Blood Pressure)
    Daily treatments of about 5 minutes' duration will serve to lower the blood pressure. High Frequency currents have the power of making calcareous deposits soluble. Electricity seeks the path of least resistance, which, in the body, are the veins, as they contain the conductible carbonates and impurities which are most in need of purifying action. Apply electrode No. S1 or No. S2 over the body generally, using a medium current strength.

    Apply electrode No. S1 over the chest and No. S5 to throat glands for about 6 minutes. Use a strong current if it can be tolerated. Also use the Ozone Generator (in back of book). If treatment is taken when attack is near, much relief can be had and sometimes the attack can be entirely averted.

    The current should be as strong as it can be tolerated for this treatment. Apply with electrode No. S4 or S1 in the entire spine, over buttocks, abdomen, and back legs. Daily treatments lasting about 10 minutes are necessary at first . They can be gradually decreased with the progressing improvement to about two a week.

    Treat sore muscles in back through bath towel with Electrode No. S1 and cover the entire painful area. This will relieve all pain. As backache may have different causes, as weakness of the bladder or sexual organs, lumbago, rheumatism, kidney disease, it is of importance to treat the cause also.

Barbers Itch
    Treat the affected area daily with No. S1 electrode for about 5 minutes. Small sparks over the whole suface and towards the edges are very helpful. Treatment through a handkerchief is advisable. You cannot remove it in one treatment. Therefore, be patient.

Birth Marks
    Applications with No. S1 electrode repeated at convenience and often, using a medium current, will, if used with judgment, remove them.

Bladder Disease (Cystitis)
    Treat with electrode No. S1 or S2 with a strong current the area over the bladder for 5 minutes twice a day. The urine will clear fast . Relief is usually quick with strong current.

    (See Furunculosis).

    Short sparks applied through a Turkish towel with electrode No. S2 over the chest and back, sufficient to produce a reddening of the skin, help wonderfully. Use the Ozone Generator for inhalations. (See back of book.)

    A mild to medium current applied with Applicator No. S1 for 3 - 5 minutes at least once every day. This will soon remove blackheads. Use talcum powder or High Frequency lubricant over the areas you intend to treat.

Brain Fag
    Use applicator No. S1 medium current over the forehead and eyes, back of head and neck and also down the spine for about 8 minutes. Relief is sure. Ozone inhalation for about 3 minutes will greatly help the condition and invigorate the whole system. (See Ozone Generator in back of book.)

Breast Development
    Cover the entire area to be developed in your treatment. Use electrode No. S1 for about 5 - 7 minutes daily. Move it lightly over each side, from the neck downward and also from arm pit to arm pit, under each breast, pressing lightly upward.

    Use No. S2 or S18 electrode with medium current for about 6 minutes. Keep the applicator in contact with the skin but move it slowly over the entire painful area. It will relieve all pain.

Brights Disease
    Apply with electrode No. S1 over the region of the kidneys with a strong current for at least 7 minutes every day. It can be noticed that the albumen in the urine quickly disappears.

    No. S1 electrode with mild or medium current applied to the swollen or painful spot brings immediate results. A few minutes contact and gentle moving back and forth is sufficient.

    A gentle current for a short time, say about 2 or 3 minutes, taken 2 or 3 times a day and applied with No. S1 electrode does a lot of good and tends to relieve the pain.

    Use a strong current with electrode No. S1 or apply the fulguration electrode No. S20. Spark the skin directly for 1 or 2 minutes. Repeat as necessity requires.

    Mild forms of cancer are treated with a strong spark. Surgery is usually required in conjunction. Use electrode No. S20. Treatment should be taken only under supervision of a physician. It is often used in connection with X-Rays.

    A medium current for one or two minutes should be applied with electrode No. S10, No. 32 or any suitable dental electrode.

    Use applicator No. S1 for 5 - 6 minutes twice a day over the carbuncle, keeping it in contact with the same. A medium current strength is sufficient. Electrode No. 9 is also very convenient.

    Rub electrode No. S1 using a medium current, over the outer surface of nose and also the back of the neck for about 5 minutes. Take Ozone Inhalation with the Ozone Generator (see back of book). Electrode No. S52 is successfully used in nostrils.

    Close eyelids and use electrode No. S18 with a weak current for 4 minutes. Results are often surprising.

    Treat the affected part with No. S1 electrode for 6 - 8 minutes. Keep the applicator in contact and use a medium current.

Cold Extremities
    Use a strong current with electrode No. S2 for about 5 minutes over the entire part. Produce a reddening of the skin, keeping the applicator in contact but moving it. Repeat, if necessary, 3 times a day.

Colds in Head
    Apply No. S1 electrode over nose, above eyes and the sides of face. Use a medium current about twice or 3 times a day and take also Ozone Inhalations for several minutes with the Ozone Generator. (See back of book). Ozone Inhalations are very beneficial in this case. Physicians use also successfully electrode No. S52 on nostrils.

Colds in Lungs
    Treat the chest and back in the same manner as explained under Asthma. Take Ozone Inhalations repeatedly for several minutes. (See back of book.)

    Apply a strong current with No. S2 over the entire abdominal area. Treat for at least 6 minutes, keeping the electrode moving at all times. Physicians use electrode No. S32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 to great advantage. These electrodes should be lubricated before insertion into the rectum. 5 minutes of the orificial treatment is sufficient. Use S6 in conjunction with rectal electrodes.

    The party to receive the treatment must be stripped of all clothing to the waist line. The skin of the trunk of the body should be dried and powdered with talcum powder all over. Use electrode No. S2 and apply the High Frequency Current to the chest. Start with medium current strength and increase to heavy discharge by and by. Move the applicator also towards the throat. This starts the secretory glands to action and improves the nutrient blood supply through the tissues. Fill your lungs as much as possible, by deep breathing. Do this repeatedly. Move from chest towards both sides of body and also gastric region. Then after 5 - 6 minutes of front application have the back treated. A strong current should be used over the shoulder blades, the spinal nerve centers and the kidneys. Ozone inhalation using the Ozone Generator (see back of book) is of the greatest importance. It is in tubercular conditions where Ozone Inhalations do the best work.

    Take electrode No. S1 or S18 and turn it on its edge so that the spark passes from its edge instead of from its face and hold it about 1/8 inch from the corn. Allow short sparks to pass into the corn for a few seconds only. Repeat this in a day or two. Applications with No. S18, which is hollow shaped, direct over the corn in close contact for 2 or 3 minutes are very pain-relieving.

    Ear electrode No. S10 or preferably S56 gives excellent results. Use a mild current for about 3 minutes, inserting the electrode deep into ear. If the heating effect becomes too marked, interrupt treatment and repeat at convenience. Treatments twice daily are sufficient. Applications with No. S1 to the back of the ear are also helpful.

    If proper diet is observed and application with No. S1 or No. S2 are made over the abdomen, results are gratifying in a few weeks. Apply a strong current for about 5 minutes through a thin towel twice every day.

    Shampoo the scalp before treatment, dry it thoroughly and apply a medium current with applicator No. S3 using it in the same manner as an ordinary comb. 3 to 5 minutes are sufficient. Repeat this treatment at intervals of 2 - 3 days. Do not use any hair tonic.

    Use electrode No. S1 or preferably No. S2 over the region of the stomach. Daily applications of 6 minutes will in most cases show considerable improvement. A strong current is necessary. Decrease treatment gradually; do not entirely stop with them at once.

Earache. Ear Diseases
    Insert electrode No. S10 and use a mild current for short periods of time. Applications to the back of the ear with No. S1 assist this treatment greatly. It may in some cases be necessary to take hourly applications. The circumstances have to dictate this necessity. If heating effect during treatment is too marked, interrupt application and repeat it at convenience.

    Lay a handkerchief or piece of thin cloth over the affected area and treat with electrode No. S1 through the same with a mild current at first. Increase the current strength during the treatment if it can be tolerated. If the skin itches--lift the electrode slightly from the cloth. This will bring quick relief. Daily treatments lasting 3 - 5 minutes effect a cure in nearly all cases.

    Use electrode No. S1 in contact over the brain and electrode No. S4 along the spine, moving it up and down. A medium discharge for 5 - 7 minutes is sufficient. Repeat every other day.

Eye Diseases
    Iritis, Redinitis, Atrophy of the Optic Nerve. Conjunctivitis, Trachoma, Glaucoma, Incipient Cataract, Paralysis of Ocular Muscles, Intra-ocular Hemorrhage have been successfully treated by the Violet Ray High Frequency current. Close eyelids and apply a mild current with electrode No. S16, No. S39 for short periods, not exceeding 3 minutes at one time. Repeat as desirable.

Falling Hair
    (See Alopecia)

    Treat with No. S1 electrode and a mild current in close contact daily from 4 - 6 minutes.

Female Troubles
    Physicians use electrodes No. S13, S30 and No. S31. They should be lubricated before insertion. A medium current for 5 minutes is applied. Repeat treatment as circumstances require. During menstruation an excessive flow of blood may result as High Frequency currents draw the blood. Turn the current on after insertion of electrode and turn the current off before removing the electrode to avoid unnecessary sparking. (See technique.)
    Electrode No. S6 should always be used in conjunction with orificial electrodes.

    Use electrode No. S14, 33, 35, 36 as indicated. Lubricate before insertion into rectum. Use a medium current for about 5 minutes daily.
    Electrode No. S6 should always be used in conjunction with orificial electrodes.

Flabby Breast
    Apply No. S1 electrode to whole surface of breast with medium current for 4 - 6 minutes every day.

    Cover surface with gauze. Use electrode No. S1 daily from 4 - 6 minutes with a medium current. Results are apt to be slow, therefore, be patient.

Frost Bites
    No. S1 applicator with a medium current strength, allowing short sparks to pass to the affected parts for about 3 - 5 minutes every two or three hours brings lasting results in a short time.

    Boils, treat with No. S1 electrode. Mild or medium current strength. Inflammation ceases quickly.

    Many cases yield to application with No. S5 Electrode, using the strongest current that can be tolerated. It can be treated direct by making contact with the electrode. Sometimes it is treated through gauze. The latter way is more recommendable. Do not treat longer than 4 minutes at a time every day. Results are usually not apparent until after the 10th or 12th treatment.

    Apply electrode No. S1 to painful area with medium current keeping the applicator in contact but moving it slowly about. The pain may increase at first but relief will be felt after a few treatments.

Gray Hair
    The natural color of hair can often be restored by patient treatments with Electrode No. S3. See under Alopecia. Sometimes 2 months are required for first results. Keep the scalp clean. Use a current of sufficient strength for good stimulation every day once or twice.

Grippe (Influenza)
    Cover the spine and solar plexus with applications by No. S1 electrode. Also treat over the eyes and sides of nose. Treatments to spine and solar plexus should be made through a turkish towel for 5 - 7 minutes and repeated twice a day if necessary. Intra-nasal applications of short duration with Electrode No. S10 and a weak current are often given by physicians in addition to the mentioned treatment.

Hay Fever
    Apply electrode No. S1 over the nose and along spine with medium current for 5 minutes and No. S10 or No. S28 in nostrils for short period of time. Applicatons should be of short duration but often repeated. It is advisable to anticipate the trouble and to begin treatments before attacks are expected or discomfort felt. Ozone treatments are of the greatest benefit.

    They are from varying causes. If relief is not felt by applying No. S1 electrode to the seat of the headache, cover the stomach and spine by treatment, using a medium current for 5 - 7 minutes.

Hives and Rash
    Use electrode No. S1 with medium current strength to affected area. Use High Frequency Lubricant before applying the electrode. 3 - 5 minutes should be sufficient. Repeat daily.

Infantile Paralysis
    If this disease leaves muscles feeble and weak High Frequency applictions help wonderfully well to make them grow again. Use No. S1 electrode with medium or strong current for 5 - 7 minutes. Apply in direct contact and move the applicator over the entire area to be developed.

    Can be reduced and relieved by application with applicator No. S1. Move it slowly over the inflamed area, keeping it in close contact. Use a medium current strength for 5 - 6 minutes.

    (See Grippe.)

    Cover the back of the head, neck and eyebrows by application with electrode No. S1. A strong current is essential in treating this ailment. 5 - 7 minutes should be the average length of treatment.

    The most beneficial way of treating this condition is by the use of the prostatic tube No. S9, with plenty of spark. Use surface electrode No. S1, slightly raised over the area of the genital and spine for 5 - 7 minutes daily. Special information on weakness of the organs of sex is given elsewhere in this book.

    Follow the directions given under female troubles. Also use electrode No. S4, moving it up and down the spine slowly. A strong current must be used for about 5 - 6 minutes every day. This treatment should only be an adjunct to medicinal treatment and physician's care.

    Since the object is to relieve pain, treat the painful areas with Electrode No. S2 until all pain is dispelled. Repeat treatment whenever pain appears until cured.

    Let patient hold metal Electrode in one hand, turning on current after it has been grasped. Masseur's fingers will draw spark to point massaged.

    Treat swollen parts. Use Electrode No. S1.

    Treat spine, back of head and neck. Immediate results will be felt.

    Apply to seat of pain, raising the Electrode occasionally to produce spark.

    The first few treatments usually increase the pain after which relief is felt and the current may be increased and a short spark given. Apply at the seat of pain. Use electrode S1, S2.

    Apply electrode No. S1 to affected parts and treat consistently. Begin as indicated and increase current as strong as tolerable. Fat will decrease and redistribute, giving greater comfort.

    The pain-relieving quality of the High Frequency current is wonderful. Apply electrode No. S1 to the seat of pain until relief is felt. Close contact is best. Medium current strength and sometimes strong currents are advised.

    Apply No. S1 electrode along the affected muscles. A strong current is necessary. Keep the electrode moving. Treat for about 6 minutes at a time. Lubricate the affected part so that the electrode slides easily. Sparks through a turkish towel help quickly. Use this method every day.

    (See Consumption.)

Piles (Hemorrhoids and other rectal diseases)
    Are treated best with applicators No. S14, No. S35, No. S33, No. S34, No. S36. Lubricate electrode before insertion with High Frequency lubricant. Use a medium current for about 3 minutes not more than once a day. Electrode S6 should always be used in conjunction with others.

Pimples (Acne Vulgaris)
    (See Acne.)

    Use preferably electrode No. S2. Cover the back and the chest by a vigorous treatment through a turkish towel until the skin becomes quite red. Keep the electrode moving and treat for about 8 minutes. High frequency is an adjunct only in cases of serious sickness and nobody should fail to consult the proper authority.

    Ozone inhalation, repeated often with the Ozone Generator (see Electrode Catalogue) is very beneficial. Otherwise apply the same treatment as given under Pleurisy. Remember that High Frequency as an adjunct can help greatly and often do wonders, but in all grave diseases the consultation of an authoritative physician should and must be resorted to.

Poison Ivy
    Apply High Frequency lubricant first. Use No. S1 or S2 electrode edgewise so as to cause plenty of sparking over the whole affected area. Lift the appolicator here and there and treat with a strong current for 3 - 5 minutes. Relief is sure and surprising.

    Applications with electrode No. S10 or S56 with a weak or medium current help greatly to re-establish a healthy condition of the gums. A removal of deposits is necessary, however, by mechanical and surgical means in order to fight this disease. A dentist must be consulted. High Frequency treatments promote proper nutritional improvements and in addition to this have antiseptic and antitoxic properties.

Red Nose (Acne Rosacea)
    Use preferably electrode No. S1 and apply only short periods, say about 2 minutes, small sparks by holding the electrode edgeways or lifting it somewhat about an eighth of an inch. The object is to destroy the enlarged veins. The treatment must not be carried too far at one time. It should be repeated as the condition permits. Several days' rest between treatments may sometimes be advisable.

    Strong currents have to be used in all cases of Rheumatism. This disease responds quickly, especially cases of the muscular and chronic articular form. In acute cases of this ailment the results are slower but nevertheless satisfactory. The affected parts should be treated until all pain ceases. Changing the position of parts or extremities being treated will likely expose other parts requiring treatment. Put muscles on the stretch and use High Frequency current long enough to dispell all discomfort. Applicator No. S2 is especially recommended for these treatments. Repeat these applications as often as pain reappears. 10 minutes' use of the instrument at one time is usually enough. The applicator can be used in close contact but most cases require treatment through clothing or several layers of a towel.

    Use electrode No. S1 and apply short sparks for several minutes two or three times every other day. A medium current is sufficient. Move the electrode so as to cover all the affected area.

Scalp Treatment
    Dandruff, falling hair, gray hair, baldness, itching scalp, etc., are very successfully benefitted by Violet Rays. There is no question that the Violet Ray represents the most scientific method of treating the scalp. Its beneficial value is beyond all doubt.
    Violet Rays produce a normal and healthy scalp, revitalize impoverished hair, restore its natural lustre and fullness. They bring in new hair by causing additional nourishment to flow to the dormant papilla.
    Use electrode No. S3 every day one to three times for several minutes. Do not use any hair tonic. Violet Rays constitute the best hair tonic themselves.
    In baldness the Violet Ray proves to be of a very welcome and effective assistance to restore the natural growth of hair. The results are very satisfactory. Conscientious use of Violet Ray High Frequency Current and patience have here, as in many other instances, surprised many people.
    Gray hair has been restored to its original color and beauty in many cases. We do not claim too much by saying that scalp applications with electrode No. S3 are the only reliable means at the present time to stimulate and assist natural growth of hair.

    Is an affection of the great sciatic nerve trunk. Its cause is found in neuralgia and also sometimes in rheumatism. The sciatic nerves run down the thigh from hip to knee. They lie near the bones deep under the heavy muscles. Sometimes they become so inflamed and tender that even the slightest pressure causes an extreme pain. A counter-irritating discharge applied through the clothing or over the painful area with electrode No. S1 or S2 will bring quick relief.

Skin Disease
    In all skin diseases the High Frequency spray (small sparks) is most successfully applied. Electrode No. S1 is sufficient in nearly all cases. It should be passed rapidly back and forth over the affected area for several minutes. If the skin is moist, talcum powder should be used so that the electrode will not stick. Another easy method is to spread gauze over the part to be treated. This will enable the use of the instrument to move the electrode smoothly and at the same time does not remove it far enough to cause an unpleasant spark.
    Where itching is very marked longer and sharper sparks are best. Apply these only for short periods. Epithelioma, Lupus and Chronic Ulcers can be treated in the same manner.

Stiff Neck and Joints
    Apply in the same manner as explained under "Neuritis." Use a longer treatment, if necessary. In cases of Torticollia (stiff neck) rub the No. S1 electrode frequently along back of ear and down the neck on both sides for 3 - 5 minutes.

Sore Feet and Stone Bruises
    Applications with any suitable applicator in close contact with the skin bring quick relief. Use High Frequency lubricant and treat for several minutes.

Sore Throat
    Electrode No. S5 is best suited for external throat applications. High Frequency lubricant should be used and the electrode moved up and down the throat in close contact, covering all parts well for 5 or 6 minutes with a medium or strong current: repeat 2 or 3 times a day in some obstinate cases.

    Close contact applications with a surface applicator prove helpful. Use a medium current and in cases of long standing use small sparks or treatment through towel. 4 or 5 minutes usually suffices.

    Use No. S5 electrode and apply in the same manner as explained under "Sore Throat." Physicians use electrode No. S58 internally with fine success. Ozone inhalation with Ozone Generator (see Electrode Catalogue) assist greatly.

    (See Consumption.)

    Apply a strong current with No. S2 or No. S3 electrode for 5 minutes in contact, lifting the applicator once in a while to produce sparks of at least one-quarter inch. Repeat this treatment every day.

    Take electrode No. S1, hold it about one-eighth or three-sixteenths inch from warts and allow sparks to pass from the edge of the glass. For the best results use electrode No. S20. Let the Platinum point rest directly on top of the wart and use a weak current. Pass a stronger current through the deeper crustation. A few seconds are usually sufficient. Wait 2 or 3 days for results and repeat operation, if necessary.

Whooping Cough
    Apply No. S1 electrode in the same way as explained under "Asthma" and use also Ozone Inhalation with the Ozone Generator. (See Electrode Catalogue.)

Writers' Cramp
    Apply No. S1 electrode with medium current for about 6 minutes from fingertips along back of hand and arm to shoulder and spine. This treatment can also be made through a towel if it can be tolerated.

    Are commonly caused by using a given set of facial muscles more than normally. They can be removed by applying Electrode No. S1 right over them with a rotary, massaging movement. High Frequency current revitalizes tired muscles and arrests the blighting marks of time.

    For those who desire more exhaustive information on high-Frequency currents we recommend:
    N. M. Eberhart, M. D., Ph.D., D.C.L., Manual of H. F. Currents, $4.00.
    We have copies of the above Manual in stock.

Violet Ray Electrodes
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No. S-4    Spinal electrode …………...………………………………………….. $2.00
No. S-5    External throat electrode, also excellent for the neck, arms and limbs …... $1.00
No. S-6    Metal handle used for giving indirect treatments        …………………… $1.25
No. S-9    Insulated prostatic electrode ……..…………………………………… $2.00
No. S-10    Plain internal throat electrode, or ear electrode ……………………… $1.00
No. S-56    Insulated ear electrode ………………………………………….…. $2.00
No. S-58    Insulated internal throat electrode ……..…………………………… 42.00
No. S-13    Plain vaginal ……………………………………………………….. $1.00
No. S-30    Insulated vaginal electrode, large diameter ………………………….. $2.00
No. S-31    Insulated vaginal electrode for generation of ozone within the vagina … $3.00
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                   certain parts as cheekbones ……………………………………….. $1.25
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No. S-49    Dental Abscess electrode ………………………………………….. $1.00 
No. 50    Insulated urethral electrode ……………………….………………….. $2.00
Ozone Generator

     This instrument generates enormous quantities of Ozone, which is purified by passing through the inhalant which is provided. A piece of cotton is saturated with this inhalant and placed in the receptacle. Squeezing the rubber bulb forces the Ozone bubbles through this mixture and is inhaled in the form of a vapor. 
     It should be inserted the same as any other electrode, and the machine supported on a table. The hand must be in contact with the glass stem of the generator while in use. 
     The Ozone permeates every cell in the lungs, destroying any germ life and soothing the inflamed tissues. For Anemia, Hay Fever, Coughs, Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis, Insomnia, Nervous Debility and Tuberculosis of the lungs there is no better treatment. 
     The treatments are exceedingly agreeable and remind one of a trip to the pine woods. 
     Price complete with all the attachments and one bottle of inhalant.

              No. S-28 Ozone generator, complete with 1 oz. bottle of inhalant, nose and mouth
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    NOTE: Damages arising from carelessness are not covered by our guarantee. If instructions are properly followed the instrument will last indefinitely.
    Unless otherwise specified all machines will be furnished to operate on standard voltage of 110 or 120 volts. Machines can also be furnished to operate on 220 volts and 32 volts.

     We cannot too strongly recommend the use of our Therapeutic Lamps in connection with the violet ray treatment. The rays developed by these lamps penetrate deep into the flesh, greatly stimulating glandular activity. The opening of the pores, due to the heat rays, give the high frequency current ready access to the part in treatment. The combined actions of the heat, light and high frequency current, have a pronounced germicidal effect and is especially recommended for pimples, boils, eczema, barber’s itch and such conditions which involve the skin. 
     On the following pages we have illustrated two types of lamps, both of which have been successfully used in connection with the violet ray. 
     The lamp should be permanently fastened and is preferably mounted on one of our telescoping and collapsible stands. This will hold the lamp absolutely rigid and in the desired position, leaving the operator or patient free to apply the violet ray machine.
Marvelite No. 99
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     The Marvelite No. 99 Therapeutic Lamp has been carefully designed, both mechanically and electrically and embodies many unique features. The entire lamp is made of one piece of aluminum insuring both lightness and unusual strength and ruggedness. The reflector has been so designed to eliminate the customary focus point and insure a beam of parallel rays of uniform intensity over the entire area. 
     The Marvelite No. 99 is equipped with 7 feet reinforced cord and one 260-watt carbon lamp. 
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Marvelite Junior No. 97
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     The Marvelite Junior No. 97, complete with seven feet of reinforced cord and three 16-candle power lamps, red, white and blue. 
     The Marvelite Junior Therapeutic Lamp is constructed of highly polished aluminum, extremely light in weight, making it an ideal lamp for beauty parlor work and home treatment. Aside from its therapeutic value, this lamp is of great assistance in hair drying, mud packs, oil shampoos, bleaching, etc. 
     The Marvelite Junior No. 98, same as No. 97, but equipped with one 100-watt carbon lamp. 
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