MacFadden's Encyclopedia of Physical Culture
B. MacFadden (1926)
Volume I

  • Chapter XIII: The Development of Modern Food Science (2.02 mb)
  • Chapter XIV: Arguments for a Natural Diet (2.12 mb)
  • Chapter XV: Calculating Food Values - The Old System and the New (1.41 mb)
  • Chapter XVI: Protein Requirements -The Extravagance of Meat (2.95 mb)
  • Chapter XVII: Mineral Elements in Food (1.44 mb)
  • Chapter XVIII: Vitamines - The Biological Analysis of Food (1.97 mb)
  • Chapter XIX: Milk, Milk Products and Eggs (2.00 mb)
  • Chapter XX: Natural Foods and Their Qualities (6.40 mb)
  • Chapter XXI: How and When to Eat (2.54 mb)
  • Chapter XXII: Problems of Food Economy (3.00 mb)
  • Chapter XXIII: Adapting the Diet to Various Conditions (2.44 mb)
  • Chapter XXIV: Cooking and Serving Food (4.02 mb)
  • Chapter XXV: Home Methods of Food Preservation (2.27 mb)

MacFadden's Encyclopedia of Physical Culture
B. MacFadden (1926)
Volume III

  • Fasting as a Curative Measure (26.5 mb)

The Improved Mono-Diet (One-Course Full-Meal Recipes)
G. J. Drews (1921)

  • (5.81 mb)

The Royal Road
E. J. Borzilleri (1938)

  • Chapter VII: The Diet (6.75 mb)
  • Chapter VIII: Philosophy of Eating (6.75 mb)
  • The Vitamins and Their Importance in Health (4.27 mb)
  • Chapter X: Food and the Acid/Alkali Balance of the Body (3.28 mb)

Treatment by Neuropathy
T. T. Lake (1946)

  • Dietotherapy (6.75 mb)

Osteopathy Complete
E. D. Barber (1898)

A Manual of Osteopathy
E. W. Goetz (1909)

  • Dietary (45 kb)

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