Atlantis Project

Atlantis Project

There is probably no greater mystery in the history of human affairs than the legend of Altantis. Even in our modern time of mass communication through movies, books, television, and the Internet, stories about Atlantis abound.

According to Edgar Cayce, our current preoccupation with Atlantis is due, in large measure, to reincarnation. Cayce is probably best known for the psychic trances into which he entered and gave readings – psychic discourses on practically any topic including reincarnation and the fabled Atlantis.

The Cayce readings assert that many influential individuals alive in the world today had past lives in Atlantis. Cayce claimed to be able to read the Akashic records, a history of every thought and deed written upon the skein of space and time.

To respect the privacy of those who received his readings, each reading was assigned a number representing the individual, group, or topic with a second number indicating the sequence.

There are over 600 readings that mention Atlantis, mostly as brief discussions of past lives of individuals who sought Cayce’s counsel. In 1932 Cayce began a group of readings (the 364 series) that focused entirely on Atlantis. This 13-reading collection is the foundation of Cayce’s information on Atlantis.

The first thing that you will notice about the 364 series on Atlantis is Cayce’s insistence on relevance. He felt that the information should be more than a matter of curiosity about the mythic past. Rather, due to the influx of souls reincarnating into the earth during the 20th century, he noted that this group would have an enormous impact on world events. The same conflicts and destructive urges that brought devastation to Atlantis would be faced again.

The swift development of high technology in the early twentieth century was linked to Atlantis, where flying machines, radio, and television were said to have already been invented in the that legendary land.

In attempting to tell the story of Atlantis, I am taking Cayce’s cue to focus on relevance – on the meaning of the story – the interweaving of characters and events that resonates with the world today.

For those individuals who received readings about their past lives, Cayce encouraged them to seek the personal relevance of the story to their current lives. For those who did not get readings, which of course includes practically everyone who will view this video, we can focus on the collective relevance of the story.

By focusing on relevance and meaning, I will deal less with dates and times than on personalities and social movements, for that is what we see around us today. If you see yourself in this story – if your soul resonates to the themes you find here, then my storytelling will have achieved its end.

Visual Storytelling

The outcome of this project will be a series of videos that I will make available from this website and other outlets such as YouTube. Within the Cayce material, the basis for visual storytelling can be found in reading 254-88 where an inquiry was made as to how best to present the reincarnational history information given in the readings. The reply focused on colorful drawings as a means for telling the tales that might be drawn:

Take, for instance, the drawings that are there – see? Present them; in the various colors, that represent not only the Atlantean, the Mayan, the Hebraic, the Aryan, but the various ones; for we have three civilizations that are entirely lost represented there; as WELL as the Egyptian, and as well as the Aztec. These would be presented in colors. And let them be called – Well, they will call them! But from same, these tales that might be drawn! (ECR: 254-88)

Following the suggestions provided in this reading, I have utilized the visual storyingtelling model in several multimedia projects based on the Cayce readings. See the Store on this site for items related to the Ra Ta Epic in ancient Egypt, the life and times of Jesus, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome.

As a foundation for the multimedia that is being created for the Atlantis project, I am also putting together some text resources (e.g., literature reviews, commentaries, etc) for your consideration. I hope you enjoy this story of Atlantis and find it worthwhile in your own experience. Check back often if you are interested in following the progress of this project.

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