Atlantean – Tim

Tim – Leader of Great Congress

While writing an article on ancient times, Hugh Lynn Cayce (Edgar's son) sought details about a great international gathering of peoples convened to discuss the problem of large, destructive animals that were troublesome in many lands, including Atlantis.   The initial question was general and elicited a fascinating overview of the status of the global community of that time: "Please advise me regarding the preparation and presentation of the article or story which I am preparing on the Great Congress held during the age of the destruction of the enormous animals that once roamed the earth."  (262-39)  The overview was followed by a series of specific questions, including:

(Q) What was the date B.C. of this gathering?
(A) 50,722.

(Q) Who was the general leader for this congress?
(A) One with the nomenclature Tim.

(Q) Of what land or country?
(A) Poseidia, from Atlantis.  (262-39)

This is the only mention of this apparently important Atlantean – there are no life readings for this individual or additional details in the Atlantis (364) series of readings.  We are left to wonder just what role Tim played in the gathering, considering that the outcome of the meeting was to attempt to destroy the beasts using advanced technology, only to trigger the first period of destructive forces that fractured the continent of Atlantis itself.

Was Tim part of the ruling "Law of One" faction that controlled the crystal technology and its use for spiritual communication, and increasingly for material comforts of the people?  Or perhaps Tim was associated with the Belial faction, a contentious and aggressive group bent on supplanting the Law of One and taking the society in a more materialistic direction.  Since the outcome of the meeting was to use the high technology as a weapon, one can reasonably guess that he was at least open to the agenda put forth by the Belials.

Or perhaps he was simply weak and vulnerable to manipulation or bullying by the Belials or others who sponsored a violent solution to the problem.  After all, two members of the Law of One who were tasked with supervision of the implementation of the program, failed miserably in their oversight (See On-xor and Esdro-m).  One gathers that they were either incompetent or careless. 

Was Tim deficient as a leader for the Congress and allowed the proceedings to get out of hand?  Or was he part of the problem in the sense of promoting a Belial approach that was disastrous for the people of Atlantis?  Was he a politician, bureaucrat, facilitator, or simply a figurehead appointed because of social status.  All things considered (i.e., the destruction to Atlantis and failure to eliminate the animal problem), it's not the sort of thing one would care to have on their resume. 

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