Atlantean – Segund

Segund – Keeper Of The Portals

In a reading given on June 7, 1930 for a thirty-three year old Quaker banker, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an Atlantean named Segund who was the "keeper of the portals:"

Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land. There we find the entity was very close to those in authority; being that one who was the keeper of the portals as well as the messages that were received from the visitation of those from the outer spheres, in the latter part of the entity's experience there. For it was the entity that received the message as to the needs for the dividing of the children of the Law of One for the preservation of the truths of same in other lands. Hence we find the entity was among those who were as the directors of those expeditions, or the leaving for the many varied lands just before the breaking up of the Atlantean land. Hence the entity outlined in the most part, it might be said, the expedition guided by Ax-Tell and the ones to the Pyrenees and to the Yucatan and to the land of Og. There we find the entity then gave those communications that were established later by the entity from the Pyrenees, and later again established in the mountains in the Grecian land – and there those messages that called for the meetings of the nations were brought about by the activities of that entity during that sojourn. Later, with the revivifying of the Priest in Egypt, the entity was among those who set about the unifying of the teachings of the Atlanteans, the Egyptians (as they would be called today), the Indian, the Indo-Chinan, the Mongoloid and the Aryan peoples. All of those were the activities of the entity, for he was the messenger and the message-bearer – or the means through which transmissions of activities were set up. The name then was Segund. (1681-1)

What a fascinating past life! Apparently as "keeper of the portals" Segund was in touch with visitors from the outer spheres (presumably other planets or realms in consciousness). In addition to these visitations by extraterrestrials, messages were communicated containing prophecies about future disasters and recommendations for the preservation of "truths" or records of Atlantis in other lands that would be safe from the destruction.  Specifically, Segund was the one who received the message about the final destruction of Atlantis.

But Segund did more than simply convey the message predicting the final destruction of Atlantis to authorities within the Law of One. He took charge of the planning and execution of the exodus and record preservation. As a "director" of expeditions to what is now central and south America, the Yucatan, the Pyrenees of western Europe, and Egypt, Segund took personal responsibility for overseeing the massive relocation project.

During the actual migrations, Segund was a leader in the Pyrenees, from there coordinating communications to other lands. Then he moved on to the mountains of Greece, still the master of communications who helped organize the meetings of nations in Egypt that sought to correlate and unify the teachings of the primary wisdom traditions then active in the world.

But Segund did more than just communicate and organize.  When he finally arrived in Egypt, he personally undertook the chore of unifying the various teachings.  He was the ultimate "get it done" guy in those difficult times.  No wonder he was entrusted to be the "keeper of the portals" to the outer spheres. 

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