Atlantean – Rhea

Rhea – White Stone Prophetess

In a reading given on March 15, 1941 for a twenty-three year old art student, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an Atlantean high priestess named Rhea, a prophetess and social advocate:

In that sojourn the entity was an interpreter of those influences received from the White Stone in the Temple. For, then (as would be termed today) the entity was the prophetess, or an interpreter between creative forces – or the spirit – and the flesh.  (2464-1)

A follow-up reading further elaborated her psychic process:

Through that particular period of experiences in Atlantis, the children of the Law of One – including this entity, Rhea (?), as the high priestess – were giving periods to the concentration of thought for the use of the universal forces, through the guidance or direction of the saints (as would be termed today).  (2464-2)

The reference to the "concentration of thought" indicates something about the psychic attunement process that Rhea used as a prophetess in the temple activity.  It was not just her flying solo, so to speak.  As she used the white stone as an aid, the focus of a group of associates supported her psychic attunement.  Here is a further elaboration on the "white stone" and the group dynamic that the high priestess used during her trance or seance sessions:

(Q) Describe in detail the entity's work with the White Stone, and present urges from this.
(A) This may be well implied from that indicated. The entity as the high priestess was the interpreter of the messages received through the concentration of the group upon the stone from which the oracle spoke from the realm of the saints (as would be termed today), or impressed upon those of that period – the group – the messages of hope, encouragement, endearment, and the necessity of keeping the oneness of purpose.  (2464-2)

There are a couple more intriguing layers to the story of High Priestess Rhea.  Rhea was a social advocate for the lower class of workers who were not as highly evolved in flesh or consciousness as higher classes within Atlantean Society (the Law of One faction and the Belials):

Those individuals who had through their sojourns in the earth as souls pushed into matter as to become separate entities, without the consideration of principle or the ability of self-control, might be compared to the domestic pets of today, – as the present development of the horse, the mule, the dog, the cat.  This is not intended to indicate that there is transmigration or transmutation of the soul from animal to human; but the comparison is made as to trait, as to mind, and as to how those so domesticated in the present are dependent upon their masters for that consideration of their material as well as mental welfare, – yet in each there is still the instinct, the predominant nature of that class or group-soul impregnation into which it has pushed itself for self-expression…  Being influenced by the groups or individuals about same, there were those disputations with them as to the purposes of the children of Belial; that these were to be exploited rather than to be made equals with those thus endowed with the spiritual understanding.  (2464-2)

So Rhea found herself advocating for the welfare of the lower class.  She insisted that the people of the lower class be respected and provided a means for growth and development within the structure of Atlantean society.

Another layer of this fascinating story relates to the sexuality of Rhea.  She was androgynous, as were some others within the upper levels of the Law of One.  There had already begun what the readings call the "division of the sexes" (into male and female), but certain individuals chose to remain androgynous.  Thus Rhea had maintained her purity and ability for progeneration (reproduction within self). 

The entity was among the children of the law of One; a high priestess, who chose to keep within self those abilities for progeneration.  (2464-1)

Yet she was tempted by a man who began within the Law of One but then had adopted the Belial perspective – a troublesome relationship that carried over into her incarnation in the twentieth century.  She was told it was all a matter of ideals. Karma runs deep!


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