Atlantean – Mele

Mele (Social Advocate)

A reading for a twenty nine year old dancing teacher given on June 29, 1938 describes the past life of an Atlantean princess named Mele. Mele was of the Law of One faction and yet found herself in trouble with the rulers of the land due to her insistence on helping the lower, working class laborers of that time:

Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land, when there were those activities just prior to the second upheaval in that land. The entity was among the children of the Law of One – a princess; MOST beautiful in its activities as well as in its purposes and desires for those in the land who were but the workers or the drudgeries in those periods of activities. The entity lost some of its favor with a portion of the rulers owing to its sympathy with and its desire to help those of the field, and the activities in the laboring peoples. Yet its beauty, its strength of expression in the manners in which it dealt gentleness and kindness to all, brought great favor among the lowly peoples of the experience. The name then was Mele. (1626-1)

Note that Mele lived just prior to the second upheaval in that land. This period is usually described as a time of great social disturbance between the Law of One and the Belials, particularly regarding the place of workers in that society. The Belials wanted to keep them down, in their place. Apparently some of the Law of One authorities agreed because Mele lost favor within her own group as she ministered in sympathy to the laboring people of the lower class.

There are several similar cases in the same timeframe wherein princesses and priestesses took the side of the laboring people and tried to raise them up in their consciousness and social status. In modern terminology, Mele may have taken on the role of a social worker, despite her own status among the upper class.

Interestingly, Mele's case bears another similarity to the other elite Atlanteans of that period who sought to help the lower class. The soul entity that was Mele went on to incarnate in Egypt at the time of Ra Ta and continued in the role of service to the lower class as an instructor in the Temple Beautiful.  Several other individuals had a similar pattern of helping the lower class in Atlantis and then reincarnating in Egypt where they continued with the pattern of helping those of lower social status.  (See Ouen, Eschuchu, Asme, and Asamee.) 

The woman that incarnated as Mele in Atlantis was told that her husband in her current life was one of those that opposed her in her Atlantean incarnation.  She was encouraged to emphasize areas of agreement rather than disagreement. 

A curious remark in her reading might also indicate an Atlantean connection in her broader soul pattern.  She had a past life in America at about the time of the Revolution. She lived in a rural area of Pennsylvania where there were native American children with whom she played as a child:

And the entity was well acquainted with many of the natives. Hence we will find there is oft in its deeper meditations from the material, a harkening to the voices of those who were as the playmates during those experiences.  These ye call materially Indians, but they were thy own brethren in other experiences – as we shall see.  (1626-1)

Although the connection with the "Indians" was not specified in any of the other incarnations, the most likely associations would have been in Atlantis, considering that several readings discuss Atlantean migrations to North America where they contributed to the development of the "the Red Men; or those of the Atlanteans that had come to these portions of the land." (3823-1)

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