Atlantean – Hept-Supht

Hept-Supht – Hall Of Records

In a reading given on July 31, 1933 for a fifty-six year old executive, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an extremely important Atlantean named Hept-supht:

Before this we find the entity was in that land known as the Egyptian, during those periods when turmoils and strifes arose. The entity then was among those that were called in from that land known as the Atlantean, to act as the mediator between the natives and the king and the priest at the time. The entity was among those that were banished with the priest, yet remained true to those tenets that were brought during those sojourns in the Nubian land; returning with the priest, aiding in the re-establishing of the Temple Beautiful, the Temple of Records, and the beginnings of the distribution of the tenets or aids as they were given out to others – in the name Hept-supht. In the experience the entity gained, for he was among those that later became the supervisors in the building of the Pyramid that is the mystery as yet – today. (378-12)

Hept-supht was a follower of the Law of One in Atlantis before the final destruction of that land. When the Egyptian high priest Ra Ta visited Atlantis to learn about its high civilization and the Law of One, Hept-supht becames a friend and associate of the priest.   After Ra Ta's return to Egypt, Hept-supht traveled to Egypt and took up residence there.

When Ra Ta got caught up in a scandal that caused him to be banned to Nubia, Hept-supht went with him and provided support and contact with his associates in Egypt. With the arrival of increasing numbers of Atlantean migrants who were in the process of taking over the land, Ra Ta was recalled to deal with that problem. In addition to helping negotiate the return of Ra Ta, Hept-supht assisted with the planning and construction of important monuments and buildings, including the "hall of records" (also called the "temple of records") in which the history of Atlantis and teachings of the Law of One were stored (along with numerous cultural artifacts of that era). 

Interestingly, amongst the descriptions of several key individuals in the Ra Ta epic, the following image of Hept-supht was provided:

The Atlantean [378] five feet ten inches, weighing a hundred and sixty pounds; color as of GOLD that is burnished; yet keen of eye, gray in color. Hair as golden as the body. In activity alert, keen, piercing in vision, and of influence on those that approached. (275-38)

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