Atlantean – Esselme

Esselme – Builder of Planes

In a reading given on August 9, 1942 for a twenty-eight year old man, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an Atlantean who was a builder of planes:

Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, when there were those usages of the high developments in the activities of the mechanical nature. Thus the entity was one who builded the planes, those activities in air, in water, as directed by the stone from which the forces were generated – or such as the radio beam in the present, – from that central facet for which the entity made those experiences – and that are the dreams of the entity in the present. These may be used for constructive or destructive forces. These were allowed to become, or did become, those forces that brought about the last breaking up of Poseidia. In the experience the entity held fast to the creative purposes but was overruled by the sons of Belial, when those warrings began between the sons of the children of the Law of One and the sons of Belial. Then the name was Esselme.  (2795-1)

The "planes" built by Esselme clearly indicate advanced technology well beyond the early blimps and balloons made of animal skins.  The planes apparently utilized energy radiated from the great crystal in the central power station.  This advanced technology eventually led to the "last breaking up of Poseidia" suggesting that a relatively high level of technology existed even until the end of Atlantis.  "Warrings" between the primary rival factions (Law of One and Belials) was associated with the final destruction in which the Belials gained the upper hand and overruled the safe use of the advanced technology.

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