Atlantean – Ax-Tell

Ax-tell – Teacher and Leader of the Egyptian Migration

In a reading given on July 31, 1933 for a fifty-six year old executive, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an extremely important Atlantean named Ax-Tell:

The entity came from the Atlantean land into Egypt when there were those periods of reconstruction in the land, and from those turmoils and strifes there arose much that made for individual and group development – and the attempt of those in the experience to foster or disseminate same; those things that were good. The entity came then, in the name Axtell [Ax-Tell], from those forces that were in charge of the Law of the One. In establishing self in that land, the entity found little of help; finding fault with the king in power, finding little in common with the priest that led; finding those things that measured not to that standard the entity had had in the land … (487-17)

Thus Ax-Tell was a leader within the Law of One group that migrated to Egypt just prior to the final destruction of Atlantis. As one in authority, Ax-Tell was involved in the planning for the mass exodus and preservation of the records of Atlantis, including the teachings of the Law One, of which he was an expert. 

In Atlantis, he was known as Ajax. Apparently, when migrating to Egypt, it was fairly common for Atlanteans to take a new name befitting the new life in their adopted homeland. So it was for Ajax who became Ax-Tell. 

At the time of the Atlantean Exodus, Egypt was a mess with rebellions and strife. No one was in control. The king's brother was in rebellion trying to take over the throne (the Ibex rebellion). The native Egyptians were in rebellion, primarily because they were concerned that they might become little more than slaves in their own land. Some of the Atlanteans that were arriving regarded the native Egyptians as lower class comparable to the "things" in Atlantis. The Atlantean themselves were divided into various factions, with some seeking to take control. Hence the Atlantean rebellion. The high priest Ra Ta had been banished to Nubia. So Egypt was a mess. Ax-Tell had very high standards and upon arrival in Egypt no one measured up, including the king and high priest.

Eventually Ra Ta was recalled from Nubia to straighten things out – especially with the powerful Atlanteans. To help smooth out the problems with Ax-Tell, a political marriage was arranged with a daughter of the Egyptian king becoming the companion (i.e., spouse) of Ax-Tell"

Before that the entity was in the Egyptian land, during those periods when there had been the rebellions and those activities that had divided the people or brought about the periods of rebellion, with the entrance of the peoples from the Atlantean land. We find that this entity was that influence which brought about a union of strength, by those activities in which the leader of the Atlanteans – Ax-Tell or Ajax (for he was known by both names) – became the companion of this entity, as the daughter of the Young [Egyptian] King in that land. This brought a closer uniting of the efforts of those peoples, and the first opportunity for bringing peace out of chaos.  (2635-1)

Thus with the full integration of Ax-Tell into Egyptian society, the value of the teachings of the Law of One as promoted by Ax-Tell was recognized. There was even an effort to correlate or unify the teachings of Ax-Tell (Ajax) with teachers in other lands. International conferences were held in Egypt just for that end.

Before that we find the entity was in the land now known as the Indian and Egyptian, during those periods when there were the gatherings of those from many of the lands for the correlating of the truths that were presented by Saneid in the Indian land, by Ra-Ta in the Egyptian land, by Ajax [Ax-Tell] from the Atlantean land, by those from the Carpathian land, by those from the Pyrenees, by those from the Incal and those from the Oz lands, and by those from that activity which will again be uncovered in the Gobi land.  (987-2)

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