Atlantean – Ax-El-Tan

Ax-El-Tan – Atlantean Warrior

In Plato’s writings on Atlantis, Atlantean warcraft and aggressive tendencies are noted. In Edgar Cayce’s readings on Atlantis, several individuals were said to have lived through various forms of social conflict in that mythic land. In a reading given on November 25, 1935 for a twenty-five year old automobile salesman, Edgar Cayce described an unusual past life for an individual named Ax-El-Tan – an Atlantean warrior:

Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land, during those periods when there were those activities that brought destruction upon the land – by those who had turned, did turn, the advanced activities into destructive forces.
The ENTITY was among the children of the Law of One; those that were the sons of men, yet of the daughters of the Lord or those who had become purified of those entanglements in the animal forces that became manifest among many.
Then in its activity, as Ax-El-Tan, the entity made those attempts to curb the activities of the sons of Belial and Beelzebub. [Beelzebub – Mat. 10:25, etc.] Hence it rose to those positions as the warrior among the Atlanteans; and turned to the use of destructive forces with that expression which finds itself in the entity’s activity in dealing with things to ‘fight the devil with his own fire.’ These became the law of the entity. Yet when these things arose more and more to the force of the Law of One, from the spiritual import, they made for the turning to those things that we know in the present as CONVENIENCES for man.
Hence those things that pertain to machinery and its activities are of interest; locomotion, whether in the airplane, in the gas bags, or the motorbile, or the like – all find a close association with the entity; yet there is a dislike for all. For these brought in the experience that of being carried away from the purpose of FREEDOM of activity, FREEDOM of speech, freedom to act as the promptings of the conscience of the individual might dictate the expression of itself.
These, as the entity experienced in the earth, as the entity experienced in those sojourns in the environs about the earth, are well – if they are kept in check. But these running riot for self-indulgence, for self-gratification, for selfish interests, become in the end those things that turn and REND the very heart of the body itself. (ECR: 1066-1)

Note that although Ax-El-Tan was part of the Law Of One group, apparently he was of mixed ancestry of both the sons of men but of a mother who was among the “daughters of the Lord.” Hence animal characteristics that were purged in the Atlantean temples dedicated to that purpose.

He rose among the Atlanteans to the status of warrior whose strategy was to “fight the devil with his own fire.” Presumably he utilized some of the same tactics as the Belials against them. It is not clear whether this included physical violence.

At some point Ax-El-Tan seems to have succumbed to the allure of the Belial’s materialistic philosophy that emphasized convenience carried to the extreme of self-indulgence. This conflicted with his soul purpose of freedom: freedom of activity, freedom of speech, and freedom of conscience. This inner conflict carried over into this modern life as tendency to dislike the technology of convenience.

In the visual portrayal of Ex-El-Tan I have assigned him a role as temple guard. In this instance he is blocking entrance to Saail, a demoted priest who practices the black arts.

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