Atlantean – Assha

Assha – The Sacrifical Flame

A reading for a twenty year old college student given on August 27, 1929 described the past life of an Atlantean ruler of the city of Poseida named Assha who lost during that experience due to her involvement with the "sacrificial flame":  

In the one before this we find in that land known as the basic principles of understanding, in Poseida. The entity in power, in glory, and the entity lost through causing many to walk in the flame of that known as the sacrificial flame that BURNED in the holy mount. The entity in the name Assha. Losing through the experience, for the gratifying of selfish interests as respecting relationships of others to that sought in selves, brought destructive forces to the entity's influence.  (1102-1)

Apparently fire worship was common at certain periods of Atlantean history.  It may well be that she was involved in human sacrifice by burning.  Note that she was active in Poseida, an important city in Atlantis.  A reading in the 364 series that focuses exclusively on Atlantis describes the city of Poseida including some fascinating details about the role of fire and human human sacrifice:

In this [temple] the sacred fires burned, and there were the rising of the intermittent fires that came and went, that were later worshipped by some that brought on much of the destruction, because they waited long at the period before the destructions came.  These were those places where there became eventually the necessity of offering human sacrifices, which when put into fires became the ashes that were cast upon the waters for the drinking of same by those that were made prisoners from portions of other lands. (364-12)

So we have a major temple in the city of Poseida where fires were used for human sacrifice at certain periods when there was the "necessity."  One can only wonder if the ritual burning of prisoners from other lands was a political act to instill fear into the enemies of Atlantis.  Or perhaps a religious ritual intended to placate the forces of nature (the fires of volcanic eruptions) that sometimes visited destruction upon the land. And of course, was the individual Assha, the ruler of fire, involved in this gruesome activity?

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